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Calyx buys Mentec

Calyx, the Irish-owned reseller, warned its results for 2006 would be lower than anticipated, and announced it was to buy British firm Mentec for €16m.
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Final deal close on EU roaming rates

Roaming charges are set to plummet after European ministers supported plans to cap the fees, but some countries are supporting watered down proposals.

Samsung dealt RIM lawsuit over BlackJack

Research in Motion (RIM) has taken Samsung to task over the name of the South Korean giant's latest smart phone. RIM reckons Samsung's BlackJack has a name that's too close to its own smart-phone brand, BlackBerry, for comfort - and it's asked the US District Court for Central California to force a change of handle.

AMD rebrands ATI CrossFire chipsets

AMD has formally begun renaming ATI's CrossFire 1600 and 3200 chipsets as AMD products, a month after news of the scheme first broke. As expected, the two parts will now be called, respectively, the 480X and the 580X.

Intel announces Celeron D cull

Intel is to oust its Celeron D 326, 346, 351 and 355 processors, the company has told its customers. Orders for the products become unchangeable on 2 February 2007, and no further orders will be accepted after 6 April 2007, Intel documents reveal.

HP will keep cleaving

HP's CEO Mark Hurd plans to stick with what he knows best: cost cutting.

AMD slips Athlon 64 X2 5400+, 5600+ into price list

AMD has quietly added a pair of top-of-the-line Athlon 64 X2 processors to its public price list. Missing from the list when AMD introduced its 65nm processors on 5 December, the 5400+ and 5600+ have now been added to the line-up. Shhhh, don't mention it - someone might want to buy one...

Sony readies USB, Firewire 18x external DVD burner

Sony will ship its latest external DVD writer, the DRX-830UL-T, later this month, the company announced today. It's pitching the drive at both Mac and Windows users, bundling suitable burning software for both platforms, and equipping it with USB 2.0 and Firewire ports.
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Microsoft launches Windows Live package

Microsoft has hit back at rival Google's bundled packages of online services by releasing one of its own.
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Three critical patches star in MS update

Microsoft issued seven patches on Tuesday - one more than expected - as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday update cycle. Three of the updates earn the dreaded rating of critical.

IXOS all a-glow over light-up disco iPod speaker

Light up your life this Christmas with an iPod and IXOS' Disco Cube, an multi-hued speaker unit that pulses colour in time to the music. It'll keep your player fully charged and with a Dock pass-through point it will happily be your sync cradle too.

NHS urged to use more simple ICT

The Royal Society has said everyday technologies such as mobile phones and personal computers should be used more in healthcare.
Kablenet, 13 2006
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Neo models micro phone

Anyone - well, almost - can come up with a stack of sexy looking handset designs lovingly rendering in a 3D graphics package and given extra shine in Photoshop - witness all the fanboy-created pics out there. However, phone biz newcomer UK- and Dubai-based Neo is adamant its visualisations will see light to day as real …
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Small companies embracing VoIP

Small companies are keen to embrace VoIP, but still aren’t seeing the real advantages of convergence.
Bill Ray, 13 2006

Training our sights on Vista

Opinion How long would it take to train you to be a Vista trainer? How about: how long would it take you to learn how to train Vista trainers?

Dell calls in EDS man to head up services

Dell has named Steve Schuckenbrock, late of EDS, as the new head of its global services division.

LG GBW-H10N internal Blu-ray disc burner

Review We previewed LG's Blu-ray drive a few weeks ago and it's the third Blu-ray burner we've tested, the first was the SH-B022 from Samsung, the second being Pioneer's BDR-101A. That had a 2x BD-R burn speed and cost £699 back in August, although it now fetches £520. In comparison, this new LG has a faster burn speed and retails for £459 - still a huge amount of money but an indication that prices are moving in the right direction...
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Geek gifts for Christmas 2

Cash'n'Carrion Due to the overwhelming success of our last Christmas Gifts ideas promotion (well, we sat there for 5 minutes and thought “what would we like to receive instead of the everlasting socks?”), we thought we’d treat you with another helping of slapstick fun, computing history and items of interest, still with up to 40 per cent off!

Webmail hijack ruse leads to blackmail

Pond-dwelling scammers have developed a new cyber-extortion ruse.
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The Cloud moves into the enterprise

WiFi hotspot aggregator The Cloud sees a future in providing guest access to company networks, but do they just have a solution in search of a problem?
Bill Ray, 13 2006
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Naomi Campbell secures Foot in Mouth award

Battling clotheshorse Naomi Campbell has been honoured by the Plain English Campaign with its annual "Foot in Mouth" award. The supermodel secured this year's crown for "a baffling quote made by a public figure" by reportedly declaring: "I love England, especially the food. There's nothing I like more than a lovely bowl of pasta."

Novell: in it for the interop, not the money

A jointly sponsored Microsoft and Novell survey purporting strong customer support for the companies’ controversial alliance looks like back firing on Novell.
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Mile-high mountains pop up on Titan

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has snapped a mile-high mountain range on Saturn's moon Titan, the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced yesterday.
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Radio RTFM episode 2: Panto fun for all the family

Well, you asked for it, and now you've got it: Radio RTFM Episode 2 is available for download right now, right here, or hit the player below for an instant fix.
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USB pole dancer struts funky stuff, geeks drool

The reaction of many people to the idea of playing sports games on Nintendo's new Wii console is to shout: "Get a life and go do it for real." Well, you could say they same thing about this USB pole dancer toy, launched today.
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EC smothers copyright levy reform

The European Commission has quietly iced plans to reform copyright levies, just days before they were due to go into effect.
Joe Fay, 13 2006
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UK pigeons spread AIDS, malaria and mad cow disease

The council of Kingston in Surrey is to carry out a "humane cull" of pigeons in the town's Memorial Gardens, the Surrey Comet reports.
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Compuware puts developers into factories

Compuware has opted for the software factory approach to increase the level of automation it can provide in applications development with the latest version of its Java-based OptimalJ development suite, version 4.2. This is also to be known as the Architecture Edition.
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Judge backs Biscit, leaves NetServices with crumbs

ISP Biscit has won its High Court case against NetServices.
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FTC launches crackdown on work-at-home scams

US consumer rights organisation the Federal Trade Commission has joined up with law enforcement agencies to launch a crackdown on bogus job opportunity scams.

East European ID theft scam gang jailed

The leader of one of the world's most prolific ID theft gangs was sentenced to six years imprisonment at a hearing in London's Harrow Crown Court on Wednesday. Two other members of the same gang have been jailed for five years and eighteen months respectively.

Massive security breach at UCLA

UCLA has warned 800,000 current and former students that their personal details might have been exposed to a hacker who broke into the university's computer systems. Staff members are also affected by what's being described as one of the biggest information disclosure breaches on record.
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Home Office to clean up Sadville?

British Home Secretary John Reid today vowed to cleanse the internet of Entartete Kunst, or degenerate art.

Symantec auditions for services residency

Symantec made another effort to drop its “oh the virus guys” image today when it unveiled two services programmes pitched at enterprise customers.
Joe Fay, 13 2006
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IBM, Yahoo! do enterprise search

While Google seeks to encroach on enterprise rivals with its SaS (Software as a Service) offerings such as Google Office, it needs to watch its rear.
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HP tattletale Perkins to probe ego in book

Venture capitalist and HP watchdog Tom Perkins has signed on with Penguin to pen a tell all memoir.
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Piratebay takes on Allofmp3-blocking ISP

A world famous Swedish file sharing links site has begun a campaign against a major Swedish internet service provider (ISP) after it blocked access to controversial Russian site Allofmp3.com.
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Germany mulls online gambling ban

German states have postponed a decision on whether or not to ban online gambling. The federal states met today to discuss the plan to outlaw the activity in a move that could destabilise a Europe-wide plan to harmonise gambling.
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JBoss mines richer Seam for Web 2.0 goodness

With the likes of AJAX coming to the fore in Java-based Web 2.0-oriented enterprise applications there is little surprise in companies like JBoss revamping development tools to match the changes. That’s OK then, for this is exactly what the company has done with the Seam application framework.
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Sands and Cantor team on cross-pond online casino

The announcement last week of a partnership between Las Vegas Sands, Inc., and British-based Cantor Gaming to start an online casino in the first quarter of 2007 is only adding fuel to the allegations on the part of European competitors that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act is primarily protectionist in nature.
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Forrester can't stand up for falling down over iTunes

Besieged by hedge fund managers and anxious Apple stockholders, research outfit Forrester today sought to distance itself from reporting of its research into digital download sales at Apple's iTunes Store.

IBM wallops Unix peers . . . again

While customers divide their sales almost equally between IBM, Sun Microsystems and HP, they like doing business with Big Blue best of all, according to a recent study.

UBS logic bomber jailed for eight years

A disaffected former sysadmin at UBS Paine Webber was sentenced today to 97months without parole for unleashing a logic bomb on the company's network and causing $3m damage.
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Symantec sues counterfeit ring for $15m+

Symantec is seeking damages of more than $15m from a gang of counterfeiters, for selling fake copies of its software worldwide.