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SGI dishes out super simple storage box

SGI has popped out a new low-end storage system that it bills as its "easiest-to-deploy" "plug-and-play" box to date.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Dec 2006

Online gambling poised to pull $528bn

Internet gaming is now the fastest growing segment of internet commerce, according to a report from Gamingpublic.com, an industry trade publication. Revenue in the sector is growing at a rate of 22 per cent per year.
Burke Hansen, 12 Dec 2006
vulture tv reporter

Tesco in customer receipt security breach

An administrative blunder left thousands of customers of UK supermarket chain Tesco open to identity fraud.
John Leyden, 12 Dec 2006

Packeteer offers free WAN evals

WAN optimisation specialist Packeteer is offering free WAN application performance evaluations, plus software to track video usage over the network.
Bryan Betts, 12 Dec 2006

Husband's online revenge nipped in the bud

A wronged husband bent on revenge who threatened to reveal the identity of his wife's celebrity lover on the internet has been barred from doing so. An interim injunction has been served on human rights grounds.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Dec 2006

IT presence in the UK faces extinction as students shun the sector

This month has seen the UK's aspiring Prime Minister recycling his views in his Budget Report on the requirements and funding for enhancing the training opportunities and skills to compete globally as a prelude to announcing greater investment in higher education. Some people and organisations, “speaking on behalf of the UK IT Industry”, have hitched themselves to this bandwagon in the anticipation that some of the UK Government's proposed increase in its skills and education funding will find its way to the IT industry both in funding terms and in delivering more highly trained and motivated IT professionals.
Bob McDowall, 12 Dec 2006

Online dragnet catches missing child abusers

Police are hailing the early success of the recently launched "most wanted" child abusers website after a third convicted paedophile was caught in northern France yesterday.
Christopher Williams, 12 Dec 2006

Layman's legalese sends online libel case to court

Every element of a process designed to avoid expensive defamation trials must be followed otherwise it cannot take effect, the High Court has ruled. The ruling may result in a case of internet message board libel going to court.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Dec 2006

Apple a-quiver over iPod vibrator copyright clash

Apple has set the lawyers on the makers of the iBuzz iPod-driven vibrator. The company claims the UK website established to promote the stimulatory accessory violates its copyright.
The Hardware Widow, 12 Dec 2006

Plan for European patent court may fail, says EU Commissioner

The EU Internal Markets Commissioner has warned that Europe is about to miss out on a chance to forge a pan-European patent disputes forum because of long-standing international bickering on what a system might look like.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Dec 2006

Fujitsu 'first' to announce 300GB laptop SATA HDD

Fujitsu has unveiled what it claims is the world's first 2.5in, notebook-oriented SATA hard drive with a "second-generation perpendicular recording"-boosted capacity of 300GB.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2006

Dell takes orders for Blu-ray laptop

Dell has brought the Blu-ray Disc next-generation optical disc format to its XPS M1710 gamer-friendly notebook offering. The PC giant is now allowing buyers to configure the machine with a dual-layer, 50GB BD-R burner.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2006

Intel EOLs Pentium D 820

Intel has formally sounded the death knell for its dual-core Pentium D 820 processor, documents sent by the chip giant to its customers reveal. Come 2 February 2007, orders for the part will no longer be available for cancellation and shipped product can't be sent back.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2006

O2 offers to scratch mobile phones

O2 are offering free etching of logos and pictures onto mobile phone handsets, at the Blue Room in their flagship store at 368 Oxford Street (London). O2 customers are invited in to take a break from the horrors of Christmas shopping and enjoy a back massage and some free internet access too.
Bill Ray, 12 Dec 2006

Nvidia specs up single-chip Intel integrated chipsets

Analyst claims that Nvidia is close to releasing low-cost chipsets targeting Intel processors gained weight this week when Far Eastern moles detailed the single-chip products' - said to be codenamed 'MCP73' and 'MCP79' - specifications.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2006

Cambridge Soundworks readies iPod-friendly speakers

Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2006

MS ships 'free' Xbox 360 coding kit for amateurs

Microsoft has released its anticipated PC-hosted Xbox 360 games development package, XNA Game Studio Express, in the hope it can turn game players into game makers. And make some money out of them: it's charging would-be coders $99 a year for access to sample software, support and such.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2006

Re-enact great Jedi, Sith battles with... a Nintendo Wii Remote

Remember MacSaber, the fun utility that used a MacBook or MacBook Pro's hard drive movement sensor to trigger Jedi lightsabre sounds? Well, now you can do the same thing with the much more sword hilt-like Nintendo Wii Remote.
Register Hardware, 12 Dec 2006

Memory conference considers the future of our pasts

Academics, writers, biographers and computer scientists came together in London today to discuss how and whether technology can and should be used to supplement and augment human memory. The stage for the meeting: the British Library, where the University of Southampton is hosting the Memories for Life Colloquium.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Dec 2006

Nintendo Wii launch breaks UK record

Nintendo has sold more than 105,000 Wiis in the UK since the games console went on sale over here first thing last Friday morning. According to the videogames pioneer, punters took possession of 50,000 Wiis during the first 12 hours it was available.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2006

Films fail to pull in the on-line punters

A survey of US internet users shows that while video content is popular, films are not. Only 5% of those who regularly watch video content on the internet have sat through a whole film sitting at their desk.
Bill Ray, 12 Dec 2006

186K swallows EFH broadband

Aggressive Leeds-based business ISP 186K has bought up EFH broadband. The EFH brand will now become the main focus of 186K's consumer operaton.
Christopher Williams, 12 Dec 2006

Giant willies take on Doomed DRM

LettersWe've gone all musical this week, thanks largely to the Gower review of the future of copyright, followed by the news that you can get enough of Apple's iTunes afterall. A broad theme emerges in your letters, you will not be surprised to learn.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Dec 2006

Some thoughts on the mod_security acquisition

ColumnFirst, a public service announcement. The next European ApacheCon event will be held in Amsterdam, in the first week of May. The Call for Papers is now open at http://apachecon.com/. There will be a US ApacheCon in November. Now to the column.
Nick Kew, 12 Dec 2006
homeless man with sign

Inside a cyber-crook's Xmas wish list

Most people will be looking forward to receiving digital cameras, games and the like - as well as the inevitable pair of socks - this Christmas. But cybercrooks can take the opportunity to splash out, angling for things such as credit card numbers and their corresponding PINs, the trade in which is booming online.
John Leyden, 12 Dec 2006
arrow pointing up

Pentagon hacker appeals US extradition

Gary McKinnon, the Pentagon hacker, faces what might be his last appeal hearing against extradition on 13 February next year at London's Court of Appeal.
John Leyden, 12 Dec 2006

NY Times rattles IT industry with analyst ban

On Nov. 10, the New York Times declared a radical change in its editorial policy. The paper ceased quoting technology analysts in stories, if the analysts do business with the vendors mentioned in the articles. The policy shift has proved so radical that the Times has failed to adhere to it.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Dec 2006

With a blanket license, will CDs get cheaper?

So last year's " Future of Music™", the DRM-encumbered digital downloads model pioneered by Apple, has stalled. What now?
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Dec 2006

US students lack hunger - official

Complacency and incompetence continue to plague a US education system that has fallen well behind other nations, according US Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Dec 2006

McCain wants child porn rules for US message boards

Social networking sites and message boards face the same regulatory burden as internet service providers (ISPs) in a new bill proposed by ex-US presidential candidate John McCain. McCain wants sites to report all child pornography to authorities.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Dec 2006

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