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Nintendo Wii

Review It's midnight and all over the country videogames fans are freezing their butts off while they wait in line to get their mitts on Nintendo's newest - or maybe not, if they haven't pre-ordered. Yes, the Wii goes on sale today, though Reg Hardware has been lucky enough to have enjoyed the company of Zelda and co. in its warm, dry office for a few days now. And boy have we worked up a sweat...

Sun donates Hewlett and Packard to museum

Ever generous, Sun Microsystems has donated the Hewlett and Packard figure it purchased in August to San Jose's Tech museum. Now, the Tech has put out a call for the rest of you to help purchase the three remaining Silicon Valley "hitchhikers."
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EU to take UK lead on violent video games

Franco Frattini, the reactionary EU commissioner leading a campaign against violent and "perverse" video games, is expected to push for the UK's ratings laws to be applied across Europe.
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Unheralded Larrabee plots AMD and Nvidia takedown

A shadowy organization called Larrabee Development Group has set a most ambitious goal: unseating AMD/ATI and Nvidia as the largest producers of high-end graphics chips. And it might just succeed.
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Shuttle launch delayed by cloudy skies

The wrong kind of cloud (too low) over Florida has prompted NASA's shuttle mission managers to postpone the next launch until Saturday. It was due to blast off yesterday, but the bad weather meant the launch could not go ahead.

Apple's iPod roadmap said to list three new models for '07

Apple is planning to launch three new iPod designs next year, it has been claimed. The new models include the long-awaited widescreen video-centric iPod and possibly a recently rumoured 16GB Flash-based video player.
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Court rejects class action status for Wall Street lawsuit

A lawsuit aiming to hold Wall Street banks accountable for alleged manipulation of technology stock prices in the dotcom boom has failed to win class action status. The ruling could save the banks billions of dollars in payouts.

What can on-demand software do for your business?

In a study last year Quocirca looked at the degree to which organisations were wasting time and effort on badly planned, procured and implemented on-premise (as opposed to on-demand) business applications. One particular area looked into was the prevalence of shelf-ware; that is software that is purchased but never used.

Extradition appeal due in weeks, says McKinnon

Gary McKinnon expects that his appeal against extradition to the US could be heard in a matter of weeks. McKinnon told weekly technology law podcast OUT-LAW Radio that he expected his appeal to be heard in December or January.
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UK plans 'real-time' no-fly lists plus fingerprint ID for air travel

As has been illustrated all too frequently in the past, they don't tell immigration ministers anything - and, if what he had to say this week at the official unveiling of Heathrow's biometric trial is anything to go by, current incumbent Liam Byrne is no exception. Quoted here in the Telegraph, Byrne observes that he does not see the Heathrow system as being a "stand-alone scheme", and that the Government wanted to see it used as part of efforts to control immigration and to check the identity of people coming to this country.

Microsoft broadsides African laptop

Microsoft has challenged an altruistic scheme to get pared-down computers into the laps of African school children by preparing its own software for sale on the machine.
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Big or small, black holes are all the same

Blackholes all gobble up matter in the same way, whatever their size, new research has found. UK astronomers say that the same processes are at work inside all black holes: the only difference is that of scale.
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Irish industry groups react to Budget 2007

Reaction to the Budget from technology and business organisations has been largely positive although inadequate funding for IT in schools is a concern.

Samsung to tempt developing world with $50 phones

Samsung's war with Motorola to become the world's second most successful seller of mobile phones looks set to extend to another front after an executive at South Korean giant claimed it will soon begin offering handsets priced from $50.
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Microsoft opens digital library

Microsoft is gearing up to launch a new online book search service enabling internet users to find content from books, periodicals and other print resources.

HD TV in the UK

Buyer's Guide Christmas is a-coming and the consumer electronics industry is out to sell you a brand spanking new HD TV. But is now the right time to buy? In this fully revised and updated report, Reg Hardware guides you past the gotchas...

Oracle hikes i-flex offer

Oracle has upped its offer for Indian firm i-flex to about $1.3bn, sending shares in the financial software provider rocketing on the Mumbai stock exchange.

D-Link's Gig wireless box forgets the 'and'

D-Link's announced a Gigabit wireless router - but don't get too excited, as it's not some ten-fold breakthrough in radio bandwidth. Sadly, the Gigabit bit is only on the wired side, with the box having a four-port Gig switch built in.
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NASA crushes lunar real estate industry

NASA has confirmed its moon base will not illegally occupy other people's land.
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Telefonica admits customers don't understand mobile TV

Telefonica is to delay the worldwide launch of its mobile TV service citing difficulties with the service format and customer understanding of the value proposition - basically the customers don't see the point.
Bill Ray, 08 2006
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Ecma embraces MS Office OpenXML standard

International tech standards body Ecma has approved the Office Open XML document format.
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Wii takes off as Sun's grounded

You say privacy, we say give us your biometric data Europe and the US have long had different attitudes to data protection and privacy. And US enthusiasm for information on air passengers has led it to set up various programmes to grab passenger details and make automatic decisions on their fitness to enter US airspace. Details …

Sadville 'causes global warming'

This week, Richard Posner made a bid to be the Saddest Judge in the World, as he addressed an audience of "several aliens, mutants, babes in six inch stiletto heels, and a human-sized raccoon" in the Virtual Reality environment Second Life.

Indian call centres in VoIP clampdown

Foreign IP Telephony firms such as Skype and Yahoo! will not be able to sell their services to Indian businesses under a proposed government clampdown, The India Times reports.

Dear Santa...

Competition Dear Santa, I have been very good this year, and did not once remark upon Auntie Flo's unfortunate affliction. For Christmas, then, I would like a...

Gov IT procurement talks enter third year

The government is expected to concede some precious ground to the IT industry over difficult contractual negotiations that have just entered their third year.

IBM snubs MSN with Sametime gateway

IBM's Lotus Sametime instant messaging (IM) system got a boost this week when the company announced that it can now provide what it's been promising for some months, namely interoperability with AOL's assorted IM communities, including ICQ and AIM, and with GoogleTalk. Yahoo! Messenger will be added to the compatibility list within weeks, IBM added.
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IPTV/VoD – Let's inject a little rock 'n' roll

Industry comment Even 10 seconds of the ridiculously over-valued X-Factor and American Idol make me want to vomit. They are so frighteningly mediocre, vacuous, and repetitive that I invariably find myself staring into a worrying abyss of creative bankruptcy that's pumped into millions of people's homes every night through their TV screen. On the side of the road gossip magazines are flourishing, all with the same look, formula, and material.
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Malware gangs using 'KGB-tactics' to recruit tech grads

Organised crime is "grooming" a new generation of would-be cybercriminals using tactics which echo those used by the KGB to recruit operatives at the height of the cold war, according to a new blockbuster study by net security firm McAfee.

Qualcomm sets cat among Wi-Fi pigeons with Airgo purchase

This week Qualcomm announced two acquisitions in the non-cellular wireless arena, at least one of them bringing it significant intellectual property rights in WLans.
Faultline, 08 2006
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Tinsel takes out Wi-Fi Dalek

Letters Let's get right to it. This week, there was terrible news for sleepy people on rush hour trains: Mobile phones are safe to use.
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Yahoo! press reports are 'full of sh*t' - CEO Semel

Yahoo! has become leakier than a sieve. Typically this is a sign of an unhappy place to work - which Yahoo! may or may not be, we hesitate to judge.
PS3 unboxing ceremony

Unboxing: the new geek porn

A YouTube video of a man opening a box has been downloaded more than 73,000 times since it was uploaded on November the eleventh, the WSJ reports.
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Antigua files injunction against American overkill

While the jurisdiction of the United States government over BETonSPORTS is questionable, by virtue of being the holder of an Interactive Gaming and Interactive Wagering license issued by the Antiguan and Barbudan authorities, BETonSPORTS has acquiesced to our International jurisdiction over the company and its assets. It is important for the protection of consumers that whatever assets BETonSPORTS has remaining be properly available to depositors and other creditors and not be dissipated on fines or penalties or otherwise improperly disposed - Kaye McDonald, the Director of Gaming for the Financial Services Regulatory Commission of Antigua - Caribbean360.com