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eEye launches 0-day tracker site

Security firm eEye has created what's described as the industry's first site designed solely to track zero-day vulnerabilities, flaws where exploits are available prior to the release of security patches.
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Dreadful Recorded Music?

Opinion Imagine this: a new world standard in music recording. It works like this. You turn the radio on and it downloads four hours of songs in MP3 format. Free.

Nvidia ships Quad FX-friendly chipset

Nvidia has begun shipping its nForce 680a SLI chipset for AMD's Quad FX gaming-oriented dual-core, dual-processor platform. Boards based on the part are capable of hosting four graphics cards, eight displays, a dozen 3Gbps SATA drives and four Gigabit Ethernet connections.
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Citizens will face fine rather than sign up to ID card register

Hundreds of thousands of people will refuse to sign up to the UK Government's planned identity register, according to just-published research. Around eight per cent of those surveyed said they would refuse to sign up to the database even if they are fined.
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Sky signs up Google

Sky and Google have announced they are to work together to develop content for Sky's broadband customers and share advertising revenue generated though those customers.
Bill Ray, 07 2006
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York students face off against Dalek

A York man fed up with local students has made a Dalek he can sit inside in a bid to frighten away teenage ne'er-do-wells.

McCreevy laments unpopular EPLA

European Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has warned that efforts to establish the pan-European Patent Litigation Agreement (EPLA) are in danger of coming to naught, after the agreement failed to secure the support of national governments on Monday.

China unveils fleet of 'HD DVD killer' players

Chinese consumer electronics companies yesterday kicked off a second attempt to establish the country's alternative to DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc as the nation's favourite format. Called Enhanced Versatile Disc (EVD), is essentially a DVD that uses a more efficient content compression system.

Wanna know how to rate a data warehouse appliance?

One of the major discussion points at Bloor Research's recent conference on "Data Warehousing: the rise of the appliance" was a discussion of the rules (though they might equally be regarded as reference points rather than rules) that might apply to data warehouse appliances as opposed to enterprise data warehouses.

IBM runs over Platform Solutions

IBM has dropped a patent infringement suit on upstart mainframe house Platform Solutions accusing it of a raft of IP-related transgressions.
Joe Fay, 07 2006

Palm pays $44m for Palm OS source code licence

Palm has effectively committed itself to producing handheld devices based on the Palm OS - which it no longer owns - by agreeing to pay $44m for a perpetual licence for the source code underlying the Garnet incarnation of the operating system. The move is tantamount to Palm re-acquiring PalmSource.
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Music industry will take copyright battle to Europe

The recording industry's continuing bid to exploit works for an extra 45 years should be disregarded by government as not in the public interest.
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419er massacres English language

We're very much obliged to reader Robin Strong who has provided proof that just when we thought the Lads from Lagos had finally rustled up enough cash for a decent English grammar guide, someone from the MARIAM ABACHA 419er old school went and undid all that linguistic progress in one, magnificent missive. Read on in wonder:

Adobe puts Acrobat flaw on the critical list

Adobe users are being urged to upgrade their software after the firm reassessed the impact of a recently discovered vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat 7.

Nintendo Wii to hit UK tonight

Nintendo's Wii - aka 'Revolution' - has gone on sale in the UK. Read Reg Hardware's full review of the new games console check out the key news stories behind the Wii's global debut.
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BenQ takes on iPod Shuffle with micro metal music player

Meet BenQ's new dog tag-styled MusiQ MP3 player, the Taiwanese consumer electronics company's follow-up to its Joybee range. The gagdet's kitted out in brushed metal and fitted with 512MB or 1GB of Flash memory, so BenQ clearly has its eye on Apple's wearable second-generation iPod Shuffle.

Dell vaults into bed with Microsoft

Dell's EMC re-badging storage division will be the first to flog Microsoft's new Unified Data Storage Server 2003.

Armed police raid IBM's Moscow office

Armed police raided IBM's offices in Moscow yesterday as part of a corruption investigation into Russia's state Pension Fund.
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Ocean plants like it cold, thanks

A warmer climate could disrupt the marine food chain, new research from NASA suggests, potentially damaging fisheries and other marine ecosystems.
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Info Commissioner slaps cold-callers

The UK's Information Commissioner has served enforcement notices on five companies involved in direct marketing for calling people who had already made it clear they weren't interested.
Bill Ray, 07 2006

VXers dabble in mobile spyware

Security researchers have encountered what's reckoned to be the first spyware menace to target users of mobile phones running the Symbian operating system.

A good year in Computerland

Computerland, which provides IT services to medium and larger business, made an operating profit of £1.3m on turnover of £30.8m for the six months ended 31 October 2006. Profits before tax were £1.3m, up from £686,000 for the same six months of 2005
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The past is no longer Orange

The Orange mobile phone network lost its data connectivity yesterday over most of the country.
Bill Ray, 07 2006
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Building El Niño cancels Hurricane havoc

Not a single Atlantic hurricane made landfall in the US this season, marking something of a contrast with last year's rather busier and windier experience.
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T-Mobile suspends staff discount scheme

T-Mobile UK has suspended its half-price employee line rental benefit package following reports of abuse. The mobile operator's Friends and Relations scheme offered line rentals at half the normal rate providing qualified recipients signed up to an 18-month contract.

Retailers warn Nintendo Wii pre-orders may arrive late

Major UK retailers have begun warning customers they may not get their hands on Nintendo's Wii on the launch day - even if they pre-ordered the console. Sellers say the vendor has shipped too few units to meet demand.
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MoD awards £124m for pilot-free plane

The UK Ministry of Defence is to invest £124m in developing a new pilotless plane.

Cisco sends a whole load of dollars to India

Cisco will make internet phones in India as part of its revamped $1.1bn investment in the country.
Joe Fay, 07 2006
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Plasma whirlpools breach Earth's magnetic shield

Data returned to Earth from ESA's Cluster quartet of satellites has revealed huge swirling pools of electrified gas that are feeding into Earth's magnetosphere.

Carousel fraud costs UK £3bn

Missing trader or carousel fraud cost Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs £3bn in the last financial year.
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SurfControl gets an offer

SurfControl, the censorware firm, revealed today it had received a preliminary approach from a potential suitor.
Joe Fay, 07 2006
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Flatulence forces US plane out of the sky

A woman's attempt to cover up the nasty smell of her own flatulence caused an aircraft en route between Washington DC and Dallas to make an emergency landing, the BBC reports.
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Intel set to join AMD-backed Green Grid

Come early next year, Intel will end its holdout and join the Green Grid consortium backed by rival AMD.
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Sony updates PS3 firmware

Sony has updated the PlayStation 3's firmware, taking the next-generation games console's system software to version 1.3. But the patch doesn't appear to fix the problem some users have had getting the machine to work with older, 1080i-favouring HD TVs.

EMC puts storage on ice

EMC refuses to let server makers get all the low-power data center attention. The storage vendor this week rolled out a new set of services meant to help customers gauge and then lower their energy consumption.
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LSI Agere merger creates storage, networking and CE chip giant

Long standing semiconductor specialist LSI Logic, which leads in the provision of chips which underpin enterprise high end storage systems, has merged with Agere Systems, a company with a similar product set, in a deal valued at around $4bn.
Faultline, 07 2006

US outlines privacy safeguards – and reveals plans to mine personal data

The US Government signalled some willingness this week to address concerns over citizens' privacy, but also launched a scheme which will analyse secret airline passenger risk profiles and keep them for 40 years.
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Tibco takes pop at SOA complexity

Tibco last week announced the general availability of TIBCO ActiveMatrix for service-oriented architectures (SOA). This is the industry's first “service virtualization platform” for the deployment and governance of composite applications based on distributed, standards-based services".
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HP will pay California $14.5m for being naughty

HP will pay $14.5m to keep California prosecutors from filing civil charges against the company and its directors - both current and former.
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'I shouldn't have left it to beaver' - Britney

Britney Spears today issued an apology of sorts for plastering her panty-less crotch across the internet.