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Who framed Jessica Rabbit?

CommentHere's a trick question: would you invent the movie camera if there was no such thing as a movie projector? Or, to make the trick more obvious: would you invent the movie camera, and then prevent anybody from building a projector? Would you create a camera which produced movies that only another camera owner could watch?
Guy Kewney, 01 Dec 2006

BitTorrent bags $20m, galvanises CEO

BitTorrent said it has secured $20m in venture capital and scotched rumours that founder and CEO Bram Cohen is leaving the firm.
Christopher Williams, 01 Dec 2006

Second Life equal with First Life

Nearly half of all Americans who belong to online communities claim that the virtual world they inhabit is as important as the real world.
ElectricNews.net, 01 Dec 2006

Email pioneer says breakthrough was too much trouble

The man who invented the internet's most popular email routing system says he would never have done it had he known how much trouble it was going to be.
OUT-LAW.COM, 01 Dec 2006

AMD demos four-core Opteron

AMD has demo'd its upcoming quad-core Opteron server processor, a few days after launching the gamer-oriented Quad FX, which despite its name is a dual-core part.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2006

Internet Archive wins copyright reprieve

The Internet Archive project has won an exemption from US copyright law, overcoming an obstacle which threatened the entire work of the not-for-profit group. It can now host copies of obsolete computer games and software without fear of prosecution.
OUT-LAW.COM, 01 Dec 2006

Your data is protected: but is it protected enough?

Storage briefingYou might think your data is protected, but is it protected enough? There are plenty of statistics around on how rarely businesses survive the complete loss of their IT systems and data, but these days, it's not just a matter of business continuity - it's a legal requirement as well.
Bryan Betts, 01 Dec 2006

Data protections are being eroded, says EU watchdog

The EU's data protection watchdog has warned that European officials are in danger of eroding basic data protection principles and has called on them to reconsider their actions.
OUT-LAW.COM, 01 Dec 2006

Nvidia warned off releasing integrated Intel chipsets early

Nvidia is near to launching low-end integrated chipsets for systems based on Intel processors, a US analyst has alleged. However, the company was warned that a near-term release would be "premature" - if Nvidia wants to avoid degrading its gross margins.
Hard Reg, 01 Dec 2006

World of virtual lessons for e-business

CommentMany of us who are active on the internet, giving our views on what is happening, are used to getting "flamed" (having hostile messages about us posted online).
Clive Longbottom, 01 Dec 2006

US DoJ probes GPU biz antitrust allegations

The US Department of Justice is investigating claims of anti-trust activity in the graphics chip and add-in card markets, it has emerged. AMD yesterday said it had been subpoena'd by the DoJ as a result of its acquisition of ATI.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2006

PDFs open critical hole in Internet Explorer

A critical vulnerability has been identified in Adobe's Acrobat and Reader software which affects Internet Explorer users.
Christopher Williams, 01 Dec 2006

Quanta preps Apollo PDA phone for O2

Mobile phone network O2 is preparing what appears to be a mid-range Windows Mobile 5.0-based PDA phone, made not by its new XDA partner, Asus, but by Quanta.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2006

Second Life escapists told to wake up

An anti-poverty campaign has reminded the inhabitants of Second Life that while they fanny about wasting time and money hiding from their own trivial worries there are people are dying unnecessarily in the real world.
Christopher Williams, 01 Dec 2006

BOFH: IT services review

Episode 40
Simon Travaglia, 01 Dec 2006

Can you really see the Great Wall of China from the Moon?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 01 Dec 2006

How far can the naked eye see?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 01 Dec 2006

Are secretive people more or less healthy?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 01 Dec 2006

What is Alice in Wonderland syndrome?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 01 Dec 2006

Sony management shuffle dooms PlayStation 4?

Sony's move to promote Kaz Hirai, yesterday head of the US wing of the company's Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) division but now President and COO of the global SCE operation, means the consumer electronics giant may never produce a PlayStation 4 console.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2006

Jittery yanks warn of Jihadist internet threat

An internet "Jihadist" has posted a message to an Internet chat room that suggests people who are angry about the US prison camp in Guantanamo Bay should retaliate with cyber-security attacks on its stock market and banking web sites in the run up to Christmas.
Mark Ballard, 01 Dec 2006

Vista, VoIP and a load of old Polonium

Yes, there’s only been story in the news this week. Rogue Russian agents have apparently been racing around the UK, knocking off ex-KGB spies, and endangering sushi chefs, flight attendants and Italian Academics, using rare radioactive isotopes. The fact that it was Polonium 210 that was used to permanently shut-up former KGB man Alexander Litvinenko was taken as proof of Russian state involvement. Only past poison experts such as the KGB had access to such a devastating material, it was reasoned. Well, only them and anyone with a web connection, a credit card and the web address for United Nuclear. So, beware come office party season. If the cocktails look a little more lurid than usual, someone may well be settling scores.
Joe Fay, 01 Dec 2006

Fujitsu shows world's smallest optical spot

Fujitsu has demonstrated what it claims is the world's first optical device capable of producing a beam less than 100nm across.
Bryan Betts, 01 Dec 2006

Apple: the Conservative Party of tech

Despite its carefully spun marketing conceit that it's the tech brand of choice of the young and groovy, Apple's strongest market is among pensioners according to research. Almost half of Apple's base is 55 and over, said analysts at MetaFacts. That's almost double the proportion of older users who bat for the IBM-compatible team.
Christopher Williams, 01 Dec 2006

London's hotspots unfit for voice

Most of London's wireless hotspots can't support more than one voice-over-IP call at a time, according to a survey by WLAN analysis specialist AirMagnet.
Bryan Betts, 01 Dec 2006

Vodafone loses signal

Vodafone lost its UK network this morning after trying to upgrade its SMS software.
Mark Ballard, 01 Dec 2006

Feds implement mass passenger data trawl

Whenever the US government runs afoul of public opinion with some data-mining scheme threatening to invade the privacy of millions, it changes the name and then goes ahead as planned. We had the "Total Information Awareness" (TIA) federal scheme to mine official and commercial databases, which morphed into the MATRIX, an interconnected state scheme to mine official and commercial databases, to which the federal government has access.
Thomas C Greene, 01 Dec 2006

SanDisk 4GB SDHC memory card

ReviewThe organisation that oversees the SD memory card standard announced the SD High Capacity (SDHC) format back in January, but it's taken the best part of eleven months for cards based on the specification to make it to market. There have been a fair few announcements of SDHC products, particularly in Japan, but the first to arrive in the Reg Hardware office is SanDisk's 4GB card...
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2006

US government approves dotcom contract

The United States government has approved a revised contract for ownership of the dotcom registry, solving one of the biggest problems at the heart of the internet, but also lighting the fuse on an almighty international argument over Net control.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Dec 2006

SCO shares collapse under weight of ruling

SCO Group shares went south in a hurry during Friday's trading, as investors reacted to the company's legal misfortunes.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Dec 2006

888's mobile betting moves could touch US

British online gaming company 888 PLC is close to reaching an agreement with European wireless carriers to provide gambling services via cell phones - a move that could have consequences on the US’s bid to quash the online gambling industry.
Burke Hansen, 01 Dec 2006

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