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App posted to cut PC power draw, help save planet

Want to make your PC a little more eco-friendly? Keen to cut your electricity bills and reduce carbon-dioxide emissions? Uniblue Research Labs has launched Local Cooling, a Windows XP app that, it claims, allows you to limit how much energy key PC components consume.

Samsung opts for TV with everything – in Korea

Samsung is going TV crazy and adding terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB) receivers to a wide range of its products. The latest product to appear in South Korea with a TV capability is the Q1, Samsung's ultra-mobile PC (UMPC).
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Going, going, Goggin

Chairperson of the Commission for Communications Regulation Isolde Goggin in effect resigned her position on Wednesday.
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Eircom kick starts network upgrade

Eircom has secured a deal with Siemens and ADVA Optical Networks that will see the telecoms firm begin upgrading its network.
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Hotel Chocolat wipes up mess

An online choccy emporium has defended its response to a privacy glitch that left customer details unwrapped and exposed to the world.
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Number plate cameras could be illegal, says surveillance chief

The Home Office is reviewing the legal status of automatic number plate surveillance cameras after the chief surveillance commissioner advised they could be operating unlawfully.
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Europe says 3G auction inflates UK mobile prices

The European Commission has called on Ofcom to discount the massive costs paid by operators for 3G phone licences when calculating call costs. The proposal could cut mobile call charges by up to a third.
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Vista creeps over the Horizon

Microsoft finally launches Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange today. Sort of.
Joe Fay, 30 2006
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Hawking given oldest science award

Renowned, brilliant, and increasingly eccentric astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is to receive the oldest award for scientific achievement today, in recognition of his huge contribution to our understanding* of the universe.

Nvidia takes $127m stock-option probe charge

Nvidia has said it will take a $127m non-cash hit as a result of the past stock-option irregularities the company earlier this year announced it had discovered. This month the graphics chip maker said the impact could be as much as $150m.
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Kim Jong Il loses his Segway

US commerce secretary Carlos Gutierrez is banning the export of Segways, iPods, and other luxury goods to North Korea in response to Kim Jong Il 's apparent nuclear test last month.

Intel 65nm-to-45nm crossover coming in 2008

Intel expects to begin shipping more 45nm processors than 65nm chips - the so-called 'crossover point' - in 2008, a company staffer revealed this week.

GeCube preps single-card CrossFire board

Graphics card maker GeCube this week announced a single-card, dual-GPU product that packs in a pair of AMD's ATI Radeon X1650 XT 80nm chips connected in CrossFire mode.

Amazon.com mixes Marmite with .Mac

Amazon.com's collection and analysis of what its customers buy yield some curious connections. Who would have imagined, for instance, that US Mac users, well known for how seriously they support their favoured computing platform, are equally keen on England's most famous brand of yeast extract.
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Google drops answers

Google has decided to close its answers service after four years in operation.
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HP revamps iPaq for UMPC era

HP has released its anticipate iPaq revision that sees the one-time enterprise-friendly PDA recast as a line of three consumer-oriented media players and GPS satellite navigation systems.
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Polonium-210 found on British Airways jets

The agitation surrounding possible polonium-210 contamination following the apparent assassination of Alexander Litvinenko has spread to the skies. British Airways staff and customers are being contacted after traces of radioactive polonium-210 were found on three of its jets.
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NASA greenlights shuttle, gets on with ISS construction

NASA's next Shuttle mission is to blast off next Thursday, the space agency confirmed yesterday.

Vista - hot or not?

Letters The people have spoken. Vista seems to be a success, of sorts. While some of you are experiencing teething problems, the majority agree it is very pretty. Which is nice.

O2's 3G PDA phone to debut Jan '07

O2 will launch its Asus-made 3G PDA phone, the XDA Zinc, in January 2007, the carrier has revealed. Zinc is the device most recently known by its codename, 'Mars 2', and which appeared on the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website in October this year.
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Writing the Script: Java SE 6

Over the years there have been several times where I've had to implement a mini-language and language processor for some specific requirement or another.
John Hunt, 30 2006

UK2 victim of IP hijacking

Web hosting company UK2 has apologised for problems some customers may have experienced yesterday.
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eBay shopkeepers locked out

eBay has nothing to say today on why many subscribers to its Manager Pro service are unable to access the service.

Linux web PC makers tout Linutop-like wares

Linutop's recently announced Linux-based ultra-compact PC may have grabbed the hardware headlines earlier this week, but its rivals didn't take long to start shouting about their own take on the web-oriented unit.
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EU waves through €54bn science funding package

As anticipated, technology research is the major beneficiary of a massive research funding plan approved yesterday by the European Parliament. The funding, released under Framework Programme 7 (FP7), is supposed to support several priority areas in science until 2013. It will be formally adopted by the EU on December 5.

'Successful' Zune launch no threat to iPod?

Interest in Microsoft's Zune media player appears to be diminishing, if Amazon.com's sales charts are anything to go by. This despite grabbing the number two slot in the US retail market immediately after its 14 November launch, according to figures from market watcher NPD.
Hard Reg, 30 2006

Vista, Office and Exchange 2007 to help struggling Brits

Microsoft has pitched its first operating system in five years plus updates to productivity and collaboration tools as key to solving an apparent UK malaise.

Marvell ships Intel's gigahertz-capable XScale CPU

Marvell has begun shipping 'Monahans', the ARM-based processor originally developed by Intel and introduced in August 2005 and originally due to debut toward the end of that year.
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D-Day for Orange SmartGroups

Users of Orange's SmartGroups are being booted off the service today, as we reported earlier this month.
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VoIP regulation could 'put lives at risk'

VoIP users could soon feel the pain when it comes to contacting the emergency services via their internet connection, according to a speculative report by the Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association (ITSPA).
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Dell makes server software simple, simple, simple for slow admins

While rivals keep banging on about their inventions, acquisitions and flashy gear, Dell insists that it's keeping server management simple - so simple that even the simplest simpleton could simply administer a server in a simple fashion.
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Wal-Mart online film service has more method than madness

Comment We have to say we are a little baffled by the trial film download service the Wal-Mart has launched, tied as it is to the purchase of a DVD from the store. The price is right, just $1.97 for a file that will play on a portable device (except which portable device, not another Windows device surely). It’s $2.97 for PCs and Laptops (yep it’s only a Windows version) and $3.97 for both.
Faultline, 30 2006
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The mobile web: in praise of conv ... divergence

Hands on Opera says it's served up 2 billion web pages through its Mini service, bringing the web to phones previously incapable of running an http browser.
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AllofMP3.com hires violinists to underscore plight

Allofmp3.com pulled out its hired violins today to woo the press with a sad song about a hard done-by web site just trying to make its way in a temporarily legal world.
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Microsoft's field of dreams

Comment Hmm. How to decide where to stage your biggest product launch, actually your only product launch as far as most people are concerned, for over five years.
Joe Fay, 30 2006

Is 'GNU/Solaris' emerging from Microsoft-Novell deal?

NSFW Richard M. Stallman has never had much truck with the re-branding campaign that gave the world the phrase "open source". Stallman, who authored the original General Public License to give legal muscle to his desire to ensure software freedoms are not curtailed, has always declined to count himself as a member of any "open source movement".