24th November 2006 Archive

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  • eBay software pirates stump up $100,000

    Auction monitoring pays off

    Media 24 00:02

  • eBayer offers 60GB PS3 for less than a dollar

    Ticked the wrong box?

    Games 24 09:27

  • You heartless, soulless bastard

    A Peruvian guinea pig owner writes

    Letters 24 09:44

  • Yes! It's the gold ingot USB hub

    Pieces of eight. Piece of eight

    Hardware 24 09:57

  • Fitfone wins innovation award

    Top of the podium for fitness phone

    Phones 24 10:01

  • Care Records conference opens and closes debate

    Questions, questions, questions

    Policy 24 10:02

  • Second life plagued by 'grey goo' attack

    Viruses go virtual

    Security 24 10:15

  • Sapphire unveils 'ultimate' ATI graphics card

    Zalman cooling on board

    Hardware 24 10:21

  • UK sets iTrip FM transmitter legalisation date

    Gadgets must still meet CE-set specs

    Hardware 24 10:38

  • Aussies cry foul on giant Colonel Sanders

    We had world's biggest logo in 1965, mate

    Media 24 11:02

  • HTC's HSDPA 'BlackBerry beater' appears on web

    Cavalier rides in

    Phones 24 11:28

  • Work begins on merging Health and Social care records

    Floating ideas at the CRDB

    Policy 24 11:42

  • RSA Conference heads for Docklands

    That'll thrill the Americans....

    Security 24 11:47

  • Britain's unluckiest man falls down manhole

    16 major accidents during lifetime of mishaps

    Media 24 11:49

  • Pico GSM cells, what's the fuss all about?

    We won a spectrum, now what do we do with it?

    Mobile 24 12:34

  • Hackers debut Mac OS X adware


    Hardware 24 12:36

  • Aigo F029 digital video wristwatch

    The world's first wearable PMP?

    Hardware 24 13:27

  • IGN turns games site into film and TV portal

    'Download to own'

    Financial News 24 13:30

  • Qualcomm plays to its strengths with Snapdragon launch

    And Motorola deal

    Mobile 24 13:54

  • Vista licenses, police fingerprints, Zimmermann speaks

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    Business 24 14:35

  • Sony sounds clammy Cyber-shot warning

    Cameras may not cope with steamy environments, apparently

    Hardware 24 15:22

  • Does garlic ward off the common cold?

    And can it cure diabetes?

    Science 24 15:50

  • Will sweets really rot your teeth?

    Grandma was right!

    Science 24 15:50

  • Is an artificial eye close to reality?

    And can blind people see colour by touch?

    Science 24 15:52

  • Carphone says SOA delivers apps faster

    Telco ties business processes to modular software services

    Management 24 16:24

  • Risk managers baulk at ID cards risk management post

    Ooh, too risky...

    Media 24 16:49

  • Euro commissioners swap slaps in video game row

    Italians all in a lather over "perversity"

    Media 24 17:00

  • DBAs brace for week of Oracle bugs


    Security 24 17:04