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UK gets first IPTV-ready HD DVR

UK retailer Evesham today introduced iPlayer, an 80GB DVR that can not only pump out HD resolution pictures but can be connected to the internet ready for IPTV-based video-on-demand services.
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UK ISP mislays domains beginning with 'C'

UK ISP Legend Communications has been suffering an alphabetical technical problem over the past couple of days apparently affecting its Designer Servers customers:
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'Bored geek' resells self on eBay

Jonathan Reed, the "bored geek" who last year offered one lucky girl the chance of accompanying him on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antigua, is back on eBay reselling himself to the UK's geekette demographic.

Indian student develops paper-based storage system

A Kerala student claims to have invented an eco-friendly, paper-based storage system capable of compacting 90 to 450GB on a single disk, Arab News reports.
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3's mobile phone TV service could land users in trouble

Users of 3's just-announced mobile television service will break TV licensing laws if they view the service on a mobile while it is plugged in at unlicensed premises. While the phone runs on its own batteries it does not need its own licence.
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EU blocks low-duty online booze and fags

The European Court of Justice has ruled that boozers and smokers looking to get cut-price deals from countries with lower rates of duty will will not be able to buy the stuff online, the BBC reports.
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Irish government waves in digital fingerprinting

Irish law enforcement agencies closed an €18m deal on Wednesday to procure digital fingerprinting technology from the private sector.
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Siemens investigation nets six

German police investigating Siemens' telecoms unit have made two further arrests and reckon suspicious transactions could total as much as €200m.

Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 sound card

Review The vast majority of modern motherboards have integrated HD audio, and if you do fancy an sonic upgrade, most likely for gaming, the obvious candidate is a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi. So where the heck does Auzentech hope its X-Meridian 7.1 sound card will fit in?
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Cooler Master touts Nvidia Edition SLI-friendly case

What do you buy for the Nvidia fanboy who has everything? Cooler Master's Nvidia Edition Stacker 830 Evolution case may be the answer. Kitted out with the appropriate logos and colours, it'll take a range of mobo form-factors and provides space for nine 5.25in drives and four 3.5in peripherals. There are a pair of front- and …
Hard Reg, 23 2006
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NetServices reconnects V21 punters for free

Broadband wholesaler NetServices has agreed to provide a connection free of charge to former customers of V21, the retail ISP it cut-off as part of a financial dispute.
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Warning: do not search Yahoo! for 'franchise'

NSFW We're obliged to the anonymous reader who's just tipped us off that anyone tempted to do a Yahoo! image search for "franchise" will get a bit more than nice pictures of Starbucks:
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Night of long knives at Ecademy

Seventeen members of Ecademy - a business networking website - have had their accounts suspended following a row on the company's messageboard.

Handheld MP3 player to turn PCs into Linux boxes

It's an MP3 player. It's an FM radio. It's video and photo display device. It's an e-book reader. It's a sound recorder. It's a Linux-based personal computer ready for web, email and office usage. Yes, it's Wizpy, the Swiss Army Knife of handheld gadgets announced by Japan's Turbolinux this week.

Microsoft gives the EC interop info

Microsoft has handed in revised interoperability information to the European Commission (EC).
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EU earmarks €9bn for ICT research

The European Union this week announced plans to pump €9bn into research on information and communications technologies.

AMD faces 3DNow! patent violation claim

AMD has been accused of patent infringement for the second time in less than a month. Having found itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit from intellectual property holder Opti earlier this month, AMD was this week threatened by MicroUnity Systems Engineering.
Hard Reg, 23 2006
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The book is open for a Macworld launch of the iPhone

Bodog, the online betting site, has opened a book on whether Apple will indeed announce their much-anticipated iPhone device at Macworld Expo in January next year.
Bill Ray, 23 2006

Mellow yellow phone no longer Chocolate

Bored with the traditional white, black and pink versions of the LG Chocolate phone, one Reg reader decided to take the radical step of storing the phone in his pocket - which apparently resulted in the handset changing from white to a fetching shade of yellow.
Bill Ray, 23 2006
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Excel books at an Excel-lent price

Site offer Excel – everybody knows it, everybody uses it. But does everybody get the best out of it?
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IT bods bemoan slavery

Letters There's a reason why the Australians call us whinging poms, and this bunch of letters illustrates it well.
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IE and Firefox blighted by fake login flaw

The latest versions of both Firefox and Internet Explorer are vulnerable to an unpatched flaw that allows hackers to snaffle users' login credentials via automated phishing attacks.
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O J Simpson hypothetico-shlockfest hits eBay

Inevitably, copies of O J Simpson's spousal stabbing fantasy If I Did It which slipped out prior to it being recalled and pulped have popped up on eBay.
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Cameron paints ID policy by numbers

David Cameron, the straight-talking public relations executive who runs the Conservative party, gave the reasons why he opposes ID Cards yesterday.
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Monster sacks general counsel

Online recruitment company monster.com will be scouring its own database of CVs looking for a replacement for the company's chief lawyer.

RTX ships 'first' cordless Skype phone

Danish handset maker RTX Telecom today launched what it claims is the first cordless Skype phone that doesn't require a PC. That's what the blogs are saying, at any rate. What RTX is really claiming is to have shipped the first RTX PC-less Skype handset, which is a bit like Honda making a big deal about how it's the first company in the world to ship a Civic with four wheels.

Cops hunt Xbox hijack gang

Staffordshire police are after a hijacking gang who turned over a £500,000 lorryload of Xbox 360 consoles and games in the early hours of Monday morning.
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Amazon subsidiary suffering downtime

Alexa.com, the page ranking service owned by Amazon, has suffered a week of intermittent downtime.

MS reels in a few stray phish

Microsoft has initiated 129 lawsuits against phishing fraudsters in EMEA as part of a wider campaign against online fraud.
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Congress unlocks US cellphones

The US copyright office will permit mobile phone subscribers to unlock their phones, allowing them to be used by rival network providers.
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Hands off our bank data, Europe tells US

Exclusive The European Commission is set to call for an immediate halt on the illegal transfer of financial information to the United States Treasury.
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Ofcom flicks switch on iPod FM

Ofcom today announced that "micro power" FM transmitters such a the Griffin Technologies iTrip or Belkin TuneCast can legally be used from 8 December.

Symantec claws $100k from Calif. eBay pirates

Two eBay traders agreed this week to pay $100,000 in damages after they were caught selling illegal copies of Norton security software.
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RSA crypto attack poses threat to DRM

Security researchers have developed a new approach to breaking the RSA algorithm that creates new problems for the development of effective rights management software.
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EFF sues US over passenger data

The US Government faces a lawsuit demanding information about the controversial programme which forces airlines to disclose information about European travellers to the US.
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Lobby group sues US govt over passenger data

The US Government faces a lawsuit demanding information about the controversial programme which forces airlines to disclose information about European travellers to the US.
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IBM coughs up $65m over techie overtime suit

IBM is paying up to $65m in backdated overtime pay to 32,000 US-based techies,to settle a federal class action suit.