23rd November 2006 Archive

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  • UK gets first IPTV-ready HD DVR

    Freeview upscaled

    Hardware 23 08:02

  • UK ISP mislays domains beginning with 'C'

    Legend Communications cock-up

    Media 23 09:35

  • 'Bored geek' resells self on eBay

    Still looking for Ms Right

    Media 23 09:38

  • Indian student develops paper-based storage system

    'Rainbow Versatile Disc'

    Storage 23 09:47

  • 3's mobile phone TV service could land users in trouble

    Plug it in and break licensing laws

    Mobile 23 10:03

  • EU blocks low-duty online booze and fags

    Booze cruising set to continue

    Financial News 23 10:16

  • Irish government waves in digital fingerprinting

    For immigration purposes, apparently

    Policy 23 10:23

  • Siemens investigation nets six

    €200m in dodgy dealing

    Financial News 23 10:30

  • Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 sound card

    At last, a real rival for Creative's X-Fi?

    Hardware 23 11:01

  • Cooler Master touts Nvidia Edition SLI-friendly case

    Black and green, fan-filled machine

    Hardware 23 11:22

  • NetServices reconnects V21 punters for free

    Ofcom in wait and see mode (again)

    Networks 23 11:30

  • Warning: do not search Yahoo! for 'franchise'

    Image result shocker

    Media 23 11:33

  • Night of long knives at Ecademy

    Mass banning hits networking site

    Financial News 23 11:38

  • Handheld MP3 player to turn PCs into Linux boxes

    iPod-like gadget offers full open source software suite

    Hardware 23 11:49

  • Microsoft gives the EC interop info

    Revised docs handed in

    Software 23 12:53

  • EU earmarks €9bn for ICT research

    Europe gives handout to boost competitiveness

    Policy 23 12:59

  • AMD faces 3DNow! patent violation claim

    Second time in less than a month

    Hardware 23 13:05

  • The book is open for a Macworld launch of the iPhone

    For those prepared to put their money where their mouth is

    Phones 23 13:09

  • Mellow yellow phone no longer Chocolate

    LG blamed in-pocket storage for colour change

    Phones 23 13:15

  • Excel books at an Excel-lent price

    40% off with free P&P

    Site News 23 13:20

  • IT bods bemoan slavery

    Everyone else gets a decent wage - why shouldn't we?

    Letters 23 14:00

  • IE and Firefox blighted by fake login flaw


    Security 23 14:02

  • O J Simpson hypothetico-shlockfest hits eBay

    If I Did It: The Final Insult

    Media 23 14:20

  • Cameron paints ID policy by numbers

    He's artful, but lacking in detail

    Media 23 15:04

  • Monster sacks general counsel

    Lawyer takes long walk

    Financial News 23 15:10

  • RTX ships 'first' cordless Skype phone

    Exaggerated claim?

    Phones 23 15:35

  • Cops hunt Xbox hijack gang

    £500k Smackdown

    Games 23 15:52

  • Amazon subsidiary suffering downtime

    Alexa.com can't keep itself up

    Media 23 16:06

  • MS reels in a few stray phish

    129 lawsuits

    Security 23 16:26

  • Congress unlocks US cellphones

    But censorware research is illegal, again

    Mobile 23 16:38

  • Hands off our bank data, Europe tells US

    Secret subpoenas threaten stability - EC

    Media 23 17:54

  • Ofcom flicks switch on iPod FM

    Micro power FM transmitters legal from Dec.

    Mobile 23 19:47

  • Symantec claws $100k from Calif. eBay pirates

    Defendants rue their actions

    Small Biz 23 20:25

  • RSA crypto attack poses threat to DRM

    Side-channel code break

    Security 23 20:25

  • EFF sues US over passenger data

    Tell us more

    Media 23 20:30

  • Lobby group sues US govt over passenger data

    EFF wants to know how data is used

    Media 23 21:02

  • IBM coughs up $65m over techie overtime suit

    Not admitting liability

    Management 23 21:11