22nd November 2006 Archive

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  • Vodafone buys in to enterprise mobility

    When is a mobile company not a mobile company?

    Mobile 22 05:02

  • Carphone Warehouse calls in 3PAR for 24TB arrays

    Virtualises storage for its utility data centre

    The Channel 22 09:18

  • Nominet puts its future on the line

    UK registry owner holds second EGM

    Media 22 09:39

  • Student tasering will save the world from Linux

    And prevent global warming

    Letters 22 09:56

  • Computer Misuse Act could ban security tools

    Publishing software flaws now an offence?

    Media 22 10:03

  • Apple iPhone 'to use PortalPlayer chip'

    Nvidia GPU in video-centric iPod, too

    Hardware 22 10:06

  • Police pilot roadside fingerprinting

    Pull over, show your index finger

    Policy 22 10:12

  • O2 trial could see a picocell in every home

    Evening Standard:O2 wants to microwave our kids

    Mobile 22 10:14

  • Report raises child index alarm

    Protection measures could put children more at risk

    Media 22 10:24

  • The database abstraction framework strikes back

    Part 2: C++ Generic Coding

    Developer 22 10:33

  • US teen fires up fusion reactor

    Hot basement project

    Science 22 10:38

  • Muslim clerics slam Koranic ringtones

    'Un-Islamic' verses

    Mobile 22 10:42

  • Intel 'Bearlake' to support HDMI, HDCP?

    Integrated chipsets ready for consumer electronics applications

    Hardware 22 11:04

  • Crayfish enjoy a bit of sub-dom: official

    Scientists probe 'humping' behaviour

    Science 22 11:20

  • Brocade continues green streak

    'Bout the Benjamins

    Storage 22 11:21

  • Blogging for fun and profit

    Site kick starts a blogging business model

    Financial News 22 11:28

  • i-mate unveils candybar-sized PDA phone

    Launches a BlackBerry alternative too

    Phones 22 11:29

  • Vista's EULA product activation worries

    Walking on thin ice?

    Operating Systems 22 11:40

  • O2 readies XDA Flame PMP phone

    Why wait for the Zune phone?

    Mobile 22 11:48

  • Alcatel slaps Microsoft with patent infringement claim

    Meanwhile, in the big leagues...

    Software 22 11:54

  • Net pedants pile into Casino Royale

    Now pay attention, 007

    Bootnotes 22 11:56

  • Verisign to restate years of financials

    Stock options again

    Financial News 22 12:51

  • Tech Data sales up, profits down

    There may be trouble ahead

    The Channel 22 12:52

  • UK child protection database 'misguided', critics warn

    Think of the children

    Media 22 13:03

  • Home Office to grab for more CCTV power

    Plods not happy with law, ICO, or surveillance quality

    Policy 22 13:20

  • Londoners like free HD TV

    Freeview-based HD trial shock result revealed

    Hardware 22 14:14

  • Sony punching out PS3s 'smoothly'

    New kit being airlifted in to US, exec claims

    Games 22 14:27

  • Met Police in laptop theft security flap

    Nothing to see here, please move along

    Security 22 14:56

  • Jilted marquee company's revenge turns sour

    'Cheap and tacky' wedding email goes global

    Media 22 15:29

  • Nominet wins EGM votes by a whisker

    0.97 per cent brings UK registry into 21st century.

    Financial News 22 15:37

  • Continental Airlines in NY time stretch miracle

    Day too short? Try our extended stopovers

    Media 22 16:01

  • USB crowned as high speed SIM standard

    Still no idea what it's for, though

    Mobile 22 16:26

  • Chinese web pornographer jailed for life

    Sun sets on 'Pornographic Summer'

    Media 22 16:43

  • Spyware firms pay token fines to FTC

    Can't pay, will only pay $50K

    Security 22 16:57

  • Panasas begins second storage assault on Linux clusters

    Got parallel?

    Storage 22 18:38

  • Borland takes battle to Eclipse with JBuilder 2007

    Never mind the width

    Developer 22 18:45

  • Unpatched bug bites Apple Mac OS X

    Isn't this only supposed to happen to Windoze users?

    Hardware 22 18:48

  • Ten things you need to know about SOA

    Elusive definitions

    Developer 22 19:06