21st November 2006 Archive

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  • Vodafone Mobile Connect 'super 3G' USB modem

    HSDPA connectivity for the PCMCIA-less

    Broadband 21 09:02

  • Vodafone UK gets serious about mobile remote access

    A significant step forward

    Mobile 21 09:35

  • Met police to do the beat with head-mounted cameras

    ASBO crackdown

    Policy 21 09:39

  • Pump and dump blues

    Why stock scammers are losing the game

    Security 21 09:49

  • Eircom gives leccy board an IT upgrade

    Revamps 90 sites

    Broadband 21 09:52

  • AJAX and 2.0 madness

    Does every new generation need the 2.0 tag?

    Developer 21 10:31

  • Nintendo Wii given sledgehammer treatment

    Canadian console craziness captured on video

    Bootnotes 21 10:31

  • Websites not liable for third party posts - court

    Lawyers stunned by common sense ruling

    Financial News 21 10:41

  • OCZ pumps up liquid-cooled DDR 2 DIMMs

    Memory clocked at 1,150MHz

    Hardware 21 10:59

  • T-Mobile UK to ship Sidekick 3 in December

    Consumer email gadget coming in time for Xmas

    Phones 21 11:25

  • 30 nations sign international fusion reactor deal

    ITER moves forward

    Science 21 11:28

  • Analyst dissects Nintendo Wii... on camera

    Console's bits in their mitts

    Games 21 11:56

  • TSYS dials Dimension Data for financial support

    Call centre partnership targets EMEA

    The Channel 21 12:04

  • Robbers drug victims in Malaysian chip heist

    $12m nicked in country's biggest ever raid

    The Channel 21 12:06

  • Palm Europe prices up Treo 680 smart phone

    Taking pre-orders

    Phones 21 12:18

  • Doctors ambivalent about NHS IT

    All very well, but is it worth the fuss?

    Policy 21 12:19

  • Samsung shaves slimmer phone display panel

    LCD's thick as a credit card

    Phones 21 12:54

  • Microsoft to Novell: Respect

    Ballmer in a china shop

    Software 21 13:16

  • NTL/Telewest admits limiting unlimited web access

    Heavy users on trial

    Broadband 21 13:19

  • Renting IT more cost effective, bank says

    Pay as you go

    The Channel 21 14:13

  • VXers suffering from 'writer's block'

    Same old, same old

    Security 21 14:19

  • Surf Kitchen patents customised phone downloads

    Like MMS...only different

    Mobile 21 14:38

  • Handango pays off Omnisoft

    But refuses to host its applications

    Mobile 21 15:02

  • Dell touts servers based on Xeon-brand Opterons

    Confusion in PowerEdge-land

    The Channel 21 15:13

  • Verisign Scrooges envisage £4.86bn festive forfeit

    Ghost of insecure Christmases past for etailers?

    Security 21 15:15

  • ITV rejects NTL

    The Digger strikes again

    Financial News 21 15:27

  • Intel beats drum for energy efficiency

    The greening of IT

    Management 21 15:40

  • AVG anti-virus stays free (true)

    Pop-up confusion

    Security 21 15:42

  • Stone Computers and Compusys merge

    Marriage in the channel

    The Channel 21 15:48

  • Nvidia opens online SLI kit bazaar

    Buy new multi-GPU parts, sell your old ones

    Hardware 21 16:13

  • Tiny Antigua grabs the US by its illegal, online dice

    Fighting for survival and poker

    Media 21 16:59

  • PGP creator: Net is like 'downtown Bagdad'

    The internet depends on strong crypto, Zimmerman says

    Security 21 18:40

  • Record labels lose against Chinese search engine

    'If the music companies had won, the whole search engine sector would have ground to a halt'

    Financial News 21 19:00

  • Cisco bids low with SAN switch

    Aiming 4Gig Fibre Channel at the SME sweet-spot

    The Channel 21 20:25

  • Free WebSphere wins over Java developers

    What a surprise - give it away free, and people will use it

    Developer 21 20:27

  • Itanium vendors spanked by IBM, Sun and Dell

    Rough going for the Itanic in Q3

    Servers 21 21:05

  • Red Hat answers big boys with middleware

    New bedfellows

    Developer 21 21:27

  • Dell's PC sales keep falling in Q3

    But only on a preliminary basis

    Financial News 21 22:19

  • IBM and Cray win $500m DARPA handout

    Sun left to think about what it's done

    Servers 21 22:26