16th November 2006 Archive

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  • The spy - or thief - in your pocket

    Smartphones ripe for non-viral attack, claims Symantec

    Mobile 16 Nov 00:00

  • Zune and Vista 'not compatible'

    Hardware 16 Nov 00:08

  • US superpower status challenged - Gates

    Microsoft bit wobbly, too

    CIO 16 Nov 04:04

  • Dell knocks back Q3 results as SEC probe turns formal

    HP gets all the glory

    Financial News 16 Nov 04:08

  • Evergrid ships 'little blue pill' for clusters

    Don't let CD get you down

    Servers 16 Nov 04:38

  • Sun puts blade chassis on a diet

    P is for petite

    Servers 16 Nov 06:36

  • BT bids for PlusNet

    Consolidation a-go-go

    Financial News 16 Nov 09:41

  • BMA kicks off patient awareness campaign

    What's up Doc?

    Government 16 Nov 10:11

  • Firing up the Erudine engine

    Building with behaviour

    Developer 16 Nov 10:14

  • Orange and BBC World announce global deal

    News at your fingertips

    Mobile 16 Nov 10:21

  • Malware goes to the movies

    Dangerous liaisons

    Security 16 Nov 10:34

  • O2: risks are for losers

    Outlines cagey approach, snubs WiMAX

    Mobile 16 Nov 10:37

  • Apple developing AMD-based laptop?

    Unexpected sources claim

    Hardware 16 Nov 10:41

  • DiData ups profits

    UK lets the side down...

    The Channel 16 Nov 10:50

  • FCC delivers a swift kick in the Mass(port)

    Rules for Wi-Fi freedom

    Broadband 16 Nov 10:56

  • Ajax Hacks

    Playing with AJAX

    Developer 16 Nov 11:02

  • Chilly users defrosted with heated USB mousemat

    Gloves and slippers too

    Hardware 16 Nov 11:09

  • HTC to combine UMPC, smart phone in 2007?

    Could be planning to use Intel's 'Steeley'

    Phones 16 Nov 11:39

  • ESA adds stunning satellite images to Google Earth

    Space views of natural phenomena

    Science 16 Nov 11:43

  • Sony PS3 'costs at least $805-840' to make

    Analyst prices up console's production

    Games 16 Nov 12:00

  • Naomi Campbell a 'racist', claims former maid

    'Dumb Romanian' sues battling supermodel

    Bootnotes 16 Nov 12:03

  • Facial recognition firm pulls in seed funding

    A tool for all the family

    Financial News 16 Nov 12:12

  • Microsoft provokes London Tube crash

    iexplore.exe outrage

    Security 16 Nov 12:14

  • 3 signs Symbian SlingPlayer exclusive

    TV-to-Net box maker ships Mac software too

    Hardware 16 Nov 12:34

  • VoIP and IE risks star in SANS' threat list

    Protect and survive

    Security 16 Nov 12:36

  • Small biz stumped on tech adoption

    BT looks at SMEs

    Small Biz 16 Nov 12:53

  • AMD touts Radeon X1000 series' Zune friendliness

    Posts latest Catalyst driver update too

    Hardware 16 Nov 12:55

  • FFII face-to-face to solve patent problems

    Get together, sort it out

    Developer 16 Nov 13:15

  • China develops flying aircraft carrier

    Hyperdrive-levitated vessel lands on Google Earth

    Media 16 Nov 13:16

  • Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS graphics card

    Cheaper than the GTX, but more bangs per buck?

    Hardware 16 Nov 14:28

  • Dunn enters plea in HP spy case

    Ain't Dunn nothing

    Financial News 16 Nov 14:30

  • NetSuite gets TalkTalk

    Another bit of Carphone Warehouse takes the online road

    Developer 16 Nov 14:31

  • Microsoft Universal deal sure to be challenged

    Anti-trust ahoy

    Media 16 Nov 15:05

  • Four cuffed over webcam Trojan scam

    Spanish flies

    Security 16 Nov 15:07

  • IT 'should be entrepreneurial'

    It's about money, stooopid

    Developer 16 Nov 15:13

  • Jedi petition UN for religious rights

    Can you feel the force?

    Media 16 Nov 15:25

  • How will Windows survive the death of the PC?

    Samsung and Runcom show Microsoft how

    Mobile 16 Nov 15:37

  • Saturday night is Leonid night

    Hitting the dusty comet trail

    Science 16 Nov 16:16

  • UK internet throws a wobbly

    Who kicked the plug out?

    Networks 16 Nov 16:25

  • UCLA cops taser ID-less student

    Library outrage video surfaces on YouTube

    Media 16 Nov 16:28

  • 3 calls in internet big guns for mobile credibility

    Sell-off of loss-maker ruled out

    Mobile 16 Nov 16:48

  • Oracle survey versus Oracle survey

    You spend ages waiting for a survey and then...

    Developer 16 Nov 17:01

  • Humble Mercury hurls out more Cell kit

    Promises big wins

    Servers 16 Nov 20:59

  • Virtually developed

    When you need it’s there and then it’s gone

    Servers 16 Nov 21:02

  • BEA shares slide

    'Evidence of decelerating license growth'

    Financial News 16 Nov 21:05

  • Oracle: a surveyor speaks

    How can two similar surveys of the similar people produce different results?

    Developer 16 Nov 21:07

  • Borland tools buyer MIA

    Keeps ownership at distance

    Financial News 16 Nov 21:11

  • Former IT boss faces hacking charges

    Psst, they're about to sack you too

    Security 16 Nov 21:13