15th November 2006 Archive

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  • Emulex mobilises virtual SANs

    Making SANs easier to use with Virtual Server

    The Channel 15 05:30

  • Microsoft rallies friends and former foes for Interop Alliance

    What! No IBM? No Symantec?

    Applications 15 05:38

  • Longhorn Ahoy!

    All that glitters is not Zune

    Operating Systems 15 05:41

  • eBay's VeRO is no substitute for litigation, UK judges rule

    High Court sides with merchant over 'groundless threats'

    Small Biz 15 06:39

  • Oracle's Fusion Applications strategy: what the customers think

    Not yet convinced

    Applications 15 07:02

  • Fujitsu Siemens services woos resellers

    Why can't we all just get along

    Management 15 09:31

  • Alien invasion cancelled due to TV licence restrictions

    And the greybeards revolt

    Letters 15 09:41

  • Developer confirms DVD-edition Wii coming H2 2007

    Nintendo to bundle DVD app or sell it separately?

    Games 15 09:48

  • PC World rapped for ad encouraging illegal use of iPod

    Broadcast licence needed to use gadget

    Media 15 09:51

  • AMD rebrands ATI chipsets under its own name?

    ATI brand only for discrete GPUs

    Hardware 15 10:01

  • Companies getting clued up about info security

    While privacy and data continue to concern

    Management 15 10:04

  • Commission green lights Nokia-Siemens equipment merger

    'Consumers will still have choice'

    Mobile 15 10:18

  • Study looks to mobilise local gov

    Nomad on the road again

    Policy 15 10:43

  • Networking millionaire guilty of kidnap and rape

    Micromuse founder pays from the grave

    Data Networking 15 11:03

  • LG brings 4x Blu-ray burner to UK

    Double-speed but not dual-layer capable

    Hardware 15 11:19

  • AMD 2007 roadmap plots course to the stars?

    Cosmic, man

    Hardware 15 11:29

  • Microsoft given nine day interop deadline

    Sort it out by Thanksgiving

    Software 15 11:42

  • Five critical vulns mark November Patch Tuesday

    0day + one

    Hardware 15 11:44

  • Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray Disc player

    The first consumer Blu-ray machine lands in the UK

    Hardware 15 11:52

  • Toshiba puts back UK HD DVD roll-out

    Delayed models make Japanese debut

    Hardware 15 12:24

  • Dell unveils quad-core XPS gaming PC

    Latest CPU - not the latest GPU

    Hardware 15 13:44

  • Free software developers get protected

    Legal advice for all

    Software 15 13:57

  • Carphone Warehouse rescued with AOL buy

    There's method behind the madness

    Broadband 15 14:13

  • Sony to ship '150-200k' PS3s for US launch

    Rather more Wiis than that, analyst forecasts

    Games 15 14:19

  • Vodafone says biz email is fixed

    Email interrupted

    Data Networking 15 14:56

  • Apple orders '12m iPhones', paper claims

    Top candidate for Macworld Expo unveiling

    Phones 15 14:58

  • Firefox outshines IE in phish fight

    Dodgy URLS at dawn

    Security 15 14:59

  • Netservices cuts off another ISP

    V21 calls in the lawyers

    Broadband 15 15:07

  • VAT fraud claims seven more

    Crime convergence in action

    Media 15 15:13

  • Dublin's Googleplex swells

    Adwords spurs creation of 500 jobs

    Management 15 15:26

  • Dell swallows reseller minnow

    Main course still to come?

    Business 15 16:19

  • Tiscali questions new BT charges

    Tiscali responds to BT's cease charge

    Broadband 15 16:57

  • Broadcom flaw spawns wireless risk

    Duck and cover

    Security 15 17:11

  • Queen's speech omits violent sex

    But includes plenty of domination

    Media 15 17:18