14th November 2006 Archive

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  • Xen and VT cuts Windows hosting costs

    Better virtualisation means cheaper dedicated Windows servers, claims ISP

    Small Biz 14 Nov 02:04

  • Intel clubs AMD with four-cores

    Regains hype and performance glory

    Hardware 14 Nov 05:22

  • Fujitsu Siemens Plans goes PC for the over 50s

    I don't believe it

    Hardware 14 Nov 07:02

  • Staffordshire ICT workers face pay cuts

    Just in time for Christmas

    Government 14 Nov 09:44

  • Sky Broadband users speak out about support woes

    Free, but failing

    Broadband 14 Nov 09:46

  • Apple patches Intel-based Macs' firmware

    Tweaking the start-up code

    Hardware 14 Nov 09:53

  • Microsoft unleashes improved Firefox

    Open source community in state of shock

    Bootnotes 14 Nov 10:02

  • AMD ships Stream chip and coding kit

    'Close to Metal' more Bon Jovi than Iron Maiden?

    Hardware 14 Nov 10:27

  • Mars Global Surveyor goes AWOL

    No comms for a week

    Science 14 Nov 10:28

  • Lite-On unveils 'first' 20x DVD burner

    LightScribe model to follow

    Hardware 14 Nov 10:57

  • Punters suffer in broadband price war

    Virgin satisfies, Plusnet nosedives

    Broadband 14 Nov 10:59

  • Vodafone exceeds expectations with multibillion loss

    Smaller than the last one, though

    Mobile 14 Nov 11:04

  • Fujitsu Siemens proposes sticky solution to power crisis

    Why can't a server be more like a fridge?

    Business 14 Nov 11:13

  • Intel EOLs Pentium, Celeron D CPUs

    Lines whittled away

    Hardware 14 Nov 11:15

  • Prison terms for phishing fraudsters

    England and Wales pass new Fraud Act

    Media 14 Nov 11:25

  • SMEs to get tech boost from trio of schemes

    €5m injection to encourage technology take-up

    Small Biz 14 Nov 11:45

  • Intel readies Core 2 Duo revamp?

    New models across the range in Q1, Q2, Q3 2007

    Hardware 14 Nov 11:48

  • Computacenter Factory opens

    Churns out 're-usable tools'

    Business 14 Nov 11:52

  • C# pulling ahead of Java

    Lead architect paints rosy C# picture

    Developer 14 Nov 11:56

  • Sony admits PS3 compatibility hiccup

    Sales near 90,000 during first two days

    Games 14 Nov 12:46

  • Intel preps dual-core Conroe-based Pentiums?

    Out goes the E1000 series, in comes dual-core E2000 line

    Hardware 14 Nov 13:06

  • DCC expects healthy return

    Great expectations...

    The Channel 14 Nov 13:26

  • OneCare slaps viral warning on Gmail

    Bats in the belfry

    Security 14 Nov 13:29

  • Averatec unveils unsexy handheld GPS

    Hardware 14 Nov 13:33

  • Fixing phantom limbs with virtual reality

    Pain relief through pixels

    Science 14 Nov 13:43

  • Korean police break phone sex scam

    Sex, lies and ID theft

    Security 14 Nov 13:47

  • Danish spam-filtering service goes titsup

    Ashes to Spamaches

    Security 14 Nov 14:03

  • Fujitsu Siemens latest vendor to roll in clover

    Also launches notebooks and rolls with T-Mobile

    Servers 14 Nov 14:19

  • Obedient HP pops out quads

    Don't print A-M-D

    Servers 14 Nov 14:34

  • Airlines to connect iPods to in-flight movie rigs

    Play downloaded movies on seat-back screens

    Hardware 14 Nov 14:38

  • Warwick uni in emergency email upgrade

    Power outage killed GroupWise

    Business 14 Nov 14:40

  • eSys elopes with Samsung after Seagate spat

    You don't miss your water...

    The Channel 14 Nov 15:48

  • Rackable kicks off storage cluster play

    Loves to sell in bulk

    Storage 14 Nov 15:51

  • First Data opens Glasgow call centre

    430 jobs

    Networks 14 Nov 15:55

  • Sex-allergic women offered lifeline

    The treatment? Have a guess...

    Science 14 Nov 16:04

  • Samsung launches DMB LCD TV, targets trendy couples

    Hardware 14 Nov 16:53

  • BT to charge ISPs for lack of MACs

    MAC code debacle

    Broadband 14 Nov 17:12

  • Linux Networx develops a LiSP

    Supercomputer with a turnkey

    Servers 14 Nov 17:19

  • Smartphones get a firewall

    More useful phones are more dangerous phones, says Trend Micro

    Hardware 14 Nov 20:10

  • S&M saucepots want the Queen muffled

    (Video news bulletin would be illegal)

    Media 14 Nov 20:19

  • Meet the world's most prolific spammers

    Rogues' gallery

    Security 14 Nov 20:21

  • Customers take Microsoft clusters seriously – true

    Service pack confirms success

    Servers 14 Nov 21:32