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Allchin rallies the Windows Vista troops

Jim Allchin, outgoing Windows general, has rallied his Windows Vista troops one last time, 10 weeks before the over-hyped operating system hits "general" availability.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Nov 2006

EC slams roaming charges

Roaming charges in the EU are such a rip-off, many cross-border travellers simply switch off their phones when abroad.
ElectricNews.net, 09 Nov 2006

Fast24 domain name fall-out: more war stories

LettersFast24, the broadband ISP and domain registrar missing in inaction, has created headaches for many users of its domain services. Yesterday Reg reader Jim Howes recounted how he regained control of his domains. Today, more readers weigh in with their advice.
Team Register, 09 Nov 2006

PC World can you fix it?

If you need your home computer to be fixed don't go to PC World's repair centre, a new report has warned.
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Nov 2006

BT revenues creep up

BT results for the second quarter ended 30 September 2006 show a four per cent rise in revenues to £4.9bn and a 12 per cent growth in pre-tax profits to £655m.
John Oates, 09 Nov 2006

Solar 'scopes probe Mercury for sodium

Yesterday, Mercury passed between Earth and the Sun, giving astronomers a rare opportunity to study the planet's very tenuous atmosphere.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Nov 2006

HP names services chief

HP has named John W McCain as the new boss of its services arm.
John Oates, 09 Nov 2006

The future of Oracle applications

Reg Reader PanelOne of the IT vendors with a particularly active and creative marketing department is Oracle. This means that while the company is undoubtedly doing a lot of good stuff, it is sometimes difficult to tell what's real among all the positively spun positioning.
Dale Vile, 09 Nov 2006
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Cisco delivers profits windfall

Cisco posted quarterly results swollen by its Scientific Atlanta acquisition to a gurgling Wall Street yesterday.
Christopher Williams, 09 Nov 2006

German music publishers demand YouTube royalties

The German Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights (GEMA) is demanding royalties from YouTube.
Jan Libbenga, 09 Nov 2006

Morse changes on track

Morse said today that its new structure of two divisions - one for mobile services and one for its traditional consultancy business - is working well.
John Oates, 09 Nov 2006

HP sues InkTec over patents infringment

HP is suing the German subsidiary of Korean firm InkTec for infringing its printer-ink patents. The company claims that ink found in the InkTec branded cartridge refill kits violates patents held by HP.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Nov 2006

D-Day for Fast24 punters

The sorry saga of vanished ISP Fast24 will conclude for customers next Friday when the firm's broadband suppliers Tiscali and NetServices finally pull the plug on connections.
Christopher Williams, 09 Nov 2006

Firefox update aims to lance security bugs

Mozilla issued an update on Wednesday to address several vulnerabilities with older, but still widely used, versions of its web browser that create a possible means for hackers to attack vulnerable PCs.
John Leyden, 09 Nov 2006

Germans begin probe into BenQ Mobile collapse

German public prosecutors are looking into the bankruptcy of German mobile phone manufacturer BenQ Mobile.
Jan Libbenga, 09 Nov 2006

A Letter from TechEd in Barcelona

Well, while I was digesting my meal here last night – and trying to make sense of the fire hose of information that has just washed over me – Windows Vista was released to manufacturing.
David Norfolk, 09 Nov 2006

Piracy losses fabricated - Aussie study

A draft study commissioned by the Australian Attorney General's office finds that the music and software industries attributes sales losses to piracy without any evidence to back their claims, The Australian reports.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Nov 2006

ESA boffins meet to plot gravity field plotting

Over 150 scientists met in Italy this week for the third international GOCE (Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer) workshop.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Nov 2006

US govt may appeal in AT&T wiretap case

The US government and AT&T have been granted an opportunity to argue for dismissal of their case concerning the mass wiretapping of phone and email traffic, Reuters reports.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Nov 2006

Google posts Kama Sutra worm

Google has admitted that three posts on the Google Video group blog on Tuesday evening were contaminated with the Kama Sutra (AKA Kapster-A) worm. The offending posts have now been deleted.
John Leyden, 09 Nov 2006

Storage forensics – it's CSI:Disk array

Forensic storage developer WiebeTech has developed a pair of write-blocked PCIe adapter cards that connect to devices such as disk drives or arrays, but prevent the host computer from writing to them.
Bryan Betts, 09 Nov 2006

BBC's Horizon gets serious - we have pictures

LettersYou're still appalled, and amazed, that the BBC recently handed over its flagship TV science show to cranks and New Age nutballs.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Nov 2006

Cable & Wireless hails recovery

Cable & Wireless said results for the six months ended 30 September 2006 showed the company turnaround was on track.
John Oates, 09 Nov 2006

Pope warns against alarmist science

Pope Benedict XVI has warned scientists to beware of making alarming predictions without having the proper science to back them up. His remarks are widely being interpreted as a swipe at last week's forecast that by 2050 the world would have all but depleted its fish stocks.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Nov 2006

Stealth train uncloaks on Google Earth

Those of us who've been wondering where all of that cash the government poured into improving the UK's rail network actually went can take heart in the fact that, instead of squandering it on improved signalling and new track, Britain's rail operators actually used the money to develop the world's first stealth train:
Lester Haines, 09 Nov 2006

Broadcom lands Lenovo Wi-Fi n deal for notebooks

Broadcom said it has landed the supply of 802.11n advanced Wi-Fi chips to Chinese PC maker Lenovo, one of the largest PC makers in the world, which took over the IBM PC operations at the end of 2004.
Faultline, 09 Nov 2006

Verimatrix integrates DRM with Motorola HD box

IPTV DRM specialist Verimatrix said at the TelcoTV show in Texas this week that it has landed a deal with Motorola to put its Video Content Authority System (VCAS) on Motorola IP set-top boxes.
Faultline, 09 Nov 2006

Wikipedia Chicken attacked

A reprehensible, juvenile prank is diverting valuable time from cultivating "the future of human knowledge" - Wikipedia.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Nov 2006

Halt to school fingerprinting

The Hong Kong privacy commissioner has ordered a school to stop fingerprinting children before it becomes a runaway trend that is too late to stop.
Mark Ballard, 09 Nov 2006

Microsoft drops Xbox update clanger

Microsoft's Autumn Xbox 360 update is causing consoles to freeze at random intervals during play. The snafu apparently affects all games. The update was bugled on the Xbox community site as "another 85 reasons why 360 rocks".
Christopher Williams, 09 Nov 2006
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Lenovo disappoints with poor Q2 performance

Lenovo Group has filed disappointing Q2 results, with net profit down 16 per cent to $38m from a year ago when it was at $45.4m. Revenue for the period was flat at $3.7bn, just one percent up on the year before.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Nov 2006
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Intel tools around with HPC geeks

SC06High performance computing (HPC) geeks will be pleased to find a new set of programming tools from Intel.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Nov 2006

Red Hat and VMware make a bundle

Red Hat has a friend after all.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Nov 2006

Zeus adds virtual traffic management

As if virtualisation wasn't complicated enough - what with virtual servers, virtual storage and virtual networks - you can now have a virtual load balancer for your virtual machines as well.
Bryan Betts, 09 Nov 2006

Social Security phishing scam surfaces

Phishers are going directly after one of the prime targets of ID thieves, US citizens' social security numbers.
John Leyden, 09 Nov 2006

Looney Zunes: What does UMG want from Microsoft?

It's a historic deal - and the most talked-about tie-up in the music industry today. As Microsoft gets ready to launch its iPod-rival Zune next week, it's agreed to pay Universal Music Group a fee - believed to be a dollar per device - to compensate Universal artists. It's an unprecedented arrangement, for device manufacturers already pay a levy to rights holders on MP3-playing hardware.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Nov 2006

Nvidia goes gangbusters in Q3

Nvidia has had a cracking third quarter, pulling a record $826.6m revenues for the September quarter(Q3 2005: $583.4m) and net income of $106.5m (Q3'05: $86.75m).
Drew Cullen, 09 Nov 2006

Oracle buys Stellent. Can we close the gap now?

CommentIn the film The Blues Brothers, Jake and Elwood go into a bar. “What kind of music do you play?” one of them asks. “We got both kinds,” says the lady behind the bar, “Country and Western.”
Jon Collins, 09 Nov 2006

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