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Armchair downloaders want it all

Downloading movies, music and other media content onto computers in the comfort of your own home is more popular than ever, but people are simply not prepared to pay for it.

Microsoft bankrolls Novell to tune of $348m

Microsoft is spending less than $500m on its ground-breaking deal with Novell to promote SuSE Linux and shut Red Hat out of Windows accounts.
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Fast24 customer? Here's how to recover your domain

Letter Fast24, the UK broadband ISP and domain registrar, went missing recently. Fast24 customer Jim Howe has crashed through the pain barrier to regain control of his domains. Here he offers us the benefit of his experience for others in the same boat.
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Samsung shows wireless-tastic sub-notebook

It's got a 12.1in screen, weighs a mere 1.18kg, supports all the official Wi-Fi standards, picks up digital satellite TV broadcasts, supports WiBro wireless broadband and - here's the killer - has a shiny red lid. Yes, it's Samsung's latest sub-notebook, the svelte Q40.
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YouTube and Micropayments

Comment I was listening to Radio Five Live today and they were interviewing Andy Summers, a much travelled guitar virtuoso, best known as 1/3 of the Police. During the discussion (he’s pitching his autobiography) there was quite a lot of chat about how the band came to break up, and how they are actually still good friends, having managed not to take each other to court.
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Privacy chiefs vow to fight surveillance together

A group of international data and privacy protection commissioners has decided to act together to challenge the surveillance society which they claim is developing. Commissioners from the UK, France, Germany and New Zealand will adopt common policies.
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A glimpse inside the real IGF

You've seen the show, read the reviews, bought the t-shirt, but now it's time to reveal the real Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the kind of IGF that only photographs with pleasingly childish captions can provide...
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Census teams go head to head in round one of testing

UK census authorities have selected two teams to bid for the 2011 UK Census programme contract.
Kablenet, 08 2006
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Big Blue cloud over event processing performance

The march of the big guns into event processing continues. Microsoft, SAS and Sybase have all got point solutions that address this space in one way or another, while it may have escaped your notice that IBM has now got two offerings in this area.
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"I have nothing to hide" - or the Sainsbury's Lesson

Comment How frightened would you be if you were secretly planning to get pregnant, without telling your husband, and discovered that someone had written to him telling him about it? Or, put the other way, how would you feel if you discovered your wife was pregnant only when someone dropped you a letter?
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Protests target Yahoo! snitching

Campaigners have projected a huge world map showing areas where internet speech is suppressed onto the Yahoo! France building in Paris to highlight the portal's snitching against cyber-dissidents in China.
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Giant iPod user rocks Google Earth

Here's a nice one for the Google Earth fans among you: a strange simulacrum lying just west of Canada's Alberta-Saskatchewan border, around 40km east of Medicine Hat:

Attackers end-run around IE security

The dependence of Internet Explorer on other Windows components has allowed online attackers to work around the shored-up security of Microsoft's latest browser.
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Dell delivers Quads

Dell is selling its servers and workstations with Intel's Quad-Core Xeon processors on board.
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Avnet buys Access Distribution

Avnet has bought Access Distribution from its parent General Electric for $412.5m.
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SMEs fall foul of cold-calling firm

Be on your guard for rogue internet firms - that's the warning from Northern Ireland's Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment's Trading Standards Service.
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Radio RTFM episode 1: The London cabbie

The mp3 for Radio RTFM episode 1: The London Cabbie should be shown as an enclosure on your RSS aggregator. It's also available below, along with the full episode and other sketches.
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Radio RTFM episode 1: Brinfinger

The mp3 for Radio RTFM episode 1: Brinfinger should be shown as an enclosure on your RSS aggregator. It's also available below, along with the full episode and other sketches.
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Radio RTFM episode 1: Space wurzel

The mp3 for Radio RTFM episode 1: Space wurzel should be shown as an enclosure on your RSS aggregator. It's also available below, along with the full episode and other sketches.
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Radio RTFM episode 1: Trainspotting geeks

The mp3 for Radio RTFM episode 1: Trainspotting geeks should be shown as an enclosure on your RSS aggregator. It's also available below, along with the full episode and other sketches.
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Radio RTFM episode 1: The Strategy Boutique

The mp3 for Radio RTFM episode 1: The Strategy Boutique should be shown as an enclosure on your RSS aggregator. It's also available below, along with the full episode and other sketches.

Xbox to go Live with movie and TV downloads

Microsoft will begin offering movie and TV downloads via Xbox Live from 22 November. Gamers whose bones have dissolved to the point where a trip to Blockbuster is out of the question will be able to grab the likes of South Park direct to the Xbox 360 hard drive.
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NTL Telewest reborn as Virgin

NTL Telewest is rebranding to Virgin Media and will start a commercial trial of 50Mb broadband in Kent this month.
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Dating site hacker avoids jail

A Nottinghamshire man who attacked the website of London dating agency loveandfriends.com has avoided imprisonment.
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Radio RTFM: Those separate sketches in full

As promised, we've broken the first episode of Radio RTFM into separate mp3s so listeners can savour their favourite bits in fun-sized portions.
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Java databasing with Derby

It sometimes feels as if open source databases are a dime a dozen. There are the big names like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Ingres. There are plenty of other lesser known but no less powerful open source databases: Firebird, SQLite, HSQLDB, Apache Derby, IBM Cloudscape, and Java DB.

Nuclear war worm fails to explode

VXers have created an email-aware worm that offers outrageous, and bogus, news stories about the supposed the outbreak of nuclear war and the fictional deaths of either George W Bush and Vladimir Putin as bait.

NetApp wraps up 4Gig SAN-in-a-box

Network Appliance has released its first systems with native 4Gbit Fibre Channel, filling out what it said was a gap in its line between its mid-range FAS3000 and high-end FAS6000 families.
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Americans choose Democrats

Americans have chosen to send Democrats to Capitol Hill in hopes that they will restrain the the bumbling and imperious Bush administration and correct its many blunders. According to exit polls, nearly 40 per cent of voters said they were consciously voting against the President and his numerous failed policies and national misadventures.

Apple updates MacBooks to 'Merom'

Apple has upgraded its MacBook consumer notebook line, dropping the range's Core Duo processor for a more up-to-date Core 2 Duo chip. Once again three models are on offer: two white ones and a black version.
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Deutsche Telekom shuns WiMAX

Deutsche Telekom has ruled itself out of the WiMAX business in its home country for the forseeable future.
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Directors' pay growth accelerates

Directors' pay outstrips that of employees by almost three times as much as it did in 2000.
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One quad-core will do nicely

The race to be the first server vendor to announce systems running Intel's quad-core Clovertown processor may have been won by Dell but it is something of a pyrrhic victory. It is a racing certainty that most vendors in the x86 server market are likely making similar announcements in the very near future.
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NetApp punts $160m for Topio

NetApp has announced the acquisition of Topio, a California-based data de-duplication and protection software firm for $160m cash.

Bogus YouTube clip installs Zango Cash

Security researchers have discovered a number of user pages on MySpace containing what appear to be YouTube videos that come bundled with a Zango Cash adware installer, an application that loads intrusive pop-up advertising software onto infected PCs.
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Skype 3.0 beta is go

Skype released the beta of the third iteration of its VoIP software today, as Microsoft turns its roving eye towards the free net call market.

Intel targets SMEs with Web 2.0 software

Intel is collaborating with several software companies to launch SuiteTwo, an integrated package of Web 2.0 software aimed at small and medium enterprises.

Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card

Review Are you ready for DirectX 10 gaming under Windows Vista? No? Didn't think so. Today Nvidia finally unveiled its new DX10-capable graphics chip, the GeForce 8800 - aka 'G80' - but is it worth forking out for one now, or should you wait until Windows Vista ships? Read on to find out how good the GeForce 8800 GTX really is...
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Nvidia rolls out nForce 6 series for Intel CPUs

Overshadowed it may be by the GeForce 8800 GTX's debut, but the nForce 6 chipset series was launched today too. Nvidia unveiled three models: the 650i Ultra, 650i SLI and 680i SLI. All three are designed to support Intel processors - hence the 'i'.
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Microsoft becomes master of others' domains

Microsoft has joined the list of organizations authorized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to sell top-level domain names.

Hurd commits Teradata infanticide

Exclusive HP's CEO Mark Hurd has okayed a hush-hush plan to undermine his former employer, The Register can reveal.
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Download your Blue Screen of Death - from Microsoft

Who says Microsoft has not got broad shoulders. Witness this neat little app - BlueScreen Saver 3.2 - available for download from Microsoft's very own website.
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Euro demand for PDAs has 'evaporated'

Who wants to buy a PDA? No one in Europe, according to market watcher IDC. They want smart phones and other wireless devices instead. Now, you might well assume the old-style PDA was dead, but IDC's figures, for Q3, will make very bad reading for PDA-based GPS system providers too.

Nvidia sails to Cuda in bid to stem ATI's Stream

First AMD/ATI introduced Stream Computing, a scheme to accelerate scientific, engineering and other non-gaming apps using GPU parallel processing technology. And now here's Nvidia's version, CUDA.
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January 30: Window Vista's date with destiny

Microsoft has confirmed "broad" availability for Windows Vista on January 30, with only business customers on volume contracts receiving product before hand.
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Will SOA kill the idea of applications?

As SOA begins to gather momentum in the market, there has been a great deal of speculation about whether we will see the concept of an application disappear.
Dale Vile, 08 2006
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We come to praise DMCA, not bury it ...

Letters Recently we recounted our experience with our first takedown notice (How to gag your enemies using the DMCA). This prompted an outburst of anti-American email, which is par for the course these days, and so to be discounted, and also some outbursts against The Reg.
DMCA, 08 2006