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ATI X1900 XTX graphics card

AMD confirms ATI-brand Radeon X1900 card for Macs

AMD has formally announced the ATI Radeon X1900 G5 Mac Edition graphics card that appeared on the company's website last week. The card is pitched at owners of the old, PowerPC-based Power Mac G5 desktop which originally shipped with lesser-powered cards.
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Cambridge-MIT unveils 'silent' aircraft

The Cambridge-MIT Institute yesterday unveiled its SAX-40 "silent aircraft" - the result of a £2.5m project launched back in 2004 to produce a vehicle "whose noise emissions would barely be heard above the background noise level in a typical built-up area".
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Nigeria plans 2009 satellite launch

Nigeria is gearing up for the launch of NIGERIASAT-2, an Earth-observation satellite that will form part of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC).
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Taliban take potshots at Myleene Klass

The Taliban have evidently decided to add popular UK chanteuse Myleene Klass to the very long list of things they don't approve of - and last week demonstrated their commitment to rid Afghanistan of her ilk by shooting at the RAF aircraft taking her on a whistlestop, morale-boosting tour of that fun-loving nation.

Compel on track for the year

Compel shareholders will hear this afternoon that the company is on track to hit targets for the year.
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Indian boffins discuss manned space mission

A galaxy of Indian scientists will meet today to discuss plans for a manned space mission, or even a quick jaunt to the Moon, New Scientists reports.

Dell extends AMD-based desktop line-up

Dell's European operation has extended the range of desktop systems it offers that are based on AMD processors. Following the September launch of AMD-based Dimension PCs, Dell has now begun selling AMD-equipped Optiplex machines too.

UK credit card fraud down to £209.3m

Card fraud losses fell by 5 per cent in first six months of 2006, according to the latest figures from banking association APACS.
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Japan offered UMPC-like laptop

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome one of the world's smallest notebooks: Kohnjinsha's diminutive SA1F00A, an ultra-compact laptop fitted with a 7in, 800 x 480 display, up to 1GB of memory, a 40GB hard drive, 802.11b.g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, Ethernet and - unlike all those UMPC handhelds - in integrated, mechanical …

Sony Ericsson buys Symbian UI

Sony Ericsson has snapped up the UIQ mobile phone user interface, paying Symbian an undisclosed sum for the software and the subsidiary company formed to develop and maintain it.
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US may lift ban on silicone Bulgarian airbags

The US may lift a 1992 ban on the use of silicone breast implants, allowing women to enjoy the "gummi bear" consistency sadly lacking in their saline replacements.
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Samsung unveils WiMAX UMPC phone

Is Samsung's SPH-P9000 a phone or a UMPC? It runs Windows XP, has a 30GB hard drive, 256MB of memory and a 1GHz Transmeta processor. Then again it has CDMA EV-DO network connectivity and - a first for a mobile device? - Mobile WiMAX on board. It's got a 5in WVGA display and a 1.3-megapixel camera - front-mounted for webcam …
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Researchers propose human-cow hybrid

In an effort to free stem-cell research from its dependence on donated human eggs, medical researchers in the UK have applied for permission to implant human DNA into cows eggs, effectively creating a human-bovine hybrid.
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Italian police seize musical toilet

Italian police have seized a musical toilet which plays the country's national anthem when flushed, according to Ananova.

Sky staff brandish ukeleles

Sky staff have been venting their frustration after a lengthy wait for Microsoft to patch the flaw in its digital rights management (DRM) software, which led to the suspension of Sky By Broadband for many weeks.
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Year-end computer bug could ground Shuttle

The pressure is on at NASA to launch the next Shuttle mission on time, because if the launch date slips past December 18, a computer bug could keep the twelve-day mission grounded until January next year.

Dimension gets Unreal

Dimension Data Czech Republic has acquired Unreal Technology for an undisclosed sum.

Chargers on the go - Motorola P790 vs. Exspect ReCharge4

Review Are you one of those people who live and die by your mobile phone? Or your PDA? Or your PSP? Does the world collapse around you when it runs out of power? Fret not, as from now on this is only a distant memory. Both Motorola and Exspect are now shipping mobile battery chargers, but are they all they're cracked up to be...

Crack al-Qaeda with more IP addresses

Slow take-up of new network technology in the United States threatens its national security, or so IP networking firms would have us believe.
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Now Gates buys Four Seasons

Bill Gates and a Saudi prince are set to buy the Four Seasons hotel group. The surprise move into Bed & Breakfast probably won't absorb too much of the Microsoft founder's time.
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Vodafone and MS strike mobile platform deal

Vodafone and Microsoft are collaborating on developing software to help users take their office with them while they travel.
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Dutch spooks give MPs BlackBerry warning

Dutch intelligence service AIVD - the same organization that ruled 1,200 e-voting computers inadequate - has warned Dutch MPs to stop using the BlackBerry to access their email because their messages can be intercepted.
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Israeli scientists get into orbital traffic management

Israel's major technical university, Technion, has joined the scientific sphere of the Galileo project. It is the first Israeli involvement with the GPS alternative, and the first contract awarded by the scientific arm of Galileo.

Nvidia denies GeForce 8800 GTX recall

Nvidia has denied that it has recalled any G80-class graphics cards, less than 24 hours after admitting that... er... it has. In an email to Reg Hardware a company official today told us: "We're not recalling any boards - [it's] hard to recall something that's not announced."

US harbours one-in-four phishing sites

A community project to identify and take down phishing sites has produced its first set of statistics.
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AOL cans UK call centre

AOL is pulling out of its call centre contract in Scotland, leaving it without UK-based customer support. Call centres will now be based offshore in the Republic of Ireland and India.

Chile arrests Nasa hack suspects

Police in Chile have arrested four people suspected of involvement in a hacking group that attacked Nasa and other high profile targets over recent months. The not totally fantastic quartet are alleged to have cracked into 8,000 web sites, including the US space agency, the Chilean finance ministry and Berkeley University in the US. The group also hit government web sites in countries as far apart as Venezuela, Turkey and Israel, the BBC reports.

Nortel shrinks loss

Nortel turned in improved Q3 results today and promptly boosted its share price - but only by consolidating its stock.
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Fujitsu workers vote on strike

Amicus union members at Fujitsu in Manchester are to ballot for strike action calling for fairer pay deals, redundancy rights and better union recognition.
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T-Online forced to delete IP logs

The German Supreme court has ruled that T-Online, one of the largest ISPs in Germany, has to delete all IP logs to guarantee the privacy of its customers when they ask for it. For now, at least.
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Skype says problems not its fault

Skype is blaming a bigger boy for the problems users are having making phone calls.
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Server start-up shocks IBM and HP with database record

You guys don't have the luxury of looking at benchmark sites all day, so you probably missed the big news. A very small start-up - for the first time in a long time - has ripped a major database title away from the likes of IBM and HP.

Perens: 'Novell is the new SCO'

Often cast as the peacemaker in free software disputes, Bruce Perens is on the warpath.
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Identify yourself, science dodging cow-human

Letters Tony Blair has set out to defend his ludicrous and intrusive ID card and national identity register project with an opinion piece in The Telegraph. We'll not go into this in detail again, but suffice to say that you have (again) failed to be convinced by his arguments:
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US wants global data law

US privacy officials have made advances to Richard Thomas, Britain's information commissioner, about formulating an international data protection law for the era of globalisation.
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Republican robocall menace irks voters

The Republican Party has been accused of underhand telephone marketing tricks in the run-up to today's US mid-term elections.
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IBM cheers HP's Mercury buy with software sale

Just as HP today closes its Mercury acquisition, IBM has stepped in with an offer to steal Mercury customers.
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YouTube to go mobile with Verizon?

Video sharing site YouTube looks set to expand from the web onto mobile phones, with speculation that a deal with telecoms firm Verizon is close to agreement.
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Borland delays quarterly results

Borland Software has postponed its third-quarter earnings call by five days, indicating its exit from the developer tools biz could be imminent after 20 years.

Nimble Gateway learns of the Opteron processor

Bumbling hardware maker Gateway has finally caught on to this Opteron thing. The company today announced three, new Opteron-based servers.
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Adobe opens Flash to Firefox

Adobe Systems is prying open its ubiquitous Flash media player to improve interoperability with the increasingly popular Firefox browser.

Palm says NTP is suing on 'patents of doubtful validity'

The company which sued the maker of the BlackBerry for patent infringement launched a similar case against handheld computer firm Palm yesterday. Palm said today that it will defend itself vigorously. Canada's Research In Motion (RIM), maker of the BlackBerry wireless email device, settled with US firm NTP in March, though it did not concede that it had infringed NTP's patents.
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Republicans walk US robo-calling tightrope

The US Republican Party could be risking fines and legal action for a telemarketing campaign intended to sink Democrat opponents ahead of today's elections.
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Overstock.com overflops in Q3

Overstock.com's collapse went into overdrive this week. The company posted a drop in third quarter revenue and a larger loss. In retaliation, investors clobbered Overstock, sending its shares down 17 per cent on Monday to their lowest point in three years.