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Microsoft loves SUSE Linux (true!)

The bad news is raining thick and fast on Red Hat, the dominant Linux distro, what with Oracle last week seeking to undermine its server revenues, and Microsoft today seeking to undermine, its customer base, anointing Novell's SUSE as its Linux distro-in-waiting.
Gavin Clarke, 03 Nov 2006

Totalitarian threat looms

Totalitarian regimes teach us important lessons about the consequences of letting nosy state authorities use surveillance to keep their people in check, delegates were told at the Data Protection and Privacy Commissioner's conference in London yesterday.
Mark Ballard, 03 Nov 2006

BT flirts with Eircom SMEs

BT Ireland is looking to woo SME customers away from Eircom with the launch of new all-in-one telecoms packages.
Charlie Taylor, 03 Nov 2006

Blair: science is not just for boffins

Tony Blair is set to deliver a speech in Oxford today calling for Brits to "stand up for science", in a bid to make scientific careers more attractive to young people.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Nov 2006

Boots in Sarah Jessica Parker prophylactic shocker

The couples among you who feel you are not quite ready for the responsibility of children should pop down to Boots the chemist where they have a novel suggestion for how to avoid unwanted pregnancies:
Lester Haines, 03 Nov 2006

Chips sellers lifted by September sales total

World chip sales hit $21.4bn in September, up 4.2 per cent on August's total and 9.3 per cent on September 2005's tally, the US-based Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) said yesterday. The month's sales brought the quarterly total to $64.1bn.
Tony Smith, 03 Nov 2006

UK touts itself as online gambling haven

The UK will set itself up as an online gambling haven but will extradite executives to the US if asked, according to Sports Minister Richard Caborn.
OUT-LAW.COM, 03 Nov 2006

Nintendo: 4m Wiis to ship by year's end

Nintendo cocked a snook at Sony yesterday by announcing it will ship 4m Wii consoles around the world from the machine's US launch on 19 November to the end of the year.
Tony Smith, 03 Nov 2006

Suffering from bugger overflow? McAfee can help

Those among you concerned that your lovingly-crafted software may be vulnerable to malicious attack are advised to get straight down to McAfee's Free Tools page where you can avail yourselves of Hacme Travel 1.0:
Lester Haines, 03 Nov 2006

NASA confirms next year's Shuttle missions

NASA has confirmed plans to launch three Shuttle missions next year as it continues preparations for the final Shuttle launch of 2006.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Nov 2006

Where do you store master data?

CommentAt IBM's recent Information on Demand conference (which was excellent, incidentally) the company presented its view of master data management (MDM). I am glad to say that this has advanced significantly since its Barcelona conference in May and the company has now recognised that you need to take a flexible approach to MDM.
Philip Howard, 03 Nov 2006

MOD 'fesses up to car-molesting radar

The MOD has finally come clean about the car-molesting radar installation in Norfolk which made merry with passing motorists' electronics, the Evening Standard reports.
Lester Haines, 03 Nov 2006

Taiwan, Hong Kong to get PS3 before Europe

Presumably having satisfied itself Hong Kong-based online games hardware retailer Lik-Sang.com is now safely out of the way, Sony has said the PS3 will go on sale in the territory on 17 November. Taiwan will get the next-generation console on the same day too.
Tony Smith, 03 Nov 2006

Employee privacy versus employer policy

Your organisation has a computer and internet use policy. Fine. It's been reviewed by corporate counsel, approved by senior management, and implemented over the years. The policy is comprehensive - it includes policies on expectations of privacy, employee monitoring, and the ownership of corporate electronic assets.
Mark Rasch, 03 Nov 2006

MS climbs down over Vista licensing

Microsoft has backed down to fierce criticism over proposed licensing terms for Windows Vista to allow users to uninstall the forthcoming operating system and install it on another PC.
John Leyden, 03 Nov 2006

WHO issues bird flu warning, warns on Tamiflu research

The World Health Organisation has warned that there is no guarantee that a pandemic strain of the H5N1 virus will be less deadly to people. The report, published this week, contains the findings of a meeting of flu experts held last month.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Nov 2006

Nvidia ships final ForceWare drivers for Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD

Nvidia has updated its ForceWare 90 drivers package, it said yesterday. The company touted the new version's support for its PureVideo HD video-image processing system - essential, it said, for anyone keen to add an HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc drive to their PC. So far, PureVideo HD has been supported in pre-release beta drivers.
Tony Smith, 03 Nov 2006

Spanish judge says downloading is legal

A judge in the northern city of Santander in Spain dismissed a case against an anonymous 48-year-old man who downloaded digital music from the net.
Jan Libbenga, 03 Nov 2006

Greeks says Asus media centre PC is a joke - literally

Asus would been well-advised to check the brandname of its latest media centre PC system with a linguist before announcing the product to the world this week. According to Reg Hardware readers, Asus' Asteio brand means 'joke' in Greek.
Tony Smith, 03 Nov 2006

'Sexist' Austrian urinals dumped on eBay

Four "sexist and misogynist" urinals have been removed from a public toilet in Vienna and offered for sale on eBay, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 03 Nov 2006

US prepares for killer prayer bead WMD attack

Did you know you can buy a WMD on eBay? It's true. Right here.
fingers pointing at man

Dell pulls rug from under resellers

Although famous for its direct sales model Dell has always sold a fair amount of kit through the channel - dealers and systems integrators.
John Oates, 03 Nov 2006

Imperial College launches new BioIncubator

London's Imperial College has opened a new incubator facility that will help its academic staff commercialise their research.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Nov 2006

Dismissal scam spam targets medical centre

Pond-dwelling crooks tried to trick users into visiting a website hosting Trojan keylogging malware via a spam campaign that claimed recipients had been fired.
John Leyden, 03 Nov 2006

NAC's looming identity crisis

Current network access control (NAC) technologies are not persistent enough, a security vendor has warned.
Bryan Betts, 03 Nov 2006

419ers cut to the chase

We really are getting worried about the Lads from Lagos. All of the joie de vivre seems to have gone from their previously entertaining efforts to part fools from their money:
Lester Haines, 03 Nov 2006

Is it true that fewer boy babies are born in hard times?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 03 Nov 2006

Does TV watching in childhood trigger autism?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 03 Nov 2006

Why do I have an extreme fear of needles?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 03 Nov 2006

Orange shouts about Bluetooth stereo loudspeakers

Register Hardware, 03 Nov 2006

UK charity has minor attack of rebranding madness

LogoWatchOk, it's not a full-blown Powerpoint-driven attack of rebranding madness, but UK charity The Meningitis Trust has clearly been exposed to at least an quick burst of whalesong.
Lester Haines, 03 Nov 2006

Apple ships second Red iPod Nano

Apple has followed its initial Product Red 4GB iPod Nano with a second model that offers twice the song-storage capacity of the first one. The upshot: buyers now have two 8GB colours to choose from: black and red.
Tony Smith, 03 Nov 2006

Pure plays Marshall amp-styled digital radio

Hard Reg, 03 Nov 2006

Questions of legality: googly, genetic and Vulcan

LettersThere was some serious news this week, but before we get to that, we must return to the stunning, nay, shocking news that Vista has been further delayed. By 18,000 years:
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Nov 2006

FBI-led probe nets phishing gang

Seventeen members of an alleged international phishing and carding gang have been arrested in the US and Eastern Europe following an FBI investigation.
John Leyden, 03 Nov 2006

Republicans post nuke cookbook on line

The persistent delusions of senior Republicans in Congress and the President have led to the leaking of sensitive documents on nuclear weapons via the Web, the New York Times reports.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Nov 2006

SkypeIn not in right now

Skype, the popular VoIP service, has been having technical difficulties with its SkypeIn service which enables Skype users to have a real phone number and receive normal phone calls through their Skype service.
Bill Ray, 03 Nov 2006

Aigo lifts sleeve, reveals MP4 wristwatch PMP

Why carry a huge, heavy personal video player when you can wrap one around your wrist? That's what Aigo want to know, and its ultra-light F029 video player is here at last to help you answer. It's not much good for telling the time, but hopefully you'll be so engrossed squinting at episodes of Torchwood you won't care anyway.
Tony Smith, 03 Nov 2006

Big labels are f*cked, and DRM is dead - Peter Jenner

InterviewFew people know the music industry better than Peter Jenner. Pink Floyd's first manager, who subsequently managed Syd Barrett's solo career, Jenner has also looked after T.Rex, The Clash, Ian Dury, Disposable Heroes and Billy Bragg - who he manages today. He's also secretary general of the International Music Managers Forum.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Nov 2006

Cryoserver goes titsup

Cryoserver Ltd, the UK-headquartered email archiver, is in liquidation (See note, below*) The company was today clearing out of its London offices.
Christopher Williams, 03 Nov 2006

How a virus crashed Homeland Security

A computer virus that infected computers connecting the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) US-VISIT border screening system last year first passed through the backbone network of the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement bureau, according to documents obtained by Wired, following a year long legal fight.
John Leyden, 03 Nov 2006

Read novels on your mobile super-quick

A British company claims that its software enables users to at least double their reading speed by making use of the way the brain interprets text. It says reading speeds as high as 1200 words per minute (WPM) are possible, compared with a typical speed off the page of 150 WPM.
Bryan Betts, 03 Nov 2006

Veeam monitors 64-bit VMware

With VMware's fully 64-bit versions of ESX Server and VirtualCenter gaining ground fast - and VMworld in Los Angeles just a weekend away - Russian software outfit Veeam said it has ported its VMware monitoring software to 64-bit Windows.
Bryan Betts, 03 Nov 2006
graph up

Wikipedia Blaster 'fix' points to malware

Hackers have hijacked links on a Wikipedia article to trick users into downloading malware.
John Leyden, 03 Nov 2006
homeless man with sign

Sun CEO doesn't know what a bubble looks like

Leave it to a veteran technology reporter like the New York Times' John Markoff to start a conversation just right.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Nov 2006

FTC fines notorious adware firm $3m

The company formerly known as 180Solutions has been fined $3m for using drive-by downloads to smuggle adware on the PCs of unwary Americans and for offering no way to remove the software.
Drew Cullen, 03 Nov 2006

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