3rd November 2006 Archive

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  • Microsoft loves SUSE Linux (true!)

    Sux to be Red Hat right now

    Operating Systems 03 01:40

  • Totalitarian threat looms

    Not just academic, say academics

    Policy 03 09:44

  • BT flirts with Eircom SMEs

    Flaunts new all-in-one offering

    Small Biz 03 09:53

  • Blair: science is not just for boffins

    PM says Brits must stand up for science

    Science 03 10:01

  • Boots in Sarah Jessica Parker prophylactic shocker

    Don't want babies? Try this perfume

    Media 03 10:02

  • Chips sellers lifted by September sales total

    High demand for DRAM

    Hardware 03 10:11

  • UK touts itself as online gambling haven

    But will extradite to US if asked

    Media 03 10:17

  • Nintendo: 4m Wiis to ship by year's end

    Beat that, Sony

    Games 03 10:28

  • Suffering from bugger overflow? McAfee can help

    A nasty case of the typos

    Media 03 10:40

  • NASA confirms next year's Shuttle missions

    Readies final flight of 2006

    Science 03 10:42

  • Where do you store master data?

    Questioning the hub-based approach

    Developer 03 10:53

  • MOD 'fesses up to car-molesting radar

    Norfolk mystery solved

    Science 03 11:16

  • Taiwan, Hong Kong to get PS3 before Europe

    Now that Lik-Sang's out of the way...

    Games 03 11:16

  • Employee privacy versus employer policy

    US court rulings cast doubt on privacy policy

    Business 03 11:17

  • MS climbs down over Vista licensing

    Just in time for 30 November release

    Operating Systems 03 11:19

  • WHO issues bird flu warning, warns on Tamiflu research

    Virulence and resistance discussed

    Science 03 11:36

  • Nvidia ships final ForceWare drivers for Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD

    PureVideo HD moves out of beta testing

    Hardware 03 11:47

  • BOFH: Data wiping hell

    Operation computer clean up

    BOFH 03 11:50

  • Spanish judge says downloading is legal

    CD man gets off scot free

    Media 03 12:04

  • Greeks says Asus media centre PC is a joke - literally

    Brandname brouhaha

    Hardware 03 12:25

  • 'Sexist' Austrian urinals dumped on eBay

    Women's groups pissed at mouth-shaped porcelain

    Media 03 12:52

  • US prepares for killer prayer bead WMD attack

    'Terrorist' planned airborne Pope-death...

    Media 03 12:53

  • Dell pulls rug from under resellers

    No more discounts

    The Channel 03 13:03

  • Imperial College launches new BioIncubator

    Bridging the gap between academia and the real world

    Small Biz 03 13:11

  • Dismissal scam spam targets medical centre

    Spyware hides under pink slip

    Security 03 13:24

  • Microsoft loves Linux, Vista licenses, CA boss goes to jail

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    Business 03 13:57

  • NAC's looming identity crisis

    Will persistence pay off for NAC vendors?

    Data Networking 03 14:01

  • 419ers cut to the chase

    No hard-luck stories from Minrada Subaja Rahul

    Media 03 14:05

  • Is it true that fewer boy babies are born in hard times?

    Survival of the fittest

    Science 03 14:20

  • Does TV watching in childhood trigger autism?

    The evil box

    Science 03 14:20

  • Why do I have an extreme fear of needles?

    Needling fear!

    Science 03 14:25

  • Orange shouts about Bluetooth stereo loudspeakers


    Hardware 03 14:25

  • UK charity has minor attack of rebranding madness

    Faint whiff of joss-sticks...

    Bootnotes 03 14:31

  • Apple iPod Shuffle 2G

    Life's still random, just smaller...

    Hardware 03 14:49

  • Apple ships second Red iPod Nano

    Blessed by Bono?

    Hardware 03 15:17

  • Pure plays Marshall amp-styled digital radio

    The majesty of rock, the mystery of roll

    Hardware 03 15:34

  • Questions of legality: googly, genetic and Vulcan

    The serious and the silly

    Letters 03 16:10

  • FBI-led probe nets phishing gang

    That's trawl folks

    Security 03 16:18

  • Republicans post nuke cookbook on line

    Desperately seeking Iraqi WMD

    Media 03 16:23

  • SkypeIn not in right now

    Incoming calls routed nowhere

    VoIP 03 16:33

  • Aigo lifts sleeve, reveals MP4 wristwatch PMP

    Not for time-keepers

    Hardware 03 16:40

  • Big labels are f*cked, and DRM is dead - Peter Jenner

    Clash, Pink Floyd manager lifts the lid

    Media 03 17:04

  • Cryoserver goes titsup

    Email archiver melts away

    The Channel 03 17:05

  • How a virus crashed Homeland Security

    Border chaos from Zotob outbreak 'avoidable'

    Security 03 18:30

  • Read novels on your mobile super-quick

    Software makes your brain recognise words by shape, not sound

    Mobile 03 18:39

  • Veeam monitors 64-bit VMware

    Russians release a Task Manager for 64-bit VMs

    Security 03 18:44

  • Wikipedia Blaster 'fix' points to malware


    Security 03 18:47

  • Sun CEO doesn't know what a bubble looks like

    They're round and full of profits, silly

    Servers 03 18:49

  • FTC fines notorious adware firm $3m


    Security 03 20:05