2nd November 2006 Archive

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  • IGF: The good, the bad and the psycho cleaners

    If you want to get on in Athens, steal a waiter uniform

    Media 02 01:41

  • Vendor grid lock on multi-core pricing

    Plus ça change…

    Management 02 02:45

  • Lifecycle Quality at Borland

    Borland moves forward with Process.

    Developer 02 03:08

  • Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 quad-core CPU

    Two cores bad - four cores good?

    Hardware 02 05:02

  • National DNA Database: have your say

    No guarantees Blair will listen though

    Science 02 07:02

  • All CRB agents broke the law

    None face prosecution

    Media 02 07:02

  • Spammers go island hopping to bypass filter

    See you in Sao Tome

    Security 02 08:02

  • Nvidia may take $150m hit over stock options

    Restatement of recent years' figures coming

    Hardware 02 09:56

  • Business process modelling

    Keep your eye on the ball

    Management 02 10:02

  • Britain is a Big Brother state

    Thomas sounds surveillance warning

    Media 02 10:05

  • Accenture wins Olympic contract

    First out of the blocks

    Policy 02 10:13

  • LG to mass-produce $150,000 100in LCD HD TV

    Price tag more overwhelming than the screen size?

    Hardware 02 10:21

  • The gossip issue

    Stuff the net, let's get to the scandal

    Media 02 10:38

  • UK banks agree to data sharing

    But say plans 'may not catch criminals'

    Media 02 10:42

  • Adult movies will not decide outcome of HD DVD, Blu-ray

    No repeat of VHS vs Betamax

    Hardware 02 10:50

  • Quantum attacks worry computer scientists

    Today's network admins have it easy

    Security 02 10:56

  • Privacy chief: we're all in UK.gov's pockets

    How many points for Business Class democracy?

    Policy 02 11:11

  • Dell unveils first AMD-based laptop line

    Sempron or Turion inside

    Hardware 02 11:19

  • YouTube faces UTube lawsuit

    Confused surfers trouble pipe makers

    Financial News 02 11:28

  • EMC buys Avamar

    Splurges $165m on de-duplication software

    Storage 02 11:48

  • Ofcom stays in neutral on net neutrality

    It couldn't happen here, says chairman

    Networks 02 11:49

  • TomTom fails to put the brakes on Garmin

    No design infringement

    Mobile 02 12:03

  • Venus: older and more interesting that we thought?

    Resurfacing not cataclysmic, after all

    Science 02 12:07

  • Orange bleats about Samsung's Blush

    Embarrassed or standing proud?

    Hardware 02 12:18

  • US.gov tunes out scathing RFID privacy report

    DHS committee study 'disavowed'

    Security 02 12:45

  • Dopod pops out music-centric smart phone

    Non-3G QWERTY slider handset too

    Phones 02 12:49

  • Civil Aviation Authority puts 'secret' security info on the web

    Don't right-click! It's a secret!

    Policy 02 12:52

  • StyleTap completes Windows Mobile-hosted Palm emulator

    Run old Palm apps on new hardware

    Phones 02 13:45

  • Carphone Warehouse posts strong results

    They're good, but not great

    Financial News 02 14:00

  • Groovy wires could detect disease and explosives


    Science 02 14:33

  • Hi-tech CEO charged with ID theft against staff

    And you think your boss is bad

    The Channel 02 14:46

  • Asus unveils Viiv-friendly media centre

    Asteio, take a bow

    Hardware 02 15:34

  • United Nations lauds internet's 'arranged marriage'

    Internet Governance Forum ends on high note

    Media 02 15:48

  • Orange pulls the plug on SmartGroups

    Users condemn dumb decision

    Mobile 02 15:53

  • Southampton Uni and MIT pit wits against mysteries of the web

    Research effort launched

    Management 02 15:57

  • Asus kits out Lamborghini VX1 Golden Edition laptop

    Only 200 offered for sale

    Hardware 02 16:05

  • Symantec readies Backup Exec for Vista

    Version 11d...phhhwoooaaaar!

    The Channel 02 16:06

  • Orange on the map with new sat nav device

    Teams up with Webraksa

    Phones 02 16:38

  • Sophos defends its block on alien hunters

    SETI@Home domesticated

    Security 02 16:46

  • Protect Data acquires Reflex

    Port control

    Security 02 17:13

  • Sun's Niagara chip breaks like the Wind River

    Telco Linux goes multi-core

    Servers 02 18:08

  • Former CA chief Kumar gets 12 years in the pen

    'Great minds' think in cells

    Financial News 02 19:02

  • Microsoft to support Novell's cancer

    SUSE seller shares soar

    Operating Systems 02 21:01

  • Diebold slams HBO Hacking Democracy documentary

    Sight unseen, gets knickers in a twist

    Security 02 21:29

  • Is Hurd's worsening memory a cause for concern?

    'I'm the CEO of HP, right?'

    Financial News 02 21:31

  • Shadow of N-Gage looms as Nokia prepares onslaught on gaming

    If at first you don't succeed ...

    Mobile 02 23:23

  • AT&T targets video home security as next broadband market

    Just because you're paranoid

    Mobile 02 23:29

  • IBM ships Cell as part of canned cluster

    ClearSpeed brought on board too

    Servers 02 23:31