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Rackable sees red, despite sticky AMD

Server industry buffs really should take notice of Rackable Systems' earnings calls. The company has injected drama back into the hardware financial reporting game.
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Comedy Central banned from Google's $1.6bn AV club

If YouTube is in fact pulling down Comedy Central clips, as reported by the New York Times, then it's not doing a terribly good job.

Server vendors show Red Hat that Oracle is boss

Analysis Oracle's move to support the Linux operating system has called more than Red Hat's business fundamentals into question. It has demanded that customers examine just how strong Red Hat's partner ties really are.
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Recycle your IT waste for cash

A new recycling scheme has been launched that claims to be both ethical and a potential money-spinner.
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Airline security critic raided by Feds

Indiana University graduate student Christopher Soghoian pointed out a flaw in airline security by posting a fake boarding pass generator online, and was rewarded with a visit from FBI agents with a search warrant.
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Internet forum promises democracy to the masses

IGF The inaugural meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was opened in Athens yesterday morning by Greek prime minister Konstantinos Karamanlis amid proud claims that the forum represented a new level of democratic thinking at the top of the internet.

Apple patches Windows-on-Mac app

Apple has upgraded its Windows-on-Mac utility, Boot Camp. The new release, version 1.1.2, brings support for the "latest Intel-based Macintosh computers" - presumably a reference to the new, Core 2 Duo-equipped MacBook Pros.

1,200 Dutch e-voting machines vulnerable to hacking

Dutch intelligence service AIVD has ruled 1,200 e-voting computers inadequate for next month's national elections after testing showed the machines could be be easily intercepted from 20 to 30 metres away.

Microsoft moots 2008 for Euro Zune debut

Microsoft's Zune music player and online content store combo is "way off launch" in Europe and the UK, the company has admitted. The "earliest date" it might appear here? The end of 2007, or possibly even 2008, a Microsoft executive has revealed.
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Scientists reveal link between Sahara and Amazon

Scientists have conclusively demonstrated the extent of the link between the Sahara desert and the Amazon rainforests.
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Monster founder quits over options

Andrew McKelvey has resigned from the board of Monster.com because he refuses to cooperate with an investigation into dodgy stock options.

AMD: Opteron CPUs now up to 47% cheaper

AMD has pruned the prices of its Opteron single- and dual-core product lines, knocking up to 47.1 per cent off what it charges for the workstation- and server-oriented processors. It also re-applied pricing to its 1xx and 1xxx lines, for so long listed without a public price.
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Online advertising could net BBC £105m

The BBC is considering supplementing its income with advertising, this time on the international version of its website.

Enta punters get loyalty card

Brief Enta customers can start scoring loyalty points from tomorrow thanks to a new loyalty scheme.

Sony said to have slashed Japan's PS3 allocation

Japan will get 20,000 fewer PlayStation 3 consoles at launch, if a report in local newspaper the Nikkei Keizai Shimbun is to be believed. That's a reduction of 20 per cent on the original allocation of 100,000 units.
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Recordings copyright set for extension

In The City The case against extending copyright terms for sound recordings may have won some heavyweight backing from think tank IPPR this week, but it received a predictable mauling at Britain's biggest music convention, In The City.
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Floridians to design first space-based supercomputer

Engineers and researchers at the University of Florida are hard at work building a supercomputer capable of surviving in orbit. The computer is scheduled for a 2009 launch, on board a NASA test mission, and will be 100 times more powerful than anything already orbiting Earth.
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Hacker-friendly handheld console gets faster processor

Linux-based dual-CPU handheld games console the GP2X has been upgraded with a faster processor, the company shipping the gadget in the UK has revealed. Originally spec'd at 200MHz, the device's twin processors now run at 275MHz.
Hard Reg, 31 2006
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Fingerprint the expats! FCO plans phase two biometric passport

Plans to add fingerprints to UK overseas passports are under way, despite the cost and complexity involved in gathering biometrics from UK citizens across the globe, a parliamentary answer revealed last week. Passports issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office are already "biometric", but only in the somewhat minimalist sense required by ICAO - the addition of fingerprints, however, would pull overseas UK residents into the National Identity Register net, closing off a prized but little-known escape route.

Gadget tunes in to FM via USB

AV peripherals maker ADS Tech has launched an FM radio tuner USB dongle bundled with smart DVR-for-radio software that can sniff out songs you like from both FM stations and internet-only broadcasters.
Hard Reg, 31 2006
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Fast24 vapourises...again

Customers of budget ISP Fast24 have been stranded for the second time this year after the provider was cut-off by one of its suppliers.
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Code highlights e-passport eavesdropping risk

Researchers have released proof-of-concept code that creates a means to read personal details from next-generation passports outfitted with RFID chips.
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Purisma renames and updates

Comment Purisma has just announced version 2.0 of what used to be called the Purisma Customer Registry and has now been re-named the Purisma Data Hub. I can understand why it has dropped the "customer" from its name, as it also supports suppliers, patients, and so forth but I am less happy about the use of the term "hub".
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Skidy in Steam account reverse sting

Brief A 13 year-old skid'iot who tried to pinch another user's Steam account via MSN was tricked into handing over his account details instead.

Gateway offers overclocked Core 2 Extreme PCs

Gateway has launched a trio of dual-core, multi-GPU desktop PCs pitched at gamers and computer enthusiasts - and it's offering to overclock them before shipping the machines to customers.
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Florida ballot terminals favor Republicans

Florida voters using electronic ballot machines are having persistent problems choosing Democrats in early elections, the Miami Herald reports.
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Computerland still smug

Computerland's run of rosy statements to the City has continued with another upbeat report to investors.
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IPTV/VoD: The world that's on its way

Industry comment Imagine travelling down a motorway at 110 miles per hour, passing hundreds of signs with half of you feeling you just want a leisurely drive and the other half panicking that you're late.
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Bond bundle spied on Sony Vaio website

Sony has hopped on the Casino Royale bandwagon to offer budding Bonds their very own Vaio "Spy Gear" bundle comprising a Vaio TX notebook, Cyber-Shot DSC-T50 camera, a laptop screen-privacy filter and an 007-branded aluminium attache case to put 'em all in.

Microsoft goes for eBay pirates

Microsoft is taking legal action against 55 people for selling counterfeit software via the web and online auction sites like eBay.
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Top firms' websites not ready for IE7

A survey has found that 13 per cent of the UK's biggest companies did not have their websites ready for the launch of Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), the first new version of Microsoft's market-leading browser since IE6 launched back in 2001.
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Mature IT workers are valuable

The skills and experience older people can offer working in IT have been undermined by recent press coverage, according to new research.

Schneider Electric fuses with APC

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) industry felt a surge in activity today with French company Schneider Electric SA acquiring American Power Conversion Corp (APC) in a deal estimated at $6.1bn.
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Moderation, frustration, and making people uncomfortable

IGF blog You reach a certain level of frustration and then, suddenly, you relax. The struggle becomes impossible and then you realise that, ultimately, it's not that important. You're still breathing air, you still have legs, this will come to an end.
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EULAs, RFID tagging and other Halloween horrors

Letters It is Halloween, so we thought we'd get as scary as we could and head straight for Microsoft's Vista EULA. Security Focus' Scott Granneman took a look inside the new EULA and gave himself quite a fright. We hear the shock turned his hair white (no, not really).

US ID thieves target kids

US-based identity thieves are using the details of children to conduct fraudulent trades, according to New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton who reckons up to 400,000 kids may become victims of identity theft, AP reports.
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Romanian witches look for help with English spellings

Romanian witches have been taking full advantage of their country's recent EU entry.
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NASA greenlights Hubble rescue

Hubble is saved. NASA has just announced that it will run a servicing mission to the ageing space telescope after more than two years of speculation about its fate.
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UK Gov woos online gambling firms

The government today began pimping Britannia out to online gambling firms. The Department for Culture Media and Sport is hosting a conference at Royal Ascot aimed at bagging a lovely slice of pork as the industry realises its days of Wild West tax dodging are behind it.

Domain resale market a 'haven' for phishers

Domain names likely to appeal to fraudsters are up for grabs on domain resale sites.
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eMusic cuts quotas

The No.2 legal music service, eMusic, is cutting the number of tracks Stateside subscribers are permitted to download each month.
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Wired buys Reddit, Google buys Jotspot

Cash Register Wired has bought Reddit, the news aggregation-by-committee website. Terms are undisclosed, but we can safely assume that the price is many heaps smaller than the $150m that Kevin Rose reportedly wants for Digg, Reddit's much bigger rival. Reddit claims a million unique users a month.
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Zend signs PHP accord with Microsoft

Zend Technologies and Microsoft are to improve performance of PHP on Windows 2003 Server and its planned successor, Longhorn Server.
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Handango bans raffle winner

Omnisoft, a small development company run by one John Cody, found itself chucked off the Handango web site for, apparently, trying to use advertising credit won in a raffle.
Bill Ray, 31 2006
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Russian hacking case can be heard in England, says judge

A case claiming that two Russian companies hacked into a London computer system can be heard in English courts, a judge has ruled. The Russian companies involved had argued that English courts had no jurisdiction.

Bot nets likely behind jump in spam

A significant rise in the global volume of spam in the past two months has security analysts worried that bot nets are increasingly being used by spammers to stymie network defenses erected to curtail bulk email.

Liquid Computing's Opteron dynamo now more concrete

Liquid Computing has come to market at last with its high-end Opteron gear, but the company remains as elusive as ever.