27th October 2006 Archive

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  • Sun turns in another Q1 loss

    But what goes up must go up

    Servers 27 00:17

  • Acer: Vista Home Basic is a lemon

    Disguised price rise for PC builders

    Hardware 27 00:27

  • Apple cures MacBook shutdown... maybe

    Firmware update

    Hardware 27 00:39

  • Orange reports on the workplace of 2016

    It might be quite grim, apparently

    Management 27 01:02

  • Billing provider behind Fon de-cloaks, attacks MVNO enterprises

    Meet BlueTab

    Mobile 27 07:02

  • Foundry punches out 65nm GPUs for Nvidia

    Gearing up for 2007 introduction?

    Hardware 27 08:35

  • Apple to ship 15.4in MacBook next May?

    Production contract signed, analyst claims

    Hardware 27 08:45

  • Skype users hang on for free calls

    Promotion gone wrong

    VoIP 27 08:47

  • Ex-Microsoft man is next space tourist

    First 'nerd' in space, he says

    Science 27 09:18

  • Samsung all a-glow over brighter phone display

    33 per cent more light intensity, no more power taken

    Hardware 27 09:20

  • Bug causes another delay to Vista

    RTM slips back a week

    Operating Systems 27 09:53

  • Shuttle ships gamer-friendly SFF PC

    A well-specced XPC P2 3700G doesn't come cheap, though

    Hardware 27 10:15

  • BitTorrent man jailed for five months


    Media 27 10:41

  • Naomi Campbell bailed over alleged assault

    Ten hours in the cells for battling supermodel

    Bootnotes 27 10:52

  • Extra anus kills four-legged chicken

    'I think he got glugged up'

    Science 27 10:54

  • UK to expand battery recycling scheme

    Drop-off points to be opened in 33 stores

    Hardware 27 10:57

  • BitTorrent embeds download manager

    P2P that bypasses the PC

    Storage 27 10:58

  • UK promises care record 'opt-out' - again

    Doctors will explain it to patients

    Management 27 11:00

  • BOFH: Goes virtual

    Why not to put all your blades in one basket

    BOFH 27 11:02

  • BT promises to improve local loop services for rivals

    Ofcom acts...

    Broadband 27 11:12

  • Can you judge someone's personality by the shape of their ears?

    You know what they say about big ears...

    Science 27 11:20

  • What is a post-lumbar puncture headache?

    Spinal tap blues

    Science 27 11:20

  • What is a fistula?

    Abnormal connections

    Science 27 11:21

  • Does drinking alcohol really keep you warm?

    Four for the road

    Science 27 11:24

  • 'Mars', 'Jupiter' launches planned by O2, Asus

    Carrier's new XDA partner revealed

    Phones 27 11:44

  • Meizu's marvelous Mini Player is Europe-bound

    Small and sexy

    Hardware 27 12:09

  • Tandberg's troubled third quarter ends surprisingly upbeat

    Three week turnaround

    Broadband 27 12:21

  • Verisign scraps padlocks and Larry storms into Linux

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    Business 27 13:04

  • Hacker hijinks impinge on US mid-term elections

    Kissing babies, spreading worms, and linking to dodgy MySpace profiles

    Security 27 13:10

  • Evesham Mini PC

    Tiny desktop powered by Core 2 Duo

    Hardware 27 13:12

  • Altiris makes security location-aware

    Lock up your ports and limit your apps

    Security 27 13:52

  • TomTom to track phones for real-time traffic info

    More responsive, better coverage than RDS?

    Hardware 27 14:10

  • Anti-scam website hit by DDOS attacks

    Help needed...

    Media 27 14:10

  • Australian spammer fined A$5.5m

    Fair dinkum

    Security 27 14:26

  • Vista vouchers, a Reg round-up

    We make the calls so you don't have to

    Management 27 14:51

  • Wrinklies find Sadville

    Third Age seeks Second Life

    Bootnotes 27 14:53

  • Kim Jong-Il: 'mad as cheese'

    Patten spills beans at security conference

    Media 27 15:04

  • Dozy drivers fail to notice rudery

    Do visitors to Crawley expect to be insulted?

    Security 27 15:05

  • Identity, voting and missing fingers

    With added nuclear zing

    Letters 27 15:29

  • UK students get 10Gig backbone

    Just think how many MP3s you could get over that...

    Policy 27 15:42

  • Appeal court ruling sets marker on UK software patents

    Kicked into touch

    Software 27 15:44

  • How to make your MacBook Pro run cooler

    smcFanControl to the rescue

    Hardware 27 16:02

  • Security firm punctures Vista's Patchguard

    Bun fight over kernel protection lumbers on

    Security 27 17:12

  • EU moots 'deep background' checks for racist-free border controls

    The biometric meritocracy

    Security 27 17:39

  • Is Google legal?

    Big in Belgium

    Media 27 17:57

  • Red Hat promises to keep charging customers double

    Take your fork and shove it, Oracle

    Management 27 19:19

  • BBC abandons science

    And falls into singularity-shaped hole

    Science 27 21:03

  • Takeover gossip boosts Marvell shares

    Spreading rumors for fun and profit

    Financial News 27 23:34