25th October 2006 Archive

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  • SaaS goes customisable

    Get it the way you want it

    Developer 25 00:02

  • Seagate slams profit-ignorant rivals

    Knocks out 39m hard drives in Q1

    The Channel 25 00:36

  • AMD and ATI fuse

    Acquisition complete, CPUs to become integrated chipsets

    Hardware 25 08:26

  • Pointing fingers at corporate security

    Authenticate this

    Security 25 09:18

  • 3G routers the ticket to the mobile office

    Get on board

    Data Centre 25 09:22

  • Amazon profits dip

    Margin pressure

    Financial News 25 09:24

  • Financial regulators draft proposals on outsourcing

    Operational risk

    Business 25 09:37

  • QinetiQ pulls in ex-CIA boss

    Another CIA coup?

    Financial News 25 10:25

  • iSoft hit with another investigation

    Auditors probed with pointy stick

    The Channel 25 10:44

  • Mac OS X 10.4.8 runs on any PC...

    ...well, all but the GUI

    Hardware 25 11:04

  • SEC, Nasdaq gently coshing NEC

    Dance of the acronyms

    Financial News 25 11:18

  • Vista vouchers for Christmas PC buyers

    All I want for Christmas is a low-cost Vista upgrade voucher...

    Operating Systems 25 11:23

  • Los Alamos docs turn up in meth lab bust

    Another security debacle for nuke researchers

    Media 25 11:34

  • BT buys Counterpane to bolster security services

    Anti-hacking market attack

    Financial News 25 11:36

  • AMD: we will not kill ATI brand

    To be kept for chipsets, discrete graphics products

    Hardware 25 11:51

  • Verisign backs Vista security green streak

    Firefox's turn to play catch-up on security?

    Operating Systems 25 12:04

  • Hitachi rolls out 3.5in HDDs

    Deskstar, CinemaStar

    Hardware 25 12:16

  • Sony slams Lik-Sang 'sour grapes'

    Admits execs bought PSPs from grey importer

    Games 25 12:34

  • SavaJe falls quiet

    Still waiting on Jasper

    Mobile 25 12:46

  • Nokia N73 3G smart phone

    Does it have the X-Factor?

    Phones 25 13:05

  • Belkin gears up to ship Wi-Fi Skype phone in UK

    Only a hundred quid

    Phones 25 13:27

  • US, EU sketch plans for global immigration database

    If your print ain't down, you ain't coming in

    Policy 25 13:48

  • PowerColor brings ATI X1950 Pro to AGP users

    Older mobos not ignored

    Hardware 25 13:54

  • ID theft scam hunt goes global

    Follow the money

    Security 25 14:03

  • 3 gobbles over 90 shops from O2 via The Link

    When the music stops, we all move round

    Mobile 25 14:19

  • Korean sought mammoth meat from Russian mafia

    Cloning extinct species no easy tusk

    Science 25 14:26

  • Hot tip: ARSS up due to drilling program

    Pump and, ahem, dump

    Media 25 14:41

  • Passport police wipe smiles off applicants' faces

    Little girl and public enemy #1 both snubbed

    Media 25 15:44

  • People - not products - are most important to security

    As Brit sec-pros get paid twice as much as the French

    Data Centre 25 15:47

  • Fedora stops the download madness

    Red Hat's low availability Linux

    Servers 25 17:38

  • Six months in, Sun's CEO faces Wall Street's yo-yo test

    Can he do the improbable?

    Servers 25 19:29

  • Canada's privacy chief hails Microsoft's Seven Laws of Identity

    On surviving the identity Big Bang

    Security 25 20:29

  • Ellison muscles in on Red Hat support biz

    This time it's personal

    Operating Systems 25 21:51

  • Dell steals HP's blade boy Becker

    Help us sell!

    Servers 25 23:03