20th October 2006 Archive

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  • Palm Treo 700wx smart phone rings in Middle Earth

    Telecom New Zealand takes on Windows Treo

    Phones 20 Oct 04:02

  • Nvidia posts graphics code tweaking tool

    Could yield to 35 per cent more frames per second

    Hardware 20 Oct 07:02

  • Intel to 'spend $300m' to push Centrino Pro

    Windows Vista tie-in part of the plan?

    Hardware 20 Oct 07:02

  • MS readies 100GB HDD for XBOX 360?

    Korean convention announcement, apparently

    Games 20 Oct 08:02

  • TomTom seeks ban for Garmin's car products

    Me too?

    Mobile 20 Oct 08:27

  • Lunar ice evaporates under glare of new studies

    Only rovers can tell us for sure

    Science 20 Oct 08:35

  • Copiepresse continues copyright crusade

    Google and MSN down, Yahoo! to go

    Media 20 Oct 08:58

  • Archos connects PMP PVR with Wi-Fi

    Internet radio and podcast support coming too

    Hardware 20 Oct 09:02

  • Treasury fights to keep Gateway closed

    'Defending integrity', apparently

    Government 20 Oct 09:27

  • Thomson dusts off MaLigne software

    Merges it with VoIP platform

    VoIP 20 Oct 09:41

  • Avoiding SOA standards-based chaos

    Can Mercury and Systinet help?

    Developer 20 Oct 09:52

  • Tzero adds new investor for UWB product roll out

    But can it compete with Pulse-Link?

    Broadband 20 Oct 09:53

  • Asus readies red, green gamer-oriented laptops?

    Guess whose graphics are on board...

    Hardware 20 Oct 10:02

  • Bigger, longer, uncut: Oracle OpenWorld

    Ellison holds hands with Sir Elton John

    Developer 20 Oct 10:02

  • Hot technology agendas

    Results from the all new Reg Barometer

    Reg Technology Panel 20 Oct 10:08

  • Organised crime fails to stop skiddies

    Disorganised web to blame

    Security 20 Oct 10:41

  • BOFH: Armageddon

    MoD pays a visit in computer bunker hunt

    BOFH 20 Oct 11:02

  • MS and researchers split hairs over first IE7 flaw

    Bun fight over bug report

    Security 20 Oct 11:05

  • Microsoft assumes temporal dominion

    Email addicts threatened by time theft

    Applications 20 Oct 11:08

  • Airbus revises A380 break-even point

    Now 420 aircraft, up from 270

    Science 20 Oct 11:15

  • Venturing online in Ireland

    A personal journey

    Data Networking 20 Oct 11:30

  • Sun in a box and IE7 out of the box

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    Business 20 Oct 12:14

  • YouTube deletes 29,549 copyright-busting files

    Japanese media companies rattle katana

    Media 20 Oct 12:21

  • Morgan Stanley in billing boo-boo

    Lose two points

    Financial News 20 Oct 12:35

  • N Korea cancels further nuke tests

    Chinese pressure apparently successful

    Science 20 Oct 12:50

  • Proprietary coders complain about OS study

    Leaked letter causes a stir

    Software 20 Oct 12:54

  • Spamhaus-style service aims to curb click fraud


    Media 20 Oct 12:56

  • What type of person is accident-prone?

    Hard luck or hereditary?

    Science 20 Oct 13:16

  • From what height can you survive a dive into water?

    Don't try this at home

    Science 20 Oct 13:16

  • Why do you sometimes lose bowel function when scared?

    Letting it all go

    Science 20 Oct 13:17

  • What happens when you are executed by electrocution?

    The shocking truth

    Science 20 Oct 13:19

  • Spam Cube signs Amazon.co.uk for British debut

    Anti-spam gadget coming before Christmas

    Hardware 20 Oct 14:02

  • Google Earth goes to pot

    In the rolling-your-own sense

    Media 20 Oct 14:17

  • McAfee hoping MS will live up to 'hollow' promises

    Microsoft unimpressed

    Media 20 Oct 14:43

  • Abit AW9D-Max 975X-based mobo

    Abit rises from the ashes?

    Hardware 20 Oct 15:02

  • Mystery surrounds Easynet 'robbery'

    Smoke + mirrors + £6m of Cisco kit...

    Broadband 20 Oct 15:24

  • Meteor totals German cottage

    77-year-old injured in resulting fire

    Science 20 Oct 15:31

  • GPS units lose cloaked shipping containers

    And duck! There's a galaxy coming

    Letters 20 Oct 15:36

  • US court denies request to suspend Spamhaus domain

    Spam roadblock remains in place

    Security 20 Oct 15:44

  • Is archiving the answer to compliance?

    Lots of managers think it might be, apparently

    The Channel 20 Oct 15:48

  • Beer fingerprints to go UK-wide

    Yeovil, an example for us all

    Security 20 Oct 17:45

  • 'Violent net-porn killer' has conviction quashed

    Faces retrial

    Media 20 Oct 17:49