19th October 2006 Archive

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  • MacBooks, iPods power Apple's fourth quarter

    Intel effect due any day

    Hardware 19 00:04

  • Tech-dependence turns humans into pets - prediction

    Fat, anti-social, and over here

    Science 19 00:08

  • UK.gov conference centre goes VoIP

    Free calls to other Verizon customers too

    VoIP 19 05:02

  • Logitech picks up Slim Devices for $20m

    Squeezebox acquired by mouse maker

    Hardware 19 08:43

  • Universal sues video sharing sites

    But YouTube escapes action

    Media 19 08:47

  • Ofcom changes premium rate rules

    Clears up 'ambiguities' by creating more confusion

    Networks 19 08:59

  • eBay/PayPal ring up profit

    Skype revs up too

    VoIP 19 09:06

  • Risk management that deals with the imperfect world

    Introducing the intangible element

    Business 19 09:21

  • ATI: all our GPUs will be 80nm by July 2007

    And then it'll release 65nm parts...

    Hardware 19 09:21

  • HP knocks Dell off PC pedestal without trying

    Round Rock's shame

    Financial News 19 09:27

  • Feds allege Samsung, Hynix execs fixed DRAM prices

    Hefty fines, jail terms if convicted

    Hardware 19 09:56

  • Swedish file sharers fined

    No house searches needed

    Media 19 10:11

  • IE7 unleashed

    ...as researchers identify first bug

    Applications 19 10:13

  • Scientists stitch up cloaking device

    Romulan? Or maybe Harry Potter?

    Science 19 10:15

  • Lizard Alliance targets Turkish PM

    While Germans field test pig-gutting robot

    Science 19 10:18

  • ModSecurity 2.0 hits the streets

    Ivan Ristic explains what's hot about the new release

    Applications 19 10:22

  • Information disclosure bug blights IE7 release

    Plus ça change

    Security 19 10:25

  • PS3 delays, burning batteries undermine Sony profits

    Giant slashes full-year earnings forecast

    Games 19 10:25

  • Juniper's Q3 profit remains a mystery

    Prefers to discuss modest revenue hike

    Data Networking 19 10:29

  • Highways Agency deploys giant street-cleaning magnet

    Road users spared metallic waste hazard

    Media 19 10:33

  • Intel cans second-generation Centrino chips

    'Sonoma' demise signalled

    Hardware 19 10:40

  • Intel to bring vPro tech to laptops with Centrino Pro?

    Business-friendly 'Santa Rosa' strand

    Hardware 19 11:12

  • Silver Peak climbs to new record

    It's ice-axes at dawn for WAN acceleration rivals

    Data Networking 19 11:17

  • Researchers launch digital Darwin archive

    A natural selection

    Science 19 11:19

  • Ugandan demonstrates how not to recycle munitions

    Hey, let's melt this shell down for scrap...

    Media 19 11:20

  • Storage Expo: who's excited?

    ZZ Top on snowboards

    Storage 19 11:32

  • Ryan's ID express still waiting for a platform

    Chuffing away

    Policy 19 11:48

  • Sony Ericsson kit in demand as world phone sales surge

    Beats Nokia et al on growth, profitability

    Phones 19 12:02

  • Microsoft promises more info for security firms

    Battle by briefing continues

    Security 19 12:06

  • Hard drives get even harder

    Baydel flashes it, Texas Mem Sys RAMs it home

    Storage 19 13:01

  • US stakes claim on space

    New policy just slightly territorial

    Science 19 13:06

  • Vertu talks up mobile telephone for toffs

    If you have to ask how much it is, you're too common to own one

    Hardware 19 13:21

  • No, not that Boston

    Fat iSCSI, Flashy NAS, and it's British too. Kind of...

    Storage 19 13:53

  • IP phone man's Vonage hell

    Number carousel let user see other punters' credit details

    VoIP 19 14:09

  • Web 2.0 vs mobile phones

    Dad drunk at Disco

    Mobile 19 14:22

  • Brits keep it simple in Somerset

    Tape libraries with no fuss

    Storage 19 14:46

  • Nokia maintains spot as mobile top dog

    Bounds along in spite of profit dips

    Mobile 19 14:52

  • O2 cuts roaming charges ahead of regulation

    But only to Spain...for now

    Mobile 19 14:54

  • Flying stingray stabs Florida man

    One-foot barb in chest after boat attack

    Science 19 15:01

  • BT Vision gains speed with new content deal

    Drops tasters to encourage punters to bite

    Networks 19 15:14

  • Death threats force art website to close

    A dangerous business

    Media 19 15:28

  • UK police share data to foil child abuse

    Track and trace

    Media 19 15:50

  • CNET hack severs ties with Second Life CEO after Reg probe

    Off resume but still puffing

    Media 19 16:08

  • Opera hit by buffer overflow glitch

    Big links crash browser

    Security 19 16:17

  • Hitachi pays out in patent dispute with employee

    Optical disillusion

    The Channel 19 18:03

  • Mobiboo UTstarcom F3000 Wi-Fi VoIP phone

    It flips, it SIPs

    Phones 19 19:46

  • Ex-Gizmondo exec on trial for Ferrari theft

    Embezzlement and drunken driving too

    Games 19 20:37

  • Rivers of gold flow through Google's Q3

    Fattens up on ads bonanza

    Financial News 19 21:34

  • Fiorina plays ingenue in media show trial

    Je ne regrette rien... well, maybe just one thing

    Management 19 23:16

  • Blacklisted AllofMP3 slams 'capricious' Visa and Mastercard

    'Patently erroneous and without legal merit'

    Financial News 19 23:45