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Free virus with some iPods

Apple today apologised for selling a "small number" of video iPods infected with the RavMone.exe virus. Pox-ridden ipods accounted for less than one per cent of the video iPods hitting the streets after September 12.
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Oracle's mega-patch shuts 101 doors

Oracle today published the mother of all security patches containing 101 fixes for flaws in its database, application server, E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft and JD Edwards applications.
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AllofMP3 sends out peace feelers. Enemies prefer Cold War

AllofMP3.com may hail from Russia, but the rebel retailer is the North Korea of the music industry. The record labels accuse it of online piracy and hate what it does, but only now are they figuring out how to deal with this internet phenomenon.
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Database state could go pear-shaped, says police chief

The boss of UK police technology has warned that government attempts to use surveillance and databases to impose law and order could backfire unless those with access to the system are prevented from abusing the power it gives them.
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Motorola's Q3 doesn't cut it

Motorola took a kicking yesterday night when analysts decided a 17 percent rise in third quarter sales just wasn’t enough.
Joe Fay, 18 2006
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Queen ends hunt for an IT director

The Queen has ended her search for an IT director, with applications for the post closing on Monday, and the advert already removed from her website.

Intel readies refresh for Core 2 Duo desktop line

Intel will next year extend its Core 2 Duo desktop processor line, rolling out four CPUs in the Q2 2007 timeframe, three with support for the 1,333MHz frontside bus speed due to be introduced with the 'Bearlake' chipset series, it has been claimed.
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Poor IT caused 'chaos' for farmer payments

Computer problems played a significant role in the chaos affecting England's Rural Payments Agency (RPA), according to a report by the National Audit Office (NAO)
Kablenet, 18 2006
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Magical green lights peg 25 Oct RTM for Vista

A Microsoft campus billboard has confirmed that Vista does exist and may even ship to manufacturers later this month.
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Gutted SGI 'blasts out' of, er, bankruptcy

Grumpy naysayers will argue that SGI shouldn't have bothered. It should have put the purple logos away, handed its old contracts to IBM or Sun Microsystems and called it a day. Never mind this bankruptcy emerging business.
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McAfee dismisses Microsoft's security overtures

McAfee has dismissed Microsoft's release of information to allow security vendors to build products that will interoperate with Vista.

NEC shines light on high res handheld LCDs

NEC's LCD Technologies division will next year begin mass-producing its latest low-temperature poly-silicon TFT displays for PDAs and other handheld gadgets, the company said today. The devices' unique selling point: the circuitry is embossed on the glass.
Hard Reg, 18 2006
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Austrian nails testicle to roof

An Austrian roofer who slipped on the job ended up nailing himself to the roof - through his wedding tackle.
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Navicore readies 'world's smallest' Bluetooth GPS receiver

Nokia hopes satellite navigation will attract consumers to its 770 Internet Tablet. The Finnish phone giant will next month ship a GPS add-on kit for the machine based on route-planning software specialist Navicore's code. Separately, Navicore launched what it claims is the world's smallest and lightest Bluetooth-connected GPS …
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Logicalis urges customers to take their greens

Logicalis will offer environmental training to its customers in an effort to reduce their carbon footprints.
Joe Fay, 18 2006
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Intel invites partners to cook its I/OATs

Intel's era of openness continues. The company this week freed up some homegrown technology for improving the networking performance of servers.
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More e-voting pilots proposed

The Department of Constitutional Affairs is urging local authorities to pilot e-voting schemes in the May 2007 local elections.

Intel prices up quad-core desktop chips

So how much are Intel's upcoming quad-core processors going to set you back? Top dollar, it seems, according to reports coming out of Taiwan citing industry sources who've seen the chip giant's latest roadmap.
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Operators sign up for cheap 3G handsets

Twelve operators have announced their support for the GSMA-sponsored "3G for All" programme to develop a cheap 3G handset with video, music, instant messaging and fast(ish) internet access.
Bill Ray, 18 2006
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Casino tycoon sticks elbow through £74m Picasso

A US casino mogul has blown a deal to offload a Picasso painting for £74m ($139m) after accidently sticking his elbow through it, the BBC reports.

Adware rumpus over Battlefield 2142

Online games enthusiasts are up in arms over Electronic Arts's (EA) decision to bundle monitoring software with its latest game. Retail packages of Battlefield 2142 come with a leaflet explaining that the game comes with an adware package. The software, developed by IGA Worldwide, is used to deliver in-game advertising so that users traveling through the virtual environment will see billboards advertising real-world brands.

EMC plots essential centralised decentralisation

EMC's Tuesday job cull would have been long expected by many in the company.
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TVR abandons UK

Sports car outfit TVR has announced it will cease production in the UK, meaning redundancy for the 250 workers at its Blackpool plant, the BBC reports.

Shuttle XPC SN27P2 small form-factor PC

Review With the demise of Airfix, we blokes are left with few hobbies to pursue. Happily, we can still build our own PCs. If you want to work on the cheap you can use a beige tower, but should you fancy a modicum of style then there's no better starting point than a Shuttle barebone...
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LG debuts Shine ultra-slim slider phone

Say hello to Shine, LG's follow-up to the hugely popular Chocolate series: a metal-cased slimline slider that's a mere 1.4cm thick. In place of the usual multi-way control button, the handset uses a scroll bar.
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ICANN votes on domain tasting solution

Internet overseeing organisation ICANN will vote later today on whether to introduce a new system aimed at closing a loophole in domain name rules that enables speculators to register thousands of domain names effectively for free.
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Orange gets broadband back

Orange has got its broadband network back up and running, with access restored early this morning.

802.16 momentum shadowed by platform trade-offs

Officially, 802.16e - or Mobile WiMAX as the vendors insist on calling it, even though its greatest advantage is that it spans fixed and mobile operations - is almost with us.

UK retail giant canes Canis Canem Edit

Controversial game designer Rockstar will not see its take on Bash Street, Canis Canem Edit - aka Bully - on sale in shops owned by UK retail giant DSG, it has emerged. The reason? The chain believes the title is "not appropriate" for its "family-friendly image".
Hard Reg, 18 2006
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Trojan download site spoofs IE7 release outlet

Hackers have created a bogus Internet Explorer 7 download site that attempts to load Trojan code onto the PCs of visiting surfers.

Trapeze latest to join 'new wave' of switched WLANs

Enterprise uptake of wireless Lans (WLan) has never taken off at the speed that was anticipated a few years ago, and the equipment vendors face the unpleasant prospect of margins plummeting before they have achieved sufficient volume to compensate.
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VoIP services are go

Spending on support services for VoIP will hit $1.27bn by 2010, analysts at IDC say.

Japan's Brulé touts would-be crème of UMPC crop

Ladies and gentlemen, the world has another UMPC. The latest is the Vega from Japanese supplier Brulé - the crème de la crème of ultra-mobile PC providers, perhaps? - which is based around a 4.3in, 800 x 480 display and an AMD Geode LX800 processor. There's 512MB of RAM on board and a 4,200rpm 30GB hard drive.
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UK army seeks terror bomber sniffing tech, £10m reward

Armed forces Procurement Minister Lord Drayson, recently described as "quite preposterous" by fellow peers, has kicked off a £10 million ideas competition to accompany this week's launch of the UK's Defence Technology Strategy. The Strategy itself starts from the premise that "Current threats emphasise that science and technology is fundamental to UK military capability", and that the Ministry of Defence "must own and control key technologies", while the briefing documents for the ideas competition provides more specific indications of the tech-led road the MoD wishes to follow.
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HSBC's cash crash forced me to work off my dinner

Letters For HSBC, keeping thousands of customers from their money is just part of doing regular business with the bank. The company explained away Sunday's multi-hour ATM and credit card outage by telling us that it resulted from a "standard server" issue. HSBC issued no apology and called the whole kerfuffle "a minor" incident.
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Bridgehead ends Quest for storage partner

Brief BridgeHead Software has done a worldwide distribution deal with Quest.
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Welcome to the Fourth Reich

Comment "It is a rare occasion when a President can sign a bill that he knows will save American lives; I have that privilege this morning," US President George W Bush trilled as he consigned 200 years of judicial oversight to the scrap heap of history.
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NetApp mounts up for virtual tape land grab

Storage Expo NetApp punted a new virtual tape library (VTL) offering today, as it continues to perform noisy running bombs into a growing pool of custom the really big lads have so far just dipped a toe into.

Spamhaus fights US court 'pro-spammer' ruling

Spamhaus has switched legal tack and decide to appeal an $11.7m judgment against it by a US court obtained by a firm it labelled a spammer. The London-based anti-spam organisation had argued that the court has no jurisdiction over it, but the threat of domain seizure has forced it to take action.
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Quantum tapes up future with ADIC

Storage Expo When two of the last two swingers in tape town tied the knot earlier this year, some interpreted the move as the bell tolling for independent tape vendors. When Quantum bought ADIC for $770m in May, the move was not well received on Wall Street.
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Sun's 'white trash' server trailers impress

With a well revamped server line behind it, Sun Microsystems has reached a point of contentment. You can tell that Sun is happy with itself because the company has started flinging lots of far out concept gear. The best and most recent example being the White Trash Data Centers announced earlier this week.
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MySpace: social sites will never be friends

A leading MySpace executive has said it is extremely unlikely that there will ever be integration between social networking websites.

Web viruses drop off despite IE exploit flap

Web viruses fell by half in September, despite recent high-profile Microsoft vulnerabilities. But spyware infections grew 21 per cent over the same period last month, according to a study by UK-based web filtering firm ScanSafe.
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Great WMD failures: Casey, the castor oil killer

Chemical Alley Be now assured that America is safe from a drug addict trying to make a weapon of mass destruction from castor oil, a laxative. This comes by way of the example of Casey Cutler, a drug addict from Mesa, Arizona, who wound up in the Department of Justice's 2006 count of WMD terror cases broken up by the government. It was reprinted in "Congress's Vigilance in the Five Years Since 9/11: Making America Safer," a propaganda sheet issued by Senator John Kyl on August 6, chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, in anticipation of the five year rehash and memorial.
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Net is terror training tool - US security chief

The internet is a dangerous tool of radical ideologies, according to the US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. He said that last summer's attacks on London was an example of a domestic terrorist threat in action.
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EFF to probe FBI's new monster database

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is suing the US Department of Justice to learn more about the FBI's new monster database, called the Investigative Data Warehouse, or IDW.
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Steal my ID, steal my fingers - the public gets nervous

The public fears losing their fingers to ruthless biometric ID thieves in the fingerprint-controlled future, apparently. Or at least, so says Frost & Sullivan analyst Sapna Capoor, who argued unconvincingly that "A dead finger is no good to a thief."
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Costs up with investment for Citrix

A jump in sales and income for Microsoft partner Citrix Systems last quarter was accompanied by increased costs, following M&A and product launches.

AMD profits, shipments up

AMD has turned in a good Q3 with sales of $1.33bn and net income of $134m, or 27 cents a share. Processor shipments rose 18 per cent from Q2 and revenues climbed nine per cent from Q2 and, on a like-for-like basis, 32 per cent from Q3, 2005 (last year's figures included the lossmaking memory business, since spun off).

Ballmer: Microsoft helped security partners on Windows Vista

Steve Ballmer has pitched into the row over Microsoft's willingness to cough up vital Windows Vista APIs for partners to lock down the operating system against attack.
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VoIP revolution leaves US behind

Symbian Show Born and hyped in the USA, mobile VoIP over Wi-Fi looks set to create waves everywhere … except the USA.