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hands waving dollar bills in the air

MySpace phishing scam targets music fans

Con-men have developed a phishing attack targeting MySpace music fans that highlights the evolving use of social engineering techniques in money-making spam emails.
John Leyden, 14 Oct 2006

HM Treasury unplugged - Government's IT late list

AnalysisThe Conservatives have helped expose, again, the systemic failure of Government IT projects with a seemingly trivial parliamentary question about costs and timescales at HM Treasury.
Mark Ballard, 14 Oct 2006

The Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF)

CommentOn October 4, the Liberty Alliance announced the final version of its Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF). I have to admit, I have always struggled to get my head around ID-WSF, which Liberty defines as providing…
Neil Macehiter, 14 Oct 2006

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