13th October 2006 Archive

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  • Nokia and T-Mobile USA pin their hopes on mobile Web 2.0

    Play to pay

    Mobile 13 00:21

  • PalmSource name consigned to the Dustbin of History

    Access all areas

    Mobile 13 02:40

  • D-Link calls for Brits to help find stolen routers

    7,000 go walkies

    The Channel 13 06:02

  • Red iPod Nano ships

    Charity's US launch official too

    Hardware 13 09:05

  • EU e-Borders spending to rise

    Eats into public sector IT budget

    Policy 13 09:12

  • NASA to test space airbags

    Not the Bulgarian kind

    Science 13 09:25

  • HP's Hurd appoints old mate to ethics officer

    HP ethics boss...irony-free zone

    Financial News 13 09:30

  • Yahoo!'s pyramid scheme collapses

    Guardians of Mexican heritage say no to laser beam time capsule

    Media 13 09:34

  • Apple in code search profanity outrage

    'Register the f**king window class'

    Software 13 09:39

  • Europe's IT sector outpacing telecoms

    And growth gap may become a chasm

    Networks 13 09:54

  • Sapphire out to shock with overclocked Toxic cards

    Radeon X1950 XTX on board

    Hardware 13 09:57

  • Dell kills Overland storage tie-up

    Thanks for the hard work

    Storage 13 10:04

  • Telefonica Germany gears up for quad play assault

    Scene set for VoIP invasion

    VoIP 13 10:07

  • Taliban monster dope plants defy Canadian military

    Fireproof Afghan marijuana

    Science 13 10:09

  • SMC seeks Cloud cover for Euro Skype phone

    Free calls from any Wi-Fi hotspot

    VoIP 13 10:21

  • BOFH: Let the games begin

    'Building the perfect games beast on the company dime'

    BOFH 13 11:02

  • Sony launches Walkman, wireless accessory cornucopia

    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to beam out music

    Hardware 13 11:06

  • Sun turns to EMC and HP for help selling storage

    Virtual tape good to go too

    Storage 13 11:10

  • Sportingbet flogs US arm for $1

    But keeps European and Australian businesses

    Financial News 13 11:13

  • Norwegian museum champions gay animals

    'It is not against nature'

    Science 13 11:14

  • EU launches online gambling restrictions probe

    Jeux sans frontiers

    Financial News 13 11:17

  • Hubble pictures an emerging super galaxy

    Little galaxies trapped in the Spiderweb

    Science 13 11:22

  • Siemens Business Services rejigged again

    It's like Trotsky's permanent revolution...

    The Channel 13 11:38

  • Sony Ericsson 'Q's up Bond-branded camera phones

    'You expect me to talk?'

    Phones 13 11:38

  • Moto ships battery-based battery recharger

    Recharge your mobile on the fly

    Hardware 13 11:48

  • The Danes are coming...

    And they're looking for resellers

    The Channel 13 12:04

  • Why do we doodle?

    Senseless scribbling or individual insight?

    Science 13 12:14

  • Can stun guns and tasers cause death?

    Danger: high voltage

    Science 13 12:17

  • US DoJ probes SRAM pricing cartel claim?

    Cypress, Samsung say they'll co-operate

    Hardware 13 12:37

  • MS to pull security teams under Windows umbrella

    After Vista

    Security 13 12:56

  • Microsoft tells EC it will ship Vista

    EC says: On your head be it

    Operating Systems 13 13:07

  • HMRC poo-poos tax on BlackBerries


    Mobile 13 13:09

  • Sony Ericsson deaf to P990i woes

    Complaints outsourced to limbo

    Mobile 13 13:18

  • This Goo is on You, or at least some call centre worker

    To subscribe to The Register's weekly newsletter - seven days of IT in a single hit - click here

    Business 13 13:31

  • Can you pimp an inflatable sex doll?

    South Korean cops ponder plastic prozzie poser

    Media 13 13:36

  • Bombless dirty bomber pleads guilty, press spreads the fallout

    Major terror probe nets improbable mastermind...

    Media 13 14:49

  • Students protest balluting Vista?

    Getting bibilical on blogs

    Letters 13 15:02

  • Oracle to provide clearer vulnerability ratings

    In at number one it's the latest Buffer Overflow...

    Applications 13 15:12

  • Vietnamese death row prisoner escapes the chop

    By getting pregnant

    Media 13 15:26

  • Ireland off the hook

    As EC ponders action against other Euro telcos

    VoIP 13 15:44

  • Rooney scores!

    Sadly only his domain name

    Networks 13 16:16

  • Florida judge orders copy of Bully for review

    Free speech implications

    Media 13 16:57

  • Netgear SPH101 Wi-Fi Skype phone

    VoIP without a PC

    Phones 13 16:59

  • Migrating Access to SQL made (almost) easy

    Very useful, apart from the dumb bits

    Developer 13 17:03

  • Collective intelligence consultants feel Reg readers' lash

    Culling recommended

    Letters 13 17:05

  • FCC pulls AT&T-BellSouth merger vote (again)

    Political hot potato

    Broadband 13 20:26

  • AMD waves the Maple Leaf for Canadian regulators

    O ATI, we stand on guard for thee

    Hardware 13 21:23