11th October 2006 Archive

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  • ReiserFS creator arrested over missing woman

    Suspected of estranged wife's murder

    Software 11 00:23

  • Java for Vista is rock solid, says Sun

    PC builders, come on down!

    The Channel 11 00:46

  • Patch Tuesday - and other days of the week

    Viral Wednesday

    Security 11 01:53

  • Of IBM's systems management initiative

    Wrong premise, says Gustin Partners' Cormac O'Reilly

    Management 11 07:02

  • Symantec, Accenture couple on outsourcing

    A secure and loving relationship

    The Channel 11 07:02

  • Accenture previews intelligent home technology

    Mirror, mirror on the wall...

    Applications 11 08:42

  • NFC completes Smart Posters standard

    And Nokia takes its trials to Finland

    Mobile 11 08:43

  • Slashdot in Yahoo! IM black helicopter moment

    YouTube urls blocked?

    Media 11 08:45

  • AMD quad-core Opteron will support FB-DIMM

    Updated architecture to boost memory, virtualisation, multimedia

    Hardware 11 08:54

  • CBI calls for better procurement

    And new 'technology innovation' agency

    Policy 11 08:57

  • Intel to follow 'Santa Rosa' Centrino with 'Montevina'

    Only supporting DDR 3, for better power consumption?

    Hardware 11 09:16

  • GS1 - simplifying the supply chain

    I am not a number!

    Business 11 09:20

  • Carousel fraud slows down again

    Second month in a row

    The Channel 11 09:26

  • Brummie clubber killed by bovine TB

    Six infected in nightclub outbreak

    Science 11 09:27

  • AOL UK finds a home in Carphone Warehouse

    £370m, 2 million customers, one brand (slightly used)

    Networks 11 09:35

  • PCI Express 2.0 final draft spec published

    Version 0.9 sent to PCI-SIG members

    Hardware 11 09:51

  • Technicolour Colombian finch declared new species

    Gorrión-montes de los Yariguíes, come on down

    Science 11 10:03

  • Microsoft Germany CEO quits over strategy

    Differences with Redmond

    The Channel 11 10:07

  • Microsoft posts Windows XP Home Edition security fixes

    System software updat

    Hardware 11 10:42

  • I-O Data touts double-speed ToteBag USB Flash drive


    Hardware 11 10:42

  • Broadcom wins a round in war against Qualcomm

    Sort of

    Mobile 11 10:48

  • Windows Update glitches derail Patch Tuesday

    Ten fixes, six critical, await triage

    Security 11 10:50

  • Ricoh Caplio R5 7.2Mp compact digital camera

    7.1x optical zoom in a compact format

    Hardware 11 11:02

  • Intel readies Merom-based Celeron Ms for Q1 '07?

    Low-voltage Core 2 Duos too, it's claimed

    Hardware 11 11:04

  • Bloggers bamboozled by 'Sony Ericsson DVB-H phone'

    The groovy gadget that wasn't

    Phones 11 11:38

  • Spam Cube to take anti-spam gadget worldwide

    Hardware hammers unwanted emails

    Hardware 11 12:17

  • Samsung ships 10Mp camera phone to Korea

    It's a satellite telly receiver too

    Phones 11 12:28

  • Microsoft SCO conspiracy theory quashed (again)

    But Redmond's black helicopters never took off

    Financial News 11 13:00

  • Police search for UK victims of US ID theft

    But wary Brits think email warnings are hoax

    Security 11 13:04

  • Moller flogs flying car on eBay

    M400X Skycar prototype, one careful owner

    Media 11 13:05

  • Cyberterror sim scares pants off of Wired smarty

    Electronic Pearl Harbor's enduring echo...

    Media 11 13:11

  • Reg Hardware is hiring

    Wanted: Reviews Editor, Reporter. Fit the bill?

    Site News 11 13:37

  • SEC procrastinating on Brocade fine?

    Bring me the head of Steve Jobs

    Storage 11 14:01

  • Gitmo - another Brit idea commercialised by the US?

    Demon diarist tells of HMG's post-9/11 planning

    Media 11 14:29

  • Intel 'Bearlake' South Bridge to offer fast data recovery tech?

    Rapid Recover Technology

    Hardware 11 14:52

  • HCL squeezes Indian software engineers

    Unions helpless but hopeful

    Financial News 11 14:53

  • Ericsson goes green

    Cell towers powered by biofuel to connect Nigeria

    Mobile 11 14:54

  • Dunn editorial officially ends the 'HP Way'

    Dysfunctional and proud of it

    Financial News 11 15:02

  • Apple's NY Fifth Avenue store is an 'insult to Islam'

    Ka'ba lookalike ruffles feathers

    Media 11 15:06

  • Nokia adds Orb for go-anywhere TV

    But for one phone only

    Mobile 11 15:10

  • It's the information, stupid

    Symantec unwraps Security 2.0 strategy

    Security 11 15:18

  • Brocade-McData: nothing to see here, Mr FTC

    FAN-tastic future together?

    Storage 11 15:28

  • Ad watchdog slaps The Link's wrists

    Unfair comparison with BT

    VoIP 11 15:32

  • MIT opens Junk Science Institute

    Management consultants on the march

    Management 11 15:49

  • Belkin tunes into Bluetooth for iPod song sender

    TuneStage wireless stereo transmitter updated

    Hardware 11 16:05

  • Founder Augustin to abandon VA

    Thanks for the name changes

    Applications 11 16:28

  • DoJ waves through AT&T-Bell South deal

    It's alive! Ma Bell waits for FCC blessing

    Broadband 11 19:31

  • Eudora morphs into Thunderbird

    Mozilla Foundation has new baby

    Applications 11 20:02

  • Options scandal claims CNET, McAfee chiefs

    Fat cream formula turns sour for five more

    Financial News 11 20:31

  • BEA touts an 'enterprise MySpace'

    Social software could be what SOA actually needs

    Developer 11 20:55

  • Google mixes up letters and numbers

    Writely, meet Spreadsheets

    Applications 11 23:53