6th October 2006 Archive

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  • Up close and personal with a leaking magnetosphere

    Cosmic plumbing

    Science 06 06:02

  • Daily Mail blogrant worries Reg readers

    And did Apple buy the eBay TARDIS?

    Letters 06 07:02

  • IPS completes biometric passport move

    ePassport the 'most secure passport ever'

    Policy 06 08:44

  • Northamber watches profit and revs fall


    The Channel 06 08:48

  • DVD Forum kicks off HD DVD region-coding scheme

    Open market set to close

    Hardware 06 09:23

  • Why, why, Wibree?

    Is Nokia's new wireless standard really mature enough?

    Mobile 06 09:24

  • 'Casual games' to fuel mobile gaming market

    Industry 'coming of age'

    Mobile 06 09:24

  • Nokia gets closer to Orange, which endorses Symbian

    One in the eye for Microsoft?

    Mobile 06 09:35

  • Europe's MetOp satellite gets new launch date

    Third, fourth, or maybe fifth time lucky

    Science 06 09:39

  • UK and Ireland welcome roaming cuts

    Operators slash costs ahead of EU legislation

    Mobile 06 09:43

  • Vodafone UK takes a shine to RIM's Pearl

    Carrier starts pre-order round

    Phones 06 09:44

  • Hitachi recalls Sony laptop batteries

    Overheating risk

    Hardware 06 09:57

  • SOA is the future - but what exactly is it?

    Survey says business just doesn't 'get' it

    Management 06 10:14

  • Rectal hiccups cure secures Ig Nobel Prize

    Improbable Research where the sun don't shine

    Science 06 10:28

  • Pentagon confirms Beijing's anti-satellite laser

    Wi jammin', and I hope Yu like jammin' too

    Science 06 10:30

  • NASA seeks students for low gravity tests

    Fancy a trip on the vomit comet?

    Science 06 10:36

  • ATI targets next-gen Athlon 64 FX with four-GPU chipset?

    Roadmap ATI leak neatly coincides with AMD's

    Hardware 06 10:39

  • BOFH: The mystery of the impenetrable data safe

    Impenetrable? Yeah right

    BOFH 06 10:44

  • Busy Patch Tuesday looms

    11 updates, some critical

    Security 06 10:45

  • Aggregates: the not-so-forgotten DBA issue

    Reducing aggregates can relieve the headache

    Developer 06 10:56

  • ATI next-gen chips said to back Vista Flash cache tech

    SB700 ready for ReadyDrive?

    Hardware 06 11:01

  • Oono MiniDAB pocket digital radio

    The Archers in your pocket, in 1s and 0s

    Hardware 06 11:02

  • How does a cross-eyed person's view differ from others?

    Looking at life from another angle

    Science 06 11:07

  • What can you learn from the sound of someone's voice?

    Voice a 'multidimensional fitness indicator'

    Science 06 11:07

  • What are the most widely practiced religions of the world?

    Big believers

    Science 06 11:07

  • What are the scientific reasons for having sex?

    The benefits of making the beast with two backs

    Science 06 11:10

  • Hams drafted into US emergency comms network

    Scraping the pork barrel?

    Mobile 06 11:14

  • ATI RD580 set to star in AMD's '4x4'?

    Alleged roadmap points to three-GPU, two-CPU update

    Hardware 06 11:31

  • Parents prepare to sue fingerprint grabbers

    Schools to be challenged over biometrics

    Media 06 11:47

  • HP criminal charges, Microsoft licensing and Bulgarian airbags

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    Business 06 13:02

  • Intel reveals wireless connectivity roadmap

    Wi-Fi N, WiMAX and HSDPA on laptops next year

    Hardware 06 13:15

  • From little Estonian acorns Alcatel may grow WiMAX oaks

    Small beginnings, big future

    Data Networking 06 13:26

  • Marijuana may help 'stave off' Alzheimer's

    Here you go, grandad, have a toke on that

    Science 06 13:53

  • Rolls-Royce suspends A380 engine production

    Implications for workforce 'being assessed'

    Science 06 13:56

  • Airline passenger data deal struck

    Push-me, pull-you

    Media 06 14:03

  • Wireless lobby paves the wave for reduced DUI fines

    Cheers to you, CTIA

    Bootnotes 06 14:46

  • China selects top tunes for singing satellite

    Musical lunarcy

    Science 06 14:48

  • Big Brother investigation 'brings premium rate industry into disrepute'

    Was it ever in repute in the first place?

    Broadband 06 14:50

  • UK govt says iTrip street legal... almost

    Draft regs posted, should by okayed by December

    Hardware 06 15:30

  • Allofmp3.com speaks out against US

    Downloads jeopardise trade talks, says White House

    Financial News 06 15:41

  • Worm automates Google AdSense fraud

    Click-fraud menace spreads using IM

    Security 06 15:53

  • Privacy group takes US to court over email spying

    After FoI request denied by FBI

    Security 06 18:22

  • Google to buy YouTube for $1.6bn - reports

    Goo Goo Ga-Tube

    Financial News 06 18:46

  • D-Link powers up for 10Gig

    It's cheerful, but is it cheap?

    Data Networking 06 21:33

  • Alcatel pushes 10Gig aggregation

    Baby version of big core switches

    Data Networking 06 21:39

  • Murtagh to take control of Smart Telecom

    Construction magnate to the rescue

    Broadband 06 21:55

  • Rockwell goes on the booze

    Futurama robots run on beer. These robots make their own brew

    Data Networking 06 21:59

  • Google to subpoena Yahoo! and Microsoft in library battle

    Book 'em, Google

    Media 06 22:26

  • T-Mobile USA splashes the 3G cash

    $2.7bn here, $4.2bn there - it starts adding up

    Operating Systems 06 23:05

  • Microsoft lets slip Windows Vista RC2

    The final, final test build

    Operating Systems 06 23:34