5th October 2006 Archive

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  • HP's head swells as inkjet speed increases

    And shoots out more lasers

    Data Centre 05 00:02

  • California AG shows five the HP way to felony charges

    Former Chair floored

    Financial News 05 01:25

  • Vodafone's BlackBerry customers in a jam

    A special kind of upgrade

    Mobile 05 07:21

  • DataCore plays a SANmelody for smaller SANs

    Even small servers can be virtual iSCSI storage

    Storage 05 07:24

  • The policy is...get some

    Apps upgrades will need policies, even if you don't want them

    Developer 05 07:26

  • Widespread growth likely in global ICT sector

    OECD report predicts heady times ahead

    Management 05 08:18

  • Mozilla flaws more joke than jeopardy

    Firefox attack a 'stand up comedy routine'

    Security 05 08:42

  • Mag names Mac Pro 'fastest PC in UK'

    Halves previous 3D rendering record

    Hardware 05 09:04

  • US rattles sabre at North Korea

    Choose between nuclear weapons and a future

    Media 05 09:08

  • BT + HP + PepsiCo = $$$

    Fizzy revenue stream

    Data Centre 05 09:13

  • REALbasic 2006 gets Mac Universal binary support

    Make your Mac apps run faster

    Hardware 05 09:27

  • Bill and Ballmer's bonuses shrink

    Poor billionaires

    Software 05 09:27

  • Nvidia stock jumps on Intel takeover rumour

    Wall Street eyes deal as AMD-ATI merger nears completion

    Hardware 05 09:45

  • Vendor unveils USB Serial-ATA dongle

    Hook big, fast drives up to your USB port

    Hardware 05 10:07

  • Dolphins, dinghies and underground water levels

    And why cabbage is bad

    Data Networking 05 10:20

  • Hubble spies more extra-solar planets

    Galaxy stuffed full of them

    Science 05 10:22

  • AMD to conjure a constellation of K8L desktop chips

    Twinkle, twinkle, little star

    Hardware 05 10:27

  • MS builds tougher piracy protection into Vista

    Redmond's latest plan to scuttle pirates unveiled

    Security 05 10:40

  • Prof. Wendy Hall receives Borg award


    Science 05 10:42

  • Nvidia to make quantum leap with GeForce 8800?

    Unified shaders to work on game physic too, it's suggested

    Hardware 05 10:50

  • X Prize punts cash for medical breakthrough

    Millionaires' club sets genome target

    Science 05 11:02

  • Nokia jazzes up 5500 Sport jogger phone

    New Music Edition model

    Phones 05 11:07

  • Crystal balls with HP

    HP looks to utility, aggregation and legacies

    Servers 05 11:41

  • Microsoft will police licenses through SMS

    That's Systems Management Server to you

    Applications 05 12:06

  • Vonage calls up USB key phone

    VoIP app and 250MB of storage space

    Hardware 05 12:16

  • 'Bloggers do not have original thought between them'

    Waterhouse takes a pop at 'Googlers' too

    Media 05 12:34

  • AMD said to have approved foundry's 65nm fab

    Chartered Semiconductor's process validated, sources claim

    Hardware 05 12:52

  • A compromise in European patenting debate?

    Unexpected move

    Software 05 12:56

  • Tesco self-scan tills 'open to card fraud'

    Lets thieves help themselves

    Security 05 13:02

  • AOpen touts 'speed-limit breaking' 18x DVD writer

    But Sony broke it first

    Hardware 05 13:14

  • Researchers find link between teeth and memory loss

    Now where did I leave my dentures?

    Science 05 13:40

  • Big Brother voting ruled misleading

    ICSTIS delivers £40k slap on the wrist

    Broadband 05 13:46

  • Top Gear back on the road

    Filming resumes

    Bootnotes 05 13:51

  • German police hunt runaway breast implant patient

    Have you seen these jubs?

    Media 05 14:15

  • UK consumers are Europe's top tech spenders

    More than $31bn spent on electronics this year

    Hardware 05 14:42

  • Indian data theft 'exposed'

    Britain gripped by fear of keyboard-wielding foreigners

    Security 05 15:08

  • 2006: journos' year of living dangerously

    75 fatalities to date

    Media 05 15:09

  • Apple admits iPod Nano colours may 'change over time'

    Coughing up before the complaints?

    Hardware 05 15:13

  • Rigby sets stage for SCH dynasty

    Eldest son takes major role

    The Channel 05 15:18

  • Arnie terminates RFID bill

    It'll be back, vows sponsor

    Security 05 15:20

  • US judges rule on warrantless surveillance

    Spy on the wire

    Media 05 16:47

  • HP's 'ethics' chief emerges as spy scandal star

    We did it my way

    Financial News 05 18:12

  • Play chess on your nearest e-voting machine

    Dutch go Irish

    Security 05 19:01

  • Microsoft blesses Datacenter users with limitless OS copies

    Go virtual, go nuts

    Servers 05 20:27

  • SOA software guy from Sun walks up to The Reg and says ...

    My punchline is better than theirs

    Developer 05 21:10

  • Bugging offices is not a crime (in UK)

    Pretexting is for kids

    Management 05 21:35

  • Micro pretexter makes micro payment to FTC

    One down, four to go

    Media 05 22:29

  • RIM boss buys Pittsburgh Penguins

    Gets his skates on

    Financial News 05 23:26