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Sun ships 52,000 Opteron cores to Texas

Sun Microsystems continues its march toward supercomputing respectability. The company has won a deal to supply the University of Texas with a system that should easily be one of the fastest on the planet when completed in 2007.
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Share the Vista vision, Microsoft tells security rivals

Microsoft has called on security software firms to provide more than just "basic" products for Windows Vista.

Cassatt and XenSource to sell hype software together

Normally, two virtualization companies with silly names forming a sales partnership would not capture our attention. But, people actually seem to use the software from Cassatt and XenSource, so here we are.
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Mars HiRISE images wow the crowd

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has delivered its first close-up snaps of the Martian surface, courtesy of the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE).

Firefox JavaScript risk downplayed

Update Flaws in the way Firefox handles JavaScript code only crash the browser (at worst), contrary to earlier reports that researchers had identified a zero-day exploit that might lend itself to malware-based attacks.

AMD to ship K8L next-gen desktop CPUs Q3 07?

AMD's 65nm 'Altair' processor, the first desktop chip to be based on the company's next-generation K8L architecture, will debut Q3 2007, various Asian reports claiming to be derived from the firm's roadmaps allege.
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Google comes up trumps in AdWords dispute

A New York district court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Rescuecom, a computer repair firm, that accused Google of trademark infringement by selling its brand as a search term.
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Stealth techniques push malware under the radar

Increased use of stealth techniques such as rootkits is leading to fewer reports of new viruses, according to a study by net security outfit VeriSign iDefense.

Netezza surprises with technical capabilities

Comment I have recently returned from Netezza's second annual conference. This was well attended, with nearly all of the company's customers (around 75) being represented, as well as a significant number of both prospects and partners.

ATI 80nm GPUs given PCI Express thumbs-up

ATI's upcoming RV535, RV560 and RV570 GPUs have been certified as PCI Express-compatible by the PCI SIG, a move that paves the way for the parts' release.
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Demon hosting back online

Demon Web Hosting is back online today after technical problems downed the service for a week.
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Creative boosts Zen V Plus to 8GB

Creative's Zen V Plus music player is to be upgraded to 8GB, the music player manufacturer has revealed. The colourful gadget is currently available in 1, 2 and 4GB incarnations. It sports a 1.5in, 128 x 128, 262,144-colour OLED screen for video and photo playback, and supports MP3 and WMA DRM music formats. It can take voice …
Hard Reg, 03 2006
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Proofpoint and VMware team up for messaging security

Comment Recently, Proofpoint Inc released the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition, an enterprise-scale virtual appliance that provides messaging security.
Tony Lock, 03 2006
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Ozone layer hits new depletion record

Despite optimism earlier this year that the ozone hole was stabilising and might even have begun to repair itself, scientists at the European Space Agency report that 2006 saw record losses of ozone over the south pole.

Sony Ericsson unveils text-recognition phone

Sony Ericsson will this month ship its first true clamshell form-factor phone with a touch-sensitive main display. Dubbed the Z558, the handset will also feature character recognition ready for what the company called "one-touch" text messaging.
Hard Reg, 03 2006

HP debuts HD DVD add-on drive

Erstwhile Blu-ray Disc backer HP is preparing an external HD DVD drive, it has emerged. The company's also equipping two of its consumer-oriented notebook and media centre systems with drives that support the next-gen optical disc format.
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James Martin - guru?

James Martin popped up on BBC Radio 4's Start the Week yesterday, mapping out technology futures.
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North Korea to test nuclear warhead

North Korea has announced it will test one of its nuclear warheads, the BBC reports. North Korea's foreign ministry declared: "[North Korea] will in the future conduct a nuclear test under the condition where safety is firmly guaranteed."
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Swedish man acquitted in file sharing case

A 29-year-old Swedish man suspected of sharing local movie Hip Hip Hora was acquitted by the Svea Court of Appeal yesterday.

Mather and Smoot collect Nobel Prize for Physics

The Nobel Prize for Physics has been awarded jointly to John Mather and George Smoot "for their discovery of the black-body form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation".
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Breast implants save car-crash Bulgarian

A Bulgarian woman driver escaped relatively unscathed from a head-on pile-up with another vehicle when her 40DD breast implants absorbed most of the impact, Ananova reports.
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British Museum to police eBay

British Museum experts will monitor eBay antiquities sales and report illegal activity to the Met's Art and Antiques Unit in an arrangement announced today.

AMD to bridge Socket AM2, AM3 with intermediate interconnect?

AMD looks set to implement a Socket AM2 revision spanning the processor interconnect's current specification and the upcoming Socket AM3 due in 2008. That at least is what reports coming out of Taiwan citing local motherboard-maker sources claim.

Unofficial patches defend against further IE flaw

Two groups of security researchers have released unofficial patches designed to protect surfers against an outstanding Internet Explorer vulnerability in the absence of available security updates from Microsoft.

Nokia touts low-cost, low-power wireless tech

Nokia today invited hardware and software makers to join it and implement a new wireless data transfer technology designed to operate over very short distances. Yet the Finnish phone giant insisted the technology, dubbed Wibree, is complementary to Bluetooth.

Big Blue unwraps packaged networking services

IBM is developing off-the-shelf service products covering real-time collaboration, unified messaging and SOA, after launching a pair of networking packages last week.
Joe Fay, 03 2006

Blue Coat claims super-secure remote access

Blue Coat reckons its new SSL VPN appliance could be the most secure remote access device yet. Not only does Blue Coat RA encrypt the traffic between the client and the host, it also blocks keyloggers and framegrabbers, and encrypts the files it caches onto the client's hard disk.

The land that GPRS forgot

Ionian Blog To the bat-cave!
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UK and US plan realtime police database links

UK and US immigration databases have been linked in an intelligence sharing experiment that could lead to permanent trans-Atlantic data stores of wanted and suspected people.
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Fuel cell-powered phones still years away: Nokia

If the supply chain was ready, we could have fuel cells in our mobile phone handsets tomorrow, according to handset manufacturer, Nokia.
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Microsoft buys DesktopStandard

Microsoft says it is to acquire software developer DesktopStandard for an undisclosed sum.
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BT courts SMB IT outsourcing

BT is promising to makes small businesses' IT headaches all better as its Business IT Manager outsourcing service gets a nationwide rollout today.
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Nokia extends Bluetooth into low power applications

Nokia has launched a new wireless standard to add to the short-range wireless mix.
Bill Ray, 03 2006

Western Digital ships 1TB RAID-able external HDD

Western Digital has beefed up its My Book Pro line of external hard drives with a RAID-equipped model that packs in two HDDs to yield a whopping terabyte of unformatted storage capacity.
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Flight disaster phishing scam lands in Brazil

Pond-dwelling scammers are seeking to exploit interest in last weekend's Brazilian airline disaster to tempt potential victims onto a site hosting a Trojan downloader.
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Mobile sales set to fall

Sales of mobile handsets will decline to single digit growth, but not before annual sales break the billion barrier.

Tandberg's tapeless tape drive

Tandberg Data is the latest storage vendor to bring out a removable-disk backup product. It says the RDX QuikStor combines the portability and simplicity of tape - its cartridges are tape-sized and plug in just as easily - with the speed of hard disk.
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Ireland exits British Isles

Irish publisher Folens has announced that in future Ireland will not be included in the British Isles, The Evening Standard reports.
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Microsoft to appeal second EC fine

Microsoft confirmed today that it will appeal the second part of the fine imposed on it by the European Competition Commission.
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Asus guarantees pre-n kit will meet 802.11n standard

Asus has put its money where its mouth is and pledged to provide free upgrades to its pre-802.11n wireless products should changes to the final version of the specification require software or hardware changes for compatibility.

Sony punching out PS3s 'full swing', claims analyst

Sony's PlayStation 3 production programme is "in full swing", market watcher American Technology Research (ATR) has claimed. Crucially, this means the consumer electronics giant will meet its target and ship 2m of the next-generation consoles by the end of the year.

Elonex phoenix crashes to Earth

Elonex Ltd has gone into administration, just three months after it was formed from the ashes of Elonex Plc by Staffs-based stationer Afic.

McAfee erects Citadel

McAfee has agreed to buy a majority stake in security policy compliance firm Citadel Security in a deal valued at $60m. The deal is designed to bolster McAfee's capabilities in the area of policy enforcement and vulnerability remediation.
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Eircom pulls plug on Smart customers

Smart Telecom suspended trading on the AIM on Tuesday in order to protect its falling share price after infrastructure owner Eircom disconnected around 45,000 of its customers.
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Powered switch unifies wired and wireless LANs

3Com claims it's the first to properly unify wired and wireless networking for small and medium businesses (SMBs).
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Party Gaming axes interim dividend

Party Gaming, the world's biggest online gambling business, is axing its interim dividend, worth $115m, previously due to be paid on 31 October.
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FTC pokes stick at Brocade-McData buy

The Federal Trade Commission has asked Brocade to give it more information over its proposed acquisition of enterprise storage rival McData.
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IBM sweats acquisitions for bumper SOA rollout

IBM today rolled out 23 updated product and 11 professional services offerings for service oriented architectures (SOAs). Some use technology from recent and recent-ish acquisitions, Webify, BuildForge and Bowstreet.
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A look at Apache modules

Column As I write this, I'm on the Eurostar train, just returning from O'Reilly's OSCon (Open Source Conference) in Brussels. Some fascinating insights there; and even my own talk generated some interesting discussion. Some of the delegates, including O'Reilly himself, are promoting opensource ideas going beyond software and into society more generally. I've touched on that in this very column before now, but a related argument that's new to me is that the open/closed debate in software could become largely sidelined, as the industry focuses on software as a service (such as Google's offerings) more than as a product.
Nick Kew, 03 2006
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Sprint tools up with Razr

Sprint is to start retailing the Motorola Razr handset for the first time in November.
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'Don't spy on Verizon chair' - warned HP spooks

The executives willing to testify about their roles in the HP spy scandal have claimed a blissful ignorance around the legal ins and outs of obtaining phone records. Their defense has hinged on the idea that they were assured by hired investigators that any phone snooping was legal and that they did not become really concerned about how phone records were obtained until learning of the euphemism "pretexting." Even after learning about pretexting, it took executives weeks to comprehend in full the fraud behind the practice.
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Mandriva Linux 2007 outed

Mandriva has opened its download doors for business the latest version of its desktop Linux operating system.
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HP told WSJ to, 'Go say nice things'

We've always wondered how elite reporters at publications such as the Wall Street Journal handle their communications with public relations drones. Thanks to HP's savvy investigators, we must wonder no more.