29th September 2006 Archive

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  • Options review over-shadows RIM sunny Q2

    Backdating to the Future

    Financial News 29 00:26

  • Do Artificial Intelligence Chatbots look like their programmers?

    It's Reg vs Rollo

    Science 29 00:31

  • HP buys VoodooPC

    Woo Woo That Voodoo That You Do So Well

    Hardware 29 01:33

  • Verizon sues alleged HP fraudsters

    Dunn whines

    Financial News 29 01:37

  • Unwired Australia spearheads new WiMAX roaming alliance

    Australasian operators set up 'spectrum club'

    Data Networking 29 07:02

  • TalkTalk customers break contract shackles

    Carphone capitulates on complaints

    Networks 29 08:02

  • Sony colours Vaio C series for Cosmo crowd

    Love a (Mandarina) Duck

    Hardware 29 08:02

  • Internet advertising shoots past estimates

    US spend reaches $7.9bn

    Financial News 29 08:40

  • Irish software to detect airline threats

    Hazard IQ to 'restore faith in air travel'

    Security 29 09:36

  • Swedish pirates plan pan-European electoral assault

    Arr me hearty, let's unite

    Media 29 09:46

  • Commissioner says EU patent doubts 'legitimate'

    McCreevy calls for consensus

    Software 29 09:53

  • Space tourist, ISS crew land safely

    But the pesky oxygen generator is on the blink again

    Science 29 10:01

  • Reg Dev-ers go EuroOSCON 2006

    Another Tuesday in Belgium

    Developer 29 10:29

  • Music industry settles digital royalties quarrel

    The eight percenters

    Financial News 29 10:34

  • Why are people so often in denial?

    What you don't accept can't hurt you

    Science 29 10:34

  • Can your hair turn white as a result of shock?

    And could it do so overnight?

    Science 29 10:35

  • What is the difference between a virus and a bacterium?

    Pesky pathogens

    Science 29 10:36

  • Can flossing your teeth prevent a heart attack?

    Care or coronary

    Science 29 10:47

  • Smart cars save lives

    EU teams with industry to promote safety tech

    Science 29 10:57

  • Sling Media SlingBox networkable TV tuner

    Hardware 29 11:02

  • BOFH: Pulling a computer survey swifty

    Five grand for your silence

    BOFH 29 11:02

  • Reading Uni to close physics department

    Future of science in the hands of teenagers

    Science 29 11:19

  • Kingston buys Smart421

    Hull's never dull

    The Channel 29 11:21

  • Low-tech anthrax still deadly? FBI research widens suspect list

    'Weaponised' theory undermined

    Media 29 12:48

  • Intel sees the future, HP wants to forget the past, and Apple's not green

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    Business 29 12:54

  • CA offers 'insurance' against viral infection

    Only in America

    Security 29 13:12

  • No2ID refuseniks host comedy extravaganza

    There's nothing funny about Hitler

    Security 29 13:15

  • ESA outlines Earth research plans

    Understanding our impact

    Science 29 13:42

  • IBM cool water technology sucked up by Panduit

    Make friends with your plumber

    Data Networking 29 13:45

  • UKbetting buys Ritz Club

    Closed down Wednesday, bought Friday

    Financial News 29 14:21

  • Apple's talks with Nordic regulators positive

    Search for pan-Scandy peace

    Media 29 14:52

  • Lawsuits, rocky planets and bratwurst for everyone

    Podpodpod Podpodpod

    Letters 29 15:11

  • Juniper grows secure branch boxes

    Changing the risk model for remote offices

    Data Networking 29 15:29

  • HP 'routinely' uses email tracking

    Web bug uncovered under Congressional spotlight

    Security 29 15:33

  • Battery recall spreads like wild, er fire

    Toshiba, Dell, IBM. Who's next?

    Hardware 29 15:39

  • T-Mobile dumps VoIP restrictions

    Web 'n' Walk grasps the nettle next week

    Mobile 29 15:45

  • Morpheus maker loses US case

    Streamcast downcast

    Media 29 16:14

  • Java EE and .NET Interoperability

    Coping strategies for co-existence

    Developer 29 19:34

  • Warcraft gamers locked out after Trojan attack

    Keylog catastrophe

    Security 29 19:38

  • WiMAX Club formed to undermine 3G and GSM telcos

    Insurgency by wannabe telcos

    Broadband 29 19:51

  • Accenture escapes £1bn penalty for NHS walk-out

    It's 'been delivering'

    Policy 29 20:01