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Sun purchase fuels need for speed

Sun Microsystems has become the latest infrastructure provider to express its love for smaller software partners in the form of an acquisition.
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Mars rover arrives at 'treasure trove' crater

NASA's Rover Opportunity, currently traipsing across the surface of Mars, has arrived at the rim of the Victoria Crater, a gash in the planet's surface over half a mile wide and 230 feet deep.
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Shops must use RFID with care

Shops which use RFID tags and CCTV cameras must tell shoppers every time an RFID tag is used and must tell shoppers how to remove them. The order comes in guidelines produced by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). RFID (radio frequency identification) tags are used for inventory management in many shops but are increasingly used on shop shelves to identify products. The ICO said that shops must comply with the Data Protection Act when RFID information is collected alongside personal identifying information, such as CCTV footage.

Wi-Fi service breaches ISP conditions

A router designed to share broadband internet connections with third parties appears to break the terms and conditions of seven of the top 10 UK internet service providers.
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Germany menaced by 50m insect

Sharp-eyed Google Earth monitors have this morning alerted Vulture Central to the threat posed to humanity by a giant earwig which is as we speak rampaging its way across the German countryside:

HP's Dunn takes defence to Washington

Patricia Dunn, the recently ex-chairman of HP, is to appear before a Congressional committee later today to defend her actions in spying on board members and journalists.
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Ebuyer.com slashes coding teams

British online computer retailer Ebuyer.com has made job cuts in a bid to increase its efficiency against bigger competitors like Amazon and Tesco.
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Naomi Campbell in NY court no-show

WSA Battling supermodel Naomi Campbell narrowly avoided becoming the subject of an international dragnet yesterday after failing to show at a New York court on a charge of assaulting her housekeeper with a mobile phone.
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The No Fluff Just Stuff 2006 Anthology

The No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) symposia have achieved a reputation for providing the geekiest content to its developer audiences. Primarily focused on Java and open source technologies, the symposia major on delivering sessions devoted to leading edge technologies presented by the leading practitioners. Audiences are deliberately kept small, and the usual presenter/audience barrier is actively discouraged. The aim is to encourage sharing of knowledge and experience as much as possible.
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Accenture heads for NHS exit

Accenture is reported to have been finalising negotiations to hand two much maligned NHS contracts worth more than £2bn over to rival CSC.
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Verizon expands private network

Brief Verizon is extending ethernet access to its private IP network to business customers in six more countries.

Sony Ericsson and Fossil launch Bluetooth watches

Today Sony Ericsson announced its MBW-100 Bluetooth 2.0 watch which it has developed together with Fossil. The watch features analogue dials and a small OLED screen. With the MBW-100 you can accept incoming calls and control the MP3 playback features of your Sony Ericsson Bluetooth-equipped mobile phone.
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Nominet election shambles sparks call for re-vote

Prospective board candidates for UK registry Nominet have called for a re-run of the election - just hours after the ballot closed and before the votes have even been counted.

The day the rat entrails mystery was solved

Ionian blog Today was the day I tried the web-cam over satellite. It was also the day the "rat's entrails" fight came to a head. On balance, I think I came out ahead of the cook.
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P2P radio goes mobile

Popular P2P music sharing service Mercora has released a client for mobile devices. Mercora allows members to play each other their own songs and playlists across the network - it's legal, and royalties are collected and distributed to rights holders.
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Jajah brings VoIP to mobiles

Jajah has launched a UK service offering cut-price mobile phone calls, by routing most of the call over the internet using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.
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UK banking websites' security slammed

Several major UK bank websites are subject to security flaws that make it easier for phishing fraudsters to craft more convincing scams, according to a study by Heise Security, a UK arm of the German firm behind c't magazine and German IT portal Heise Online.
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Hitachi reseller cull leaves vacancies

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is seeking a couple of new resellers to complete its squad to attack the mid-range storage market.
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More Wi-Fi demanded in T-Mobile poll

A survey of 253 Wi-Fi users by polling company YouGov has discovered that users would like more hotspots in more locations: half of them want Wi-Fi-equipped trains and a quarter want access on the tube, though with 86 per cent of them using laptops it's not clear how useful such connectivity would be during rush hour.
Bill Ray, 28 2006
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Astronomers ID hottest ever extra solar planets

Scottish astronomers working on a new wide-field survey of the sky have identified two new extra-solar planets in the constellations of Andromeda and Delphinius. The planets have been dubbed Wasp-1a and Wasp-1b.
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Skype on Symbian 'is challenging', CEO says

Putting Skype onto a Symbian phone has proved more difficult than had been hoped, according to an interview given by co-founder and chief executive Niklas Zennstrom to a Finnish newspaper, as reported by Yahoo! News.
Bill Ray, 28 2006
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Accenture NHS exit confirmed

Connecting for Health, the UK government agency running the £12.5bn National Programme for IT, has confirmed that two of its five main regional contracts are to change hands.
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Morse boardroom shuffle detailed

Morse has updated the Stock Exchange on the results of its restructure - announced when the company published its preliminary results.

Intel to intro first four-core, one-die CPU in H2 07?

IDF Intel's first monolithic quad-core processor will ship in H2 2007, a variety of reports from Asia citing Taiwanese motherboard maker sources have claimed. The part, codenamed 'Yorkfield', will have four cores stamped on a single die of silicon, what AMD likes to call a "native quad-core" part.

Microsoft names US Xbox 360 HD DVD drive debut date

Microsoft will ship the eagerly awaited external HD DVD drive for its Xbox 360 console into the US mid-November, the software giant has announced. The drive will set console owners back $200 and bundle the 2005 King Kong remake.
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UK's worst spammer loses appeal

The UK's biggest spammer, convicted on a variety of charges ranging from fraud and blackmail to making threats to kill and sentenced to six years imprisonment, has failed in an appeal court bid to quash two of his convictions.
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China test fires fusion reactor

China today carried out its first successful test of a fusion reactor, Reuters reports.
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UK air passengers feel safer

The first major survey into passenger feelings since the alleged "liquid bomb" plotters were arrested reveals the famous stiff upper lip is alive and well among UK air passengers.

Another day, another zero-day MS exploit

Business users are being encouraged to be more cautious when opening PowerPoint files following the discovery of an as yet unpatched flaw in Microsoft's office application.

Samsung serves up six-channel media phone

Samsung has announced a 1.9cm thick slider handset that not only packs in phone and PDA functionality, but also manages to squeeze in Wi-Fi, digital TV reception and 5.1-channel audio.
Hard Reg, 28 2006
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BenQ says 'adieu' to its European mobile phone business

BenQ's mobile phone business - the former Siemens division BenQ took over less than a year ago for €250m - is facing imminent collapse.

Gartner warns of environmental power struggles

Analyst house Gartner is warning technology bosses to take the twin issues of pollution and energy consumption seriously, because policy makers are starting to pay serious attention.
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Paoga boosts your 'self-worth'

It may be over a year since Vulture Central mentioned Paoga and it may only just be approaching launching an open Beta Test programme that anyone can sign up to – and you can here - but the reason for founder, Graham Sadd, starting the business remains. What has changed is pinpointing why potential users should be interested. Your personal information – or some of it at least - is already up for sale somewhere in the world, so why not grab a piece of the action yourself is now an underlying message. After all, it's you they are selling.
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Accenture: NHS failure is 'track record for success'

The company that gave up two failing NHS contracts today tried to paper over the cracks and claimed it had all been a roaring success.
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Attempt to sneak anti-gambling bill into US law fails

An attempt to sneak a US bill banning online gambling into law has run into trouble. Supporters of the bill had attempted to attach the bill to a defence bill being passed this week, but the move has been blocked by the Armed Services Committee.
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US violated world's privacy with secret SWIFT checks

The US Treasury's Terrorist Finance Tracking programme had violated the privacy of up to 7,800 international financial institutions in its secret trawl through financial records held by the Belgian firm SWIFT.
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'Upgrade' equals 'SOA-enabled'

To lunch with Willie Fitzpatrick, EMEA vice president of Amberpoint. Given the company’s interest in SOA management software, that being its major sector of operation, he raised an interesting issue that could well affect many developers and users – namely that they may find SOA infrastructure capabilities thrust upon them, whether they want them or not.
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PayPal pays off AGs over Ts & Cs

PayPal today promised to treat its US customers a little better and to pay $1.7m for the costs of a States investigaton into its terms and conditions.

HP's top lawyer leaves job, holds tongue

Career in "ruin," HP's general counsel Ann Baskins fled the company last night with an exit package potentially worth well over $4m.
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Naiveté of HP's Dunn inspires religious moment

Hailed as a savvy business executive, former HP Chairman Patricia Dunn has come off as not terribly bright, during testimony today in front of a congressional subcommittee. That is at least if you take Dunn at her word – given under oath.

Lenovo and IBM recall 500k+ batteries

Lenovo and IBM today issued a recall on notebook batteries sold with various ThinkPad models between February 2005 and September 2006.

Microsoft matches Apple with Zune pricing

Microsoft is to retail Zune, its first digital music player, at the same price as feature-equivalent iPods.
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Creatives slam British Council copyright report

A British Council study into the creative industries is receiving a chilly reception from the group the Council was set out to promote - British creative industries.
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'We will make more mistakes,' promises HP's CEO

Close to six hours of Congressional testimony today failed to reveal much more in the way of specifics around the HP spy scandal. The marathon session, however, did make clear who has been set up to take the blame for the mess and who is ducking for cover.