28th September 2006 Archive

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  • Sun purchase fuels need for speed

    Identity and access managed

    Applications 28 08:31

  • Mars rover arrives at 'treasure trove' crater

    Opportunity meets Victoria

    Science 28 08:33

  • Shops must use RFID with care

    Information Commissioner checks it out

    Media 28 08:52

  • Wi-Fi service breaches ISP conditions

    Fon and games

    Data Networking 28 09:03

  • Germany menaced by 50m insect

    Mutant earwig rampages across Google Earth

    Media 28 09:06

  • HP's Dunn takes defence to Washington

    Not Dunn arguing

    Financial News 28 09:28

  • Ebuyer.com slashes coding teams

    Byes Ebuy

    The Channel 28 09:41

  • Naomi Campbell in NY court no-show

    Narrowly avoids arrest warrant

    Bootnotes 28 09:58

  • The No Fluff Just Stuff 2006 Anthology

    A great book for Java geeks

    Developer 28 10:20

  • Accenture heads for NHS exit

    Contracts squeezed them out

    The Channel 28 10:43

  • Verizon expands private network

    Six countries added

    Data Networking 28 11:05

  • Sony Ericsson and Fossil launch Bluetooth watches

    How about a snazzy name next time?

    Hardware 28 11:07

  • Nominet election shambles sparks call for re-vote

    Candidates complaining

    Financial News 28 11:47

  • The day the rat entrails mystery was solved

    Table dancing around the Greek islands

    Data Networking 28 11:55

  • P2P radio goes mobile

    But Windows only, for now

    Mobile 28 11:57

  • Jajah brings VoIP to mobiles

    Just like iSkoot, only with a business model too

    Mobile 28 12:10

  • UK banking websites' security slammed

    Frame spoof vulnerabilities rife, warns Heise

    Security 28 12:17

  • Hitachi reseller cull leaves vacancies

    Mounting mid-market storage assault

    The Channel 28 12:36

  • More Wi-Fi demanded in T-Mobile poll

    We all love Wi-Fi

    Broadband 28 12:37

  • Astronomers ID hottest ever extra solar planets

    Pack high factor sun cream

    Science 28 12:44

  • Skype on Symbian 'is challenging', CEO says

    Technical hurdles

    Mobile 28 12:57

  • Accenture NHS exit confirmed

    CSC takes over contracts worth £2bn

    The Channel 28 13:12

  • Morse boardroom shuffle detailed

    New divisions mean new board

    The Channel 28 13:53

  • Intel to intro first four-core, one-die CPU in H2 07?

    'Yorkfield' back on roadmap

    Hardware 28 14:21

  • Microsoft names US Xbox 360 HD DVD drive debut date

    And Peter Jackson planning more Halo games

    Games 28 14:36

  • UK's worst spammer loses appeal

    Knocked back

    Security 28 14:49

  • China test fires fusion reactor

    'First of its kind in the world'

    Science 28 14:51

  • UK air passengers feel safer

    Security theatre reassures

    Media 28 14:53

  • Another day, another zero-day MS exploit

    PowerPoint threat to PCs and Macs

    Applications 28 15:43

  • Samsung serves up six-channel media phone

    It's a PDA too, maker boasts

    Phones 28 15:46

  • BenQ says 'adieu' to its European mobile phone business

    3,000 jobs axed

    Mobile 28 15:49

  • Gartner warns of environmental power struggles

    Switch the lights off as you leave

    Servers 28 15:53

  • Paoga boosts your 'self-worth'

    You're being traded anyway, so get a piece of the action

    Developer 28 16:03

  • Accenture: NHS failure is 'track record for success'

    While Granger juggles apples and pears

    The Channel 28 16:19

  • Attempt to sneak anti-gambling bill into US law fails

    Under the Wire

    Financial News 28 18:15

  • US violated world's privacy with secret SWIFT checks

    SWIFT breaks EU law to comply with US law

    Media 28 18:22

  • 'Upgrade' equals 'SOA-enabled'

    You may not want it, but you’ll get it

    Developer 28 18:24

  • PayPal pays off AGs over Ts & Cs

    Less backward in coming forward

    Financial News 28 19:04

  • HP's top lawyer leaves job, holds tongue

    Bleeds HP blue

    Financial News 28 19:08

  • Naiveté of HP's Dunn inspires religious moment

    Congressman moved by ignorance

    Financial News 28 20:09

  • Lenovo and IBM recall 500k+ batteries

    Curse of the fire-breathing Sonys

    Hardware 28 21:43

  • Microsoft matches Apple with Zune pricing

    Tune for tune

    Mobile 28 21:53

  • Creatives slam British Council copyright report

    We don't just do this for charity, y'know

    Media 28 21:58

  • 'We will make more mistakes,' promises HP's CEO

    Crafty plan for more promotions

    Financial News 28 23:46