25th September 2006 Archive

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  • Sybase squeezes more SAP into devices

    Mobie move

    Developer 25 06:02

  • Sony probes Los Angeles Airport laptop blaze

    Who's battery was in that ThinkPad?

    Hardware 25 07:02

  • Dell Apple to ditch Intel for AMD?

    Same old (inaccurate) speculation, different names

    Hardware 25 08:02

  • UK firm touts phone-friendly Bluetooth media player

    Hardware 25 08:02

  • A database solution is more than database software

    Do people normalise database designs in phones?

    Developer 25 08:57

  • Smart axes 180 in strategic review

    'Low margin businesses' also face the chop

    Management 25 09:10

  • No more kickboxing for the cook

    Switching things off at sea

    Data Networking 25 09:38

  • Fourth Samsung exec pleads guilty to price fixing

    Agrees to eight month jail term

    Media 25 09:44

  • Graduate women more likely to orgasm: official

    A decent job helps, too

    Science 25 09:51

  • Asus to update HD DVD laptop for Core 2 Duo

    ATI's strained silicon GPU on board too

    Hardware 25 10:02

  • Online pharmacies raided by UK regulator

    'If you sell illegal medicines, we will stop you'

    Financial News 25 10:06

  • Google buckles in Belgian copyright wrangle

    Waterloo for Google News in November

    Financial News 25 10:25

  • Robin Hood actually Welsh, says American

    You've come to Caerdydd once too often, Bran ap Brychan!

    Bootnotes 25 10:31

  • Hubble survey yields clues to galaxy formation

    Theorists probably right, after all

    Science 25 10:41

  • Unofficial IE patch saves humanity

    Third party, fire and theft

    Security 25 10:47

  • Bush tasks tech execs with rebuilding Lebanon

    From Silicon Valley to Bekaa Valley

    Financial News 25 10:47

  • Telecommuting space tourist soaks in the views

    Despite queasy start

    Science 25 10:48

  • How to stop exam cheating: put teenagers in cages

    Stupid idea 101

    Mobile 25 10:50

  • Carphone Warehouse ships out to US

    Goes West with Best Buy

    Mobile 25 10:59

  • Elgato EyeTV Hybrid USB TV tuner for Mac

    All you need to make a Mac a media centre?

    Hardware 25 11:02

  • One device or two? And who chooses?

    Rounding it all up

    Mobile 25 11:27

  • US outfit patents 'invisible' UAV

    Stealth through persistence of vision

    Science 25 11:37

  • ID cards could cost less, minister says

    Still horribly intrusive, though

    Security 25 13:01

  • Finnish court clarifies breast-fondling tariff

    €2.5k per feel excessive, judge rules

    Media 25 13:04

  • UK punters still falling for phishers

    Gosh, this email looks official

    Security 25 13:09

  • Intel hypes WiMAX to the sky in Brazil

    A man in a van would do

    Mobile 25 13:20

  • Man saves laptop from battery blaze

    Brave or foolhardy? You decide...

    Hardware 25 14:27

  • Telehouse felled by power outage

    First time ever...since August

    Broadband 25 14:30

  • Breach Security steps in to UK

    Thinking about a deal

    Security 25 14:37

  • Online shoppers want to be healthy

    Just need a reminder

    Financial News 25 14:59

  • Nominet board candidate interviews

    Who should run the UK internet registry?

    Financial News 25 15:01

  • Data analysis isn't dead

    It ain't no good if it ain't got good data

    Developer 25 15:19

  • Fujifilm lines up face-detecting compact camera

    Spots mug, snaps it

    Hardware 25 15:40

  • Orange batphone comes home to roost

    'Unique' converged offering

    Mobile 25 15:50

  • Cisco doubles switch ports

    Claims perfect cost/performance storm

    Data Networking 25 15:54

  • Hackers target home users for cash

    'It's war out there' says Symantec report

    Security 25 17:20

  • Could Capellas return to save HP?

    Reg steps in for resigned CEO pickers

    Financial News 25 19:55

  • Calif. court OKs suit against Nextel billing 'spam'

    Millions at stake, but for whom?

    Mobile 25 20:31

  • The Emperor's New AI

    'It looks like you're trying to have a conversation with a computer. Can I help?'

    Science 25 21:14

  • AMD boycotts Intel

    Cancels hack hijack

    Hardware 25 22:05

  • Seagate ships breast cancer benefit pocket drive

    750GB DVR unit too

    Hardware 25 23:23

  • Buffalo readies 1.2GHz DDR 2 DIMM set

    Can reach PC2-10000 level, retailer claims

    Hardware 25 23:45