22nd September 2006 Archive

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  • Python slithers to 'significant' release

    Five-year milestone

    Developer 22 03:02

  • C++ Futures: Lambda Functions

    Like the Lambada, only different

    Developer 22 03:05

  • ICANN free in two years

    Government oversight? What government oversight!

    Media 22 03:19

  • IBM gets start-ups hooked early

    To those that have, have some more

    Financial News 22 04:11

  • Northbrook to create 400 jobs

    Software firm plans £23.5m expansion

    Management 22 06:02

  • Police fingerprint themselves

    Biometric bobbies

    Security 22 07:02

  • Japan's Solar-B satellite ready for lift off

    Space weather research

    Science 22 09:27

  • 3Com misses the bar in Q1

    Sales up, but not enough for Wall St

    Data Networking 22 09:51

  • Sony adds HDMI 1.3 port to 20GB PS3

    Out to counter MS' 1080p Xbox 360 update?

    Games 22 09:54

  • Palm feels the heat in Q1

    No new PDAs likely - Colligan

    Financial News 22 10:06

  • Virgin boss pledges readies to greenies

    £1.6bn for alternative energy research

    Science 22 10:08

  • Riding the Mustang

    JSE 6.0 – more than 'bling generation' Java

    Developer 22 10:15

  • Apple intros 5.5G U2 iPod

    Hello, hello, hello

    Hardware 22 10:17

  • Online manuals enable ATM reprogramming scam

    Money for nothing and your gas for free

    Security 22 10:39

  • 'First' GSM, VoIP dual-mode Windows Mobile handset launched

    Paragon Wireless pitches SIP-friendly phone at corporates

    Mobile 22 10:43

  • BOFH: Unconventional interview

    How many pints did you say you can drink?

    BOFH 22 11:02

  • Today is OneWebDay

    Drink to the internet at events across the world

    Media 22 11:24

  • A practical guide to JAXB 2.0

    Take a peek at its new features

    Developer 22 11:40

  • AMD favours Socket F for 4x4 Athlon FXs?

    Roadmap said to show trio of gamer-friendly CPUs on the way

    Hardware 22 12:02

  • HTC and O2 split over XDA future

    Carrier seeking new suppliers for smart-phone line

    Phones 22 12:26

  • BT's Movio lurches into existence

    With ZTE phone and terrestrial channels

    Mobile 22 12:38

  • AMD to ship 65nm Athlons in December - report

    Slotting into existing product line

    Hardware 22 12:39

  • Riverbed dredges up $86m in IPO

    Investors rush to ride the latest bandwagon

    Data Networking 22 12:41

  • Germany proposes hacker law update

    Fear of a Black Hat

    Security 22 12:43

  • AMD opens up, HP's waving not drowning

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    Business 22 13:02

  • In search of the Caspian Sea Monster

    Strange sightings on Google Earth

    Science 22 13:14

  • Sun faces leak crisis in the Low Countries

    Taking the p*ss out of Belgium

    Media 22 13:27

  • California's anti-car fortnight causes concern

    As does HP's new snowballing habit. Ew

    Letters 22 13:40

  • How can you relieve mobile device frustration?

    Reg reader poll

    Mobile 22 13:49

  • Why are we not irritated by the volume of our own voice?


    Science 22 13:54

  • Why are so many humans near sighted?

    Myopia linked to modern life?

    Science 22 13:54

  • Is there a speed or stride where running is more efficient?

    Ready, steady, go

    Science 22 13:55

  • Phone box attacks man with broken bottle

    Telecoms terror, Manchester style

    Science 22 13:56

  • Could you be addicted to the internet?

    I can't live without IE

    Science 22 13:58

  • Twenty-three dead in German maglev crash

    Major setback for flying-train technology

    Science 22 13:59

  • Video downloads: destroying British high streets

    ...or not?

    Financial News 22 14:22

  • 'You are a bunch of d**kheads', declares Canadian

    And 'the worst kind of a**holes' to boot

    Letters 22 14:23

  • Snoop-happy HP promotes privacy award

    Who'd have pretexted it

    Media 22 14:43

  • Asus Lamborghini VX1 laptop

    Zoom, zoom, zoom?

    Hardware 22 14:45

  • Customs jumps on carousel fraudsters' favourite bank

    Follow the money...

    The Channel 22 15:11

  • Cisco catches green fever

    Saving the world one packet at a time

    Data Networking 22 15:16

  • Naomi Campbell assistant recalls BlackBerry assault trauma

    'She got really, really upset'

    Bootnotes 22 15:27

  • Google loses Belgian news appeal

    Don't publish and .be damned

    Media 22 15:45

  • Software patents back to haunt Europe

    Brussels braces for the next battle

    Software 22 15:59

  • Macs get globetrotting 'super 3G' modem

    GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA included

    Hardware 22 16:04

  • IBM's Power7 chip going into Opteron motherboards

    Sun to follow?

    Servers 22 17:28

  • Virgin eases in-flight Apple, Dell laptop battery limits

    Only machines unaffected by vendors' recalls

    Hardware 22 19:11

  • Developing for Vista

    Will it work with my app?

    Developer 22 20:10

  • Adobe, Symantec press EC to remove Vista tanks from their lawns

    The feature creeps

    Operating Systems 22 20:20

  • UK Attorney general backs legalising of phone-tap evidence

    Cites US wire-tapping success

    Media 22 20:34

  • webMethods acquires Infravio

    A bit of a coup

    Developer 22 20:44

  • HP's CEO: 'I'm so sorry' that this got out

    Dunny flushed

    Management 22 20:53