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Red Hat takes Xen baby step

In brief Red Hat has lurched closer toward the Xen server virtualization package by including the software in a beta release of its server operating system. And now the company is begging people to test out just how well Xen functions with RHEL 5.

Mistakes in identity

No system works perfectly all the time, but for something as fundamental as being able to prove who you are and get access to what you’re supposed to be able to do, we need to set things up so there’s a fall-back plan.
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Milky Way's spiral was a late addition

Scientists think they have found evidence that the middle of our galaxy formed separately and at a different time to the spiralling arms in which we reside.
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Mobile TV, too good to give away?

Rok, which recently launched their Bluetooth VoIP application for mobile phones, has now launched a free TV service with video content available for a range of handsets and without any charge.
Bill Ray, 15 2006
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Broadband report highlights 'two-speed' Europe

Sixty four million people now have broadband access across the 25 countries of the EU, but Ireland remains near the bottom of the pile in terms of penetration.
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Mobile phones drive down costs

Leeds City Council is to pilot a new telephone device that will enable flexible working while reducing the cost of phone calls
Kablenet, 15 2006

Apple marches out Boot Camp update

Apple has updated its Windows-on-Mac utility, Boot Camp. The latest release, version 1.1.1 and still a beta test incarnation, primarily incorporates support for the Apple's recently released Core 2 Duo-based iMacs.
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Apple fan runs iTunes movie marathon

Comment Yesterday evening, as America finished its working day, and Europe settled in for the evening, I started to download my first iTunes movie.

MS intros Zune music service, Wi-Fi song sharing

Microsoft yesterday revealed what World+Dog already knew: what it's upcoming Zune-branded digital music player will look like. Yes, the star of US Federal Communications Commission filings and blurry, amateur-look picture leaks is official.

JVC constructs 'pulsating sphere' near-ideal audio source

JVC has developed what it claims is the "ideal sound source" loudspeaker. Well, almost - the company described its "pulsating sphere" system as "very close" to its goal of creating "a natural, near-perfect sound field".
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Brits ignore bloke trapped down manhole

There was a time when Britons could leave the security of their homes and venture forth safe in the knowledge that in the unlikely event of falling down a manhole, their fellow citizens would at least have the courtesy to stop and enquire: "Hello, are you from the Water Board or are you down that manhole involuntarily?"

MS flirts with online Works

Microsoft is planning to shake up its MS Works package, possibly making it available over the web.

ATI readies 80nm desktop GPUs for October?

ATI will unveil Radeon X1950 Pro and X1650 XT graphics chips and add-in cards on 17 October, according to reports from Taiwanese moles and leaked documents intended for the company's customers.
Hard Reg, 15 2006
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Virgin Galactic goes Starck raving bonkers

LogoWatch We at the Vulture Central LogoWatch Soviet have a shameful admission to make this morning: we've been holding off on reporting on the new Virgin Galactic logo in the hope that, in return for our silence, Sir Richard Branson would call and offer us the free space-flight ticket which William Shatner recently turned down.

Trolltech prices up coder-friendly Linux phone

Trolltech's Linux-based handset, the Greenphone, will set curious coders back at least $695, the company has revealed. The device, announced in August this year, it pitched at software developers rather than consumers or businesspeople.
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Line up for parallelism

While doing some research for another project I came across an arguably old idea being re-visited - or perhaps that should read "disinterred". Parallel processing is, a growing number of people believe, not just the way of the future but the only way real development progress is likely to be made in future.
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Censorship, naughty teens, biometrics and butt-plugs

Letters This one just isn't going away. To recap, for those who did not fingerprint themselves into earlier lessons: The information Comissioner's Office rules that schools can fingerprint pupils without parental consent. You are all outraged.

Apple iPhone 'on track' for early '07 intro, mole claims

The Apple iPhone displayed on a French news magazine this week may not be the Real McCoy, but behind the scenes the development of the Mac maker's first foray into phone hardware is continuing apace with a view to an early 2007 introduction, it has been claimed.
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Why does natural selection take so long to get results?

Also in this week's column:
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Why isn't pubic hair the same colour as hair on your head?

Also in this week's column:
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eBayer lays claim to net's dullest video

Forget YouTube: eBay is the hip place to be if you want no-holds-barred video entertainment, as the vendor of this NEFF Washing Machine can prove:
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Jealous ex used MySpace to plot hit: police

An American woman has been accused of trying to hire someone to kill her ex-boyfriend's new lover after finding her details listed on his MySpace page. According to Arizona police, 22-year Heather Kane old paid an undercover officer $400, promising a further $600 once the job was done.
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Canadian shootings linked to website, videogames

The task of apportioning blame has begun in earnest in the wake of the Montreal college shootings as Canada and its media try to digest the incident.
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Witchdoctor orders Serb to have sex with hedgehog

A Serbian man who went to a witchdoctor in search of a cure for premature ejaculation rather foolishly took the shaman's advice, viz: have sex with a hedgehog.

Man makes Xbox 360 laptop

Xbox 360 buffs who think their next-generation games console is just too darned bulky for gaming on move - not to mention the TV you'd have to lug around - should take heart from fellow fan Ben Heckendorn who decided enough was enough and re-configured his console into a laptop form-factor.
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Nominet solves rogue domain seller problem

Nominet has gone a long way toward solving the problem of rogue domain sellers in the UK by reducing transfer fees.
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Reg hack 'retarded and needs help'

FoTW There are times we at El Reg feel like laying down our quill pens, extinguishing the gas lamps and exiting the gloom of Vulture Central, never to return.
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Little Murdoch's 'scary' warning to BT

James Murdoch has put the willies up BT with his don't mess with us, you'll end up "in a scary place" warning.
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Are there people with no sense of smell?

Also in this week's column:
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Anti-spam crusaders slapped with $11.7m judgement

A US court has ordered anti-spam organisation Spamhaus to pay $11.7m in damages for "illegally" listing email marketing firm e360insight as an affiliate of a known spammer, an entry that meant users of Spamhaus's mail filtering advisory system would not have received email from e360insight. The Illinois court also imposed an injunction on Spamhaus against interfering with e360insight's email marketing activities without sufficient evidence in future.
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Investors betting against Sportingbet extradition

News the arrest of Sportingbet chairman Peter Dicks may not lead to a court case has caused a sustained rally in the UK-based online gambling sites shares.

Toshiba readies revised HD DVD players

Toshiba is to update its North American HD DVD player line-up, the company said yesterday, bringing the US-oriented products launch in March this year into line with the European models announced earlier this month.
Hard Reg, 15 2006
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SWIFT stalled EU probe of US snooping

European authorities squaring up to the US over its secret surveillance of international financial records were caught off-guard when the firm caught in the middle of the tussle failed to volunteer key evidence.
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Macs in better service than PCs shocker

The three biggest home computer names are the ones consumers are most likely to recommend to friends, a Which? survey said today, suggesting branding has as much power in the consumer PC market as it does for sports shoes.

Lite-On to ship HD DVD drive next year

Optical drive maker Lite-On has decided to support the HD DVD next-generation optical disc format as well as rival technology Blu-ray Disc. Lite-On's first, half-height HD DVD drive will come to market in March 2007, it said.

PC market slows but outlook positive: IDC

Growth in the worldwide PC market dipped below 10 per cent in the second quarter of 2006, according to latest figures from IDC.

Nintendo: Wii to come to Europe on 8 December

Nintendo will ship its Wii console in Europe on Friday, 8 December, six days after the machine's Japanese debut and three weeks after the next-generation gaming system ships in the US. Wii will retail for around £179/€249, Nintendo said.
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Spies, Big Brother and sweaty cops' fingerprints

Do you ever get one of those weeks where nothing seems to have happened, yet it’s been incredibly busy? Puzzling, isn’t it? Nothing and everything seems to have happened this week. So where to start?
Joe Fay, 15 2006

Spammers feel the pinch from Feds

The Federal Trade Commission, the US consumer rights watchdog, has succeeded in shutting down four illegal spamming operations judged to have breached federal anti-spam laws. Targets of the lawsuits included an operation that offered the supposed chance to "date lonely wives" and two outfits that allegedly bombarded unwilling recipients with lurid ads for pornographic web sites, sent via compromised PCs.
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The iPod's Achilles Heel? It's er... Reader's Digest

Analysis One of the most interesting aspects of Microsoft's would-be iPod-killer Zune isn't technical at all. It has nothing to do with colour screens, codecs or disk capacity.

Shuttle XPC SD37P2 CrossFire-ready SFF PC

Review The SD37P2 is the first Core 2 Duo-ready small form-factor XPC from Shuttle, but it has far more than support for Intel's latest processor on offer. For anyone looking at building a high-end SFF system, the SD37P2 supports ATI's CrossFire - the first SFF PC to do so - although you're limited to single slot cards. Is this the most powerful barebone from Shuttle as yet?
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JK Rowling holds on tight to Harry

Caught up in the airline security scare last month, JK Rowling won an argument with New York airport officials to allow her to fly with her latest Harry Potter manuscript.

Legend Docklands sinks customers

Customers of Legend Communications have been scuppered by a series of mishaps at the hosting, VoIP and broadband provider this week.
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Universal to upload lawsuits to YouTube, MySpace?

The chief of the world's biggest record label, Universal Music Group, has hinted that the company will sue the video sharing site YouTube for copyright infringement.
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Journalists’ society condemns HP snooping

The Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) has blasted Hewlett-Packard after it was revealed that a private investigator was hired to obtain phone records of conversations between journalists and HP board members.
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Mozilla security takes axe to redundant code

Mozilla Corporation has hired a former security strategist from Microsoft as part of its efforts to improve the security of its software, in particular its flagship Firefox web browser software.
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Tired of linking, Yahoo! starts! making! the! news!

In case you didn't notice, Yahoo! is now a full participant in the journalism profession. The portal has a scoop.
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What the anarchist blogger case means to the rest of you globules

Valley Justice The good times just keep rolling for blogger Josh Wolf.
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Digital rights activists take aim at EU data laws

An Irish lobby group aims to dismantle Europe's laws forcing telecoms firms to retain phone and internet data on citizens. The group, Digital Rights Ireland, is taking a case both against the Irish Government and the European Directive on data retention.

50 years of the hard drive

Comment This week I attended an event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View that celebrated the golden anniversary of the IBM RAMAC 305, the first hard disk drive storage system.

Toshiba puts Lexar royalties spat to bed

Toshiba has settled its rancorous NAND flash memory lawsuit with Lexar, but at a hefty price.
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Freescale sells itself for $17.6bn cash – or more

Freescale Semi has accepted a $17.6bn offer from private-equity investors to buy the company. But there is a peculiar twist: the chip maker has reserved the right to seek a higher offer from other suitors over the next 50 days.
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Arnie terminates drivers with hands-on cell phones

California is to ban the use of cell phones by drivers in a moving vehicle unless they are using a hands-free device.