14th September 2006 Archive

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  • Microsoft won't collect on web services IP

    Dispels fears?

    Developer 14 03:29

  • UK.gov bulks up for Microsoft savings

    1.5 million public sector users

    Policy 14 07:02

  • Microsoft Dynamics leader named

    Technologist takes reins

    Financial News 14 08:37

  • Commission concerned about Vista security

    Countdown faceoff

    Developer 14 09:03

  • Hotshot to revive Gov. procurement

    OGC takes third way (BS)

    Policy 14 09:23

  • Dell launches AMD-based desktops

    Entry-level systems

    Hardware 14 09:28

  • Logicalis feels Chile

    New South American offices target VoIP

    The Channel 14 09:39

  • Nintendo details Wii console's Japan debut

    European, US dates coming later today

    Games 14 09:54

  • Progress gets SaaSy

    OK partner, go do it

    Developer 14 10:06

  • BT extends Fusion to corporate customers

    Companies can keep in touch through Wi-Fi hotspots

    Data Networking 14 10:11

  • IBM ships tape with hardware crypto

    First to market, but a pricey solution to lost tapes

    Storage 14 10:18

  • Sony pre-announces Nvidia GeForce 7600 GTL

    Media Center PC to incorporate Blu-ray, HDMI too

    Hardware 14 10:25

  • Patch Tuesday omits critical Word fix

    Less than zero-day

    Security 14 10:28

  • Less British, more telecoms please

    BT sets out world-domination plans

    Data Networking 14 10:41

  • Gibraltar: last outpost of the Neanderthal?

    Clinging on to the Rock

    Science 14 10:59

  • Teachers break silence on fingerprinting children

    Jenkins, get that OFF the scanner NOW

    Media 14 11:18

  • Royal Society opens free online archive

    350 years of science available for your reading pleasure

    Science 14 11:33

  • HTC preps candybar phone with slide-out QWERTY keyboard

    Libra's balancing act

    Mobile 14 11:41

  • Creative launches widescreen Zen Vision in US

    Ready for Amazon Unbox downloads, maker says

    Hardware 14 12:02

  • EqualLogic tiers SAS for faster iSCSI

    iSCSI's still banging on the door, but it's banging faster...

    Servers 14 12:17

  • Apple iPhone slips out in Paris?

    French news mag makes a splash

    Phones 14 12:28

  • Segway sounds sudden wheel reversal warning

    Upgrade your machine or risk falling off, company says

    Hardware 14 12:58

  • Profits and revenue up at Horizon

    The Sun always shines

    The Channel 14 13:08

  • Holidaymaker uses laptop to nab burglars

    The long arm of the net

    Security 14 13:11

  • Spanish police trainees cop an eyeful of smut

    Introductory video with a difference

    Media 14 13:16

  • Starbucks hit with big bucks lawsuit

    Woman demands $114m over cancelled free drink promo

    Media 14 13:25

  • Nvidia ships 'first' 80nm mobile graphics chip

    GeForce Go 7700 to debut in Asus laptop

    Hardware 14 13:28

  • Pluto's curse named at last

    The space rock formerly known as Xena

    Science 14 13:30

  • Sony unveils mobile-on-desktop all-in-one media PC

    Media Centre

    Hardware 14 14:09

  • Virgin tells travellers to remove Apple, Dell laptop batteries

    Pack away those power cells

    Hardware 14 14:44

  • Sonos updates network music player code

    Rhapsody support added and more

    Hardware 14 15:01

  • China's sub-£100 PC launches

    Unveils P4-speed successor

    Hardware 14 15:21

  • Gov spins data sharing

    Threatens Data Protection Act?

    Policy 14 15:37

  • Youth can’t do without phones, alcohol, drugs

    Too much money and too little to spend it on?

    Mobile 14 15:41

  • Net simul-attacks expose US security holes

    Attackers trounce defenders

    Security 14 17:20

  • Wi-Fi Alliance bows to market need for early 802.11n products

    Standards can't keep up with market

    Mobile 14 18:07

  • Fujitsu pulls out switch blade for IBM, Dell and HP

    All together now

    Servers 14 18:11

  • RIM faces OS rewrite headache

    Get coding - or get Symbian?

    Mobile 14 18:18

  • MS Vista worth $40bn to EC economies

    So go easy on us, OK?

    Operating Systems 14 18:32

  • AT&T decision over MobiTV means Modeo will go it alone

    Tuner kahuna

    Mobile 14 18:57

  • Justice Department defends using 'dated' laws in gambling arrests

    High Wire Act

    Financial News 14 19:04

  • Forget market share, Opteron is a market cap maker

    Billions in emotion

    Servers 14 19:53

  • Don't mess with Google's astroturf squad

    DC's hardcore lobbyists go to work

    Financial News 14 19:58

  • XenSource loves Microsoft people (true)

    Friends of friends

    Servers 14 23:50