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Promoting Hurd is not a fitting punishment for HP

OpinionMiss Manners tells us that when caught with your pants down, you're meant to pull them back up all the way. Under no circumstances should one allow gaudy, suggestive bits to remain dangling out for public consumption.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Sep 2006

Europe may mandate data breach notification

The European Commission has published proposals for a law change that would force telecoms firms to notify regulators and customers of all breaches of their data security.
OUT-LAW.COM, 13 Sep 2006
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Microsoft sues British spammer for Hotmail breach

Microsoft has won what it described as the largest reported civil award against a spammer in Europe. The software giant says it won a court order requiring spammer Paul Fox to pay £45,000.
OUT-LAW.COM, 13 Sep 2006
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Sky movies paused by DRM security flaw

BSkyB has suspended its Sky by Broadband movie service until Microsoft patches a security loophole in its Windows DRM technology.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Sep 2006

SAP says no big ERP updates 'til 2010

There'll be no more big updates for SAP's ERP software until 2010, as SAP entices customers and developers to adopt new products and initiatives for its NetWeaver SOA strategy.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Sep 2006
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Police probe Schwarzenegger audio 'hack'

The leak of an audio file containing embarrassing comments by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to news media has triggered a police probe.
John Leyden, 13 Sep 2006
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F-Secure picks Malaysia as Asian hub

European anti-virus specialist F-Secure is looking to service providers to help expand its presence in Asia with the official launch of a technology centre in Malaysia on Tuesday.
John Leyden, 13 Sep 2006

SanDisk presents 4GB Mini SD card

SanDisk yesterday took the wraps off a 4GB Mini SD memory card based on the "high capacity" version of the technology. So far, card makers have prepared SDHC incarnations of regular-sized SD card, but this is the first we've seen to use the half-size form-factor.
Tony Smith, 13 Sep 2006

Blueprint for first global internet forum laid out

The blueprint for the world's first Internet Governance Forum (IGF) to be held at the end of October in Athens has been thrashed out.
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Sep 2006

Intel reportedly readying low-end mobile Core 2 Duo

Intel will ship its anticipated low-end mobile Core 2 Duo T5200 dual-core processor next month, it has been claimed by Taiwanese notebook manufacturer moles. The part has not, apparently, been listed on recent Intel mobile roadmaps.
Tony Smith, 13 Sep 2006

Chinese court deploys sentencing software

China has tested a software programme designed to "help decide prison sentences", Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 13 Sep 2006

A slippery slope for RIM and the BlackBerry?

The news that RIM is launching a consumer/prosumer device called the "Pearl" (aka BlackBerry 8100) has got me all mixed up.
Dale Vile, 13 Sep 2006

User convenience versus system security

Mobile WorkshopA few months ago, a Reg Reader study told us that sorting out the user authentication and identity management challenge was pretty high on the list of IT priorities, especially for larger organisations. From this study, we learned that two thirds of enterprises were suffering from a proliferation of sign-on mechanisms, with users having to juggle multiple logins across different applications and connectivity options. In order to deal with the fallout from this – password reset overhead on help desks, exposure from users writing passwords down on Post-its, etc – one in five had already invested significantly in the single sign-on (SSO) approach, with a further third following them down this route.
Dale Vile, 13 Sep 2006

Netgear to ship Wi-Fi Skype phone next month

Netgear has finally begun shipping its anticipated Wi-Fi enabled wireless Skype handset to North American buyers and will be reaching consumers in Europe and Asia next month, the company said today. The handset, the SPH101, was originally expected to ship in June this year.
Tony Smith, 13 Sep 2006

.mobi domain looking for advisors

Mobile Top Level Domain (mTLD), the body which runs the .mobi domain, is looking for individuals and companies to participate in discussions about the emerging technology.
Bill Ray, 13 Sep 2006

UK truck dealer pitches to 'pink van man'

A light round of applause is in order this morning for wags down at Grays Truck & Van of Guildford for injecting a bit of levity into white van sales.
Lester Haines, 13 Sep 2006

MS preps internal disc burner for second-gen Xbox 360?

Microsoft has begun seeking manufacturing partners to make an internal HD DVD drive for a redesigned Xbox 360 console, whistle-blowers from among Taiwan's optical disk drive production community have claimed. And the software giant may be looking at incorporating disc-burning technology in the console.
Tony Smith, 13 Sep 2006

Korean airline says no to Apple, Dell laptops

Korean Air has become the latest airline to effectively ground notebooks from Apple and Dell. The carrier has banned travellers from bringing those companies' portable computers into aircraft cabins unless the laptops' batteries have been removed first.
Tony Smith, 13 Sep 2006

Asus P5B Deluxe Wi-Fi AP motherboard

ReviewThere’s no place for loyalty and fond feelings in a serious reviewer’s armoury but based on their past few generations of hardware it’s difficult not to expect great things when Asus create a new motherboard then prime your salivary glands by hitching the word ‘Deluxe’ after the model number.
Wayne Brooker, 13 Sep 2006

ASA rules against O2 over streetmap promo

O2 has been rapped over the knuckles by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for a recent advert promoting its deal with Streetmap.co.uk.
Bill Ray, 13 Sep 2006

Dell 4 EMC 4 eva?

Dell gets to keep pretending to be an enterprise storage player with a new extension of its deal to rebadge low-end EMC kit.
Christopher Williams, 13 Sep 2006
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Sky responds to DRM headache

Sky by Broadband (BSKyB) customers are a quiet bunch, according to a BSkyB spokesman. In fact, they're as silent as the Sky Movies website right now as it continues to display a statement about waiting for an "essential update" from its "industry partner" Microsoft.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Sep 2006

VIA touts eco-credentials with 'carbon-neutral' CPU

VIA has begun shipping what it claims is the first ever carbon-neutral computer processor. It's balancing the reduced carbon emissions resulting from the use of its C7-D chip with carbon removal efforts such as reforestation and energy conservation programmes, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 13 Sep 2006

Big Brother golden ticket draw not fixed, says ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that the controversial Big Brother golden ticket draw was not fixed, but upheld complaints that it was not properly conducted "under the supervision of an independent observer".
Lester Haines, 13 Sep 2006

Ofcom pops cap on mobile termination charges

Ofcom has slapped cap on mobile call termination fees, after deciding there is little chance of competition bringing the charges down naturally.
Bill Ray, 13 Sep 2006

Samsung touts CDMA, GSM, JCDMA 'world phone'

Not for Samsung the simplicity of offering a phone with quad-band GSM support to allow the handset to be used all around the world. The South Korean giant today unveiled a device capable of connecting not only to GSM but also to CDMA and JCDMA networks.
Tony Smith, 13 Sep 2006

Cell-based computer breaks out of IBM

IBM has finally, finally, started shipping computers based on the Cell architectured it co-developed with Sony and Toshiba.
Joe Fay, 13 Sep 2006

Zotob perp jailed

One of the men behind the Zotob worm was jailed yesterday by a Moroccan court, Agence France-Presse reports. Farid Essebar, aka "Diabl0", received two years for perpetrating the Zotob outrage which exploited a Microsoft Plug and Play vulnerability and attacked computer systems including those of CNN, ABC, the Financial Times and the New York Times back in August 2005.
Lester Haines, 13 Sep 2006

QDOS unrolls 360° iPod sound cylinder

Why take two speakers with you when you're out with your iPod when you can take four? That's audio-accessory maker QDOS' pitch for its Genesis 360° portable sound system.
Hard Reg, 13 Sep 2006

More nuts and bolts go AWOL on second space walk

The crew of Atlantis should be just about wrapping up the second of their three planned space walks.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Sep 2006

iSoft's £82m City sweetener

iSoft Plc, the beleaguered NHS software provider, has been given two large chunks of cash totalling close to £82m over the last two years, the government has admitted.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Sep 2006

Irish panto star's phone diatribe wows cyberspace

NSFWA veteran Irish actress has become an overnight internet sensation after a message she allegedly left on her estranged hubby's answer machine inexplicably found its way into the public domain.
Lester Haines, 13 Sep 2006

Sun keeps pumping servers full of Jalapenos

Sun Microsystems has sold 2m UltraSPARC IIIs and isn't ready to quit hawking the chips just yet.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Sep 2006
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Egenera CEO makes dash for Tech Data

Egenera - the blade server company created by Wall Street for Wall Street - has tapped a new CEO after chief Bob Dutkowsky ran off to run Tech Data.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Sep 2006
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Canon to recall personal copiers

Japan Canon is to recall up to 1.87 million personal copiers world-wide because they could produce smoke or catch fire.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Sep 2006

RIAA drops the dead eDonkey

eDonkey is off to the knackers' yard, after a New York court ruled that the peer-to-peer (P2P) site enabled users to swap copyright material illegally. eDonkey’s owner, New York-based MetaMachine, is ponying up $30m to settle a copyright suit brought by six record companies. MetaMachine has another P2P network, called Overnet, which the NY court also deems illegal.
Drew Cullen, 13 Sep 2006

Apple fans laud Disney deal

LettersPoor old Apple. The Guardian newspaper suggests that after yesterdays' movie service launch, Steve Jobs needs "a charisma download". That's harsh - Apple did the most important thing it needed to do yesterday, and make its iPod cash cow a lot more attractive - with plenty of time before Christmas.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Sep 2006
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Earthlink takes Nevada spammer for $11m

A Nevada bulk email firm has been ordered to pay Earthlink $11m for spamming the ISP's customers. Earthlink won the judgment in a CAN-SPAM suit filed in a federal court in Atlanta against KSTM LLC. According to Earthlink, this business illegally sent millions of mortgage-touting emails and is now prohibited from:
Drew Cullen, 13 Sep 2006

Digg founder dismisses Web 2.0 'me tooism'

Digg founder Kevin Rose today urged Web 2.0 wannabes to avoid the temptation of adding "me too" features to their sites.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Sep 2006
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California close to charging HP officials

It's looking less and less likely that HP will be able to fend off all of the legal issues around its spy scandal on the third parties it hired to investigate employees, directors, reporters and reporters' relatives.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Sep 2006

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