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Canal dreaming: solving the energy crisis

Comment The canals of Great Britain. Falling into disuse. I mean, with an energy crisis looming, and a serious shortage of water in the South East, and a transport infrastructure geared to cheap oil, what possible purpose could an antiquated, Olde Worlde network of canals serve?
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Social networking site fined for gathering children's data

A social networking website has agreed to pay a $1m fine to settle with authorities over allegations that it collected, used and disclosed personal details of children under 13.
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Sybase's billion dollar baby

In the late 1990’s Sybase, like Informix, seemed to be on its way out. While other failing database companies (such as Informix) ended up being acquired, Sybase kept control of its own destiny. This meant overhauling its product portfolio, decoupling its mobile database (SQL Anywhere) and going on the acquisition trail.
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Campaigner pins latest shooting on video games

Games campaigner Jack Thompson believes that last week's school shooting in North Carolina was caused by the teenager involved playing violent video games. Thompson is the lawyer behind a suit against Take Two games over its upcoming title Bully.
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Tranny planet gives astronomers a show

Astronomers have found an extrasolar planet that is perfectly positioned to allow a decent analysis of its atmosphere.
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Swearing firefighters provoke 9/11 'profanity' rumpus

A number of CBS affiliates decided not to broadcast award-winning documentary 9/11 on Sunday amid concerns that "airing profanity, primarily by firefighters during the crisis" might attract the unwanted attention of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Reuters reports.
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Amazon premieres movie downloads

Online retailer Amazon has launched a new download service for movies and TV shows, pre-empting the expected launch of a similar service by Apple this week.
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HP board meets today to decide chairman's fate

The HP board of directors is meeting again later today to decide the fate of chairman Patricia Dunn.
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Mobile ad spend to skyrocket

Worldwide advertising spend will reach $11.35bn by 2011 on mobile channels alone, according to a new report.
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NBC to milk soccer moms with iVillage

American TV network NBC is trumpeting its grand designs for iVillage, the women's lifestyle site it splurged $600m on in March.
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Atlantis heads for space at last

NASA managed to get Shuttle off the ground yesterday, and in the nick of time too. Any later and they'd have had to postpone the launch to avoid messing up the Russians' schedule for visiting the International Space Station.
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Police cuff two in hoodie website probe

Police have arrested two men as part of an investigation into a "hoodie" website on which Ipswich's "Chantry Boys" posted videos of themselves terrorising their home patch, Suffolk's Evening Star reports.

OGCbs extends consultancy options

OGCbuying.solutions is planning a new framework agreement for consultancies.
Kablenet, 11 2006
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Apple to launch movie downloads site?

Apple will debut a new video download service tomorrow, if the rumours currently spooling around the industry proves correct.
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IBM beefs up storage portfolio

IBM recently released details of enhancements covering a huge swath of its storage platforms, including enhanced disk solutions for organisations ranging from SMBs to large enterprises, as well as a data retention system, and a new warranty offering for the IBM System Storage DS6000 series.
Tony Lock, 11 2006

BenQ unwraps 22in widescreen display

BenQ is adding a 22 inch LCD monitor to its range this month.
Dan Ilett, 11 2006

Napster UK to give away free MP3 players

Napster UK is giving away free MP3 players to all new subscribers of its portable music service.
Dan Ilett, 11 2006
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Vodafone jumps into broadband game

Vodafone has thrown its hat into the fixed-line broadband market courtesy of a deal with BT Wholesale. The company expects to have the service up and running by the end of the year, in addition to its mobile offering.
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Sony unveils 'intuitive' digital camera

Sony's latest addition to the Cyber-shot family is now shipping with a touch screen display. The DSC-T50 screen has a whole three inches of scratch-resistant finger pad, which has "intuitive" menu options that allow for fewer physical buttons on the camera body. As the top of the range in the T-series, it has a 7 Megapixel …
Dan Ilett, 11 2006
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Cops cuff craigslist hookers

A vice investigation prompted by classified ads on craigslist has led to 12 women being charged with prostitution offences in Bucks County, Pennysylvania.
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Telecom Italia makes surprise shift to web content

Telecom Italia plans to distribute music, movies, and television over its broadband internet service in a radical departure from its core business.
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London SMEs: yet more free MCP training

Site offer London SMEs with less than 250 employees have a further chance to get their staff some free training action which includes any one Microsoft Certified Professional course and one exam towards the MCDST, MCSA 2003, MCSE 2003 and MCDBA.NET.
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Greenpeace issues toxic sex toy warning

Greenpeace Netherlands has issued a statement warning sex toy lovers not to shove the "Spectra Gel Anal Plug" or the "Crystal Jelly Double Dong" where the sun don't shine, according to an eye-watering report on Expatica.

Samsung touts 'first of its kind' memory device

Samsung has developed a 40-nanometer memory device, which it today claimed is the first of its kind.
Dan Ilett, 11 2006

C2000 courts SMEs

Computer 2000, the UK arm of Tech Data, has set up a team to focus on helping smaller resellers grow enough to reach Managed Accounts status.

Sub £200 HD-DVD drive for Xbox 360?

Microsoft could ship an HD-DVD add-on drive for the Xbox 360 at £199 in time for Christmas, reports suggest.
Dan Ilett, 11 2006
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Goldilocks time for retail broadband

Analysis There are two main problems facing the retail broadband market: it isn't great to be small, unless you are really small, and it isn't easy to be big, unless you are really big.
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BBC staff in Ozzie bin Laden video spoof outrage

BBC senior bosses are today reportedly "grilling" members of the BBC London news team who produced a "tasteless" spoof video version of (Is This The Way To) Amarillo? to mark a colleague's departure for Al-Jazeera International.

Software pirate gets seven years

The owner of one of the largest software piracy websites in the US has been handed a record sentence of seven years in prison.

TWIN DVD arrives

Toshiba and Memory Tech have developed a DVD disk with a third level of storage, which means it can record DVD and HD-DVD formats as well as a large amount of other information.
Dan Ilett, 11 2006
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Guns N Rollers airport terror t-shirt alert

Keen security personnel at Birmingham International Airport ordered a man to turn his t-shirt inside out because it bore a drawing of two crossed guns.
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German police seize TOR servers

Prosecutors in Germany have seized 10 servers which hosted the anonymising service TOR.
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Headmaster justifies fingerprinting pupils

The headmaster of Porth County Comprehensive School in South Wales has defended fingerprinting all 1,400 of his pupils days after their parents were told about the scheme last Wednesday.
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Probe into Dell accounting widens

Stumbling computer maker Dell has been forced to delay a second quarter financial report and to put its stock repurchase program on hold as it deals with federal and state accounting probes.
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Net prankster lays bare 'Casual Encounters'

NSFW A Seattle programmer who posed as a women looking for casual sex and published the email addresses, photographs and telephone numbers of the men who responded has earned himself instant notoriety.