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'Competition' squeezes SCO's third quarter

The SCO Group saw its business ebb away during the third quarter, as both revenue and sales continued their steady migration southwards.
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SGI slaps sell by date on MIPS/Irix gear

Google's real estate agent SGI has announced that its MIPS-based IRIX boxes will disappear by year end.

AMD slashes prices and launches X2 5200+

AMD announced the launch of the latest member of its dual-core Athlon 64 X2 family yesterday, though information about the 5200+ was limited to the tray price – US$403 per 1,000 – with no mention of the clock speed, TDP, cache, socket and so on.

Zombies crawl over wiki exploits

Hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in wiki software packages to establish networks of compromised computers.

High-tech crime forum to fight phishing

Irish banks have responded to internet scams such as phishing by setting up a forum to share information on high-tech crime.
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Fuel-cell problems ground Shuttle

NASA has delayed launching the Shuttle Atlantis before Friday because of problems with one of the craft's fuel cells.
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Sun sinks its teeth further into open source

In July 2005, news emerged of Sun Microsystems' first foray into open source identity management with the Open Web Single Sign-On (OpenSSO) project.
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Mac Mini gets a speed boost

Apple has given its two Mac Mini models a makeover. The £529 model now sports a 1.83GHz Core Duo processor, which is a speed bump from 1.66GHz. Meanwhile, its £399 baby brother uses a 1.66GHz Core Duo instead of a 1.5GHz Core Solo.
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Speeding driver blames absence of goats

A Swiss driver caught with the pedal to the metal on a Canadian highway offered police the most creative excuse for speeding since aliens took the rap for a UK excess velocity outrage.
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Pipex snaps up Toucan, Bulldog

Pipex has indulged in a little zoological shopping spree, snapping up Toucan and Bulldog for £24m and £12m respectively. The company says the acquisitions take its customer base to 1.14m, and its number of broadband subscribers to 570,000.
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Golden Palace Casino eats Britney sarnie

Online gambling outfit Golden Palace Casino has confirmed its status as the world's leading consumer of eBay tat by securing the half-eaten Britney Spears egg salad sandwich for a modest $520.
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Red alert over London on credit card fraud map

London is the UK capital of credit card fraud, according to a study by online fraud prevention firm Early Warning.
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Free iPods for Kent students

Students at South Kent College in Dover are being offered free iPod Nanos to help them keep up with work.

Manipulate 3D objects with P3dO Explorer!

It's a tricky one: you've developed some software for "showing and managing digital pictures and 3D Objects with a simple, intuitive, and complete interface", but now it's time to give it a snappy, eye-catching name guaranteed to attract all the right sort of attention.

HTC's much-awaited handsets unveiled

Four HTC Windows Mobile 5.0 handsets were unveiled today, following months of speculation and various leaks.
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Sprint streams full-length movies to mobiles

Sprint has added full length pay-per-view films to its subscription streaming video service, which has been in operation since last year.
Bill Ray, 07 2006
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UK outfit offers mobile Voip hook-up

UK-based ROK Mobile Communications has developed a VoIP application that uses your mobile telephone like a Bluetooth headset to connect to the company's network.
Bill Ray, 07 2006
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Schools can fingerprint children without parental consent

Parents cannot prevent schools from taking their children's fingerprints, according to the Department for Education and Skills and the Information Commissioner.
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Controller spec means cheaper disk arrays

The Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) working group (www.sbbwg.org) is to release version one of the SBB spec next week. This defines standard electromechanics for the controller modules that go into stuff such as disk arrays.
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Mars rover closing in on Victoria crater

Opportunity, the Mars rover, is edging ever closer to the edge of the Victoria crater, which has been its goal for more than half its time on the red planet.

Pearl of the BlackBerry ocean?

Here we are, spouting off about Samsung having a potential BlackBerry killer in the SGH-i600 and all along RIM has a smartphone in the works. Who'd have thought it?
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Another UK internet gaming exec nicked in US

The chairman of UK-based gambling firm Sportingbet is due to appear in court on Thursday after he was detained by US authorities.
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BlackBerry spawns mobile phone

Blackberry attempted to shake off its reputation as a maker of rather dull email devices by the launch of a real telephone, or at least, a close approximation thereof.
Bill Ray, 07 2006

LaCie expands SAFE drives

LaCie has expanded its range of biometric hard drives to offer a greater choice of capacities.
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Mobile Workshop survey

Quick Poll Respected readers we need your help. Give us two minutes of your time and push forward the sum of human knowledge. Doesn't sound too bad does it? Just answer the questions below. Thanking you in advance.

Get ready to hack your disk arrays

Storage arrays are getting too clever for their own good, and users may need to hack into them to get through the layers of obscuring software, according to storage guru Jon Toigo, speaking at Storage Networking World in Frankfurt.
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Astronomers pave way for black hole census

Russian astronomers have begun work that will allow them to work out how many black holes there are in the Universe.
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Users protest over 'creepy' Facebook update

The introduction of new features on social network site Facebook has sparked a backlash from users. Design changes to the site violate user privacy and ought to be scrapped, according to disgruntled users who have launched a series of impromptu protests. One protest site is calling for users to boycott Facebook on 13 September in opposition against a feature called News Feed, which critics argue is a Godsend for stalkers.
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Solaris ships across IBM's x86 server line

Sun Microystems and IBM have failed to reach a board agreement around shipping Solaris x86 on IBM's Xeon- and Opteron-based servers. So, a much smaller company has stepped in to help out customers.

HP's Itanium boxes finally go dual-core

HP is about to find out just how big of a gamble this Itanium thing really was.
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Palm revenue blip causes worries

Palm says its most recent quarter's earnings will come in lower than it hoped. The company said revenue for 1H 2007, which it previously stated would come in between $380m and $385m, will fall short, between $354m and $364m.
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Microsoft rattles EC cage on Vista delay

Microsoft has warned European PC users face an even longer wait for Windows Vista if EU antitrust regulators mandate further changes for the delayed operating system.
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Apple patents convergent handheld ... thing

Apple has filed to protect an invention it calls a "multi-functional hand-held device," a device with a user-interface that changes according to function.