5th September 2006 Archive

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  • A third of dodgy emails are phishing attacks

    Whatever happened to mass-mailing viruses?

    Security 05 08:31

  • Japanese internet guru pleads not guilty

    Livedoor boss denies securities law breach

    Media 05 08:45

  • Pope will publish evolution chat

    Should be interesting

    Science 05 09:02

  • Westcoast acquires Clarity for €6.2m

    Expands product portfolio

    The Channel 05 09:07

  • UK solicitor pimped hookers on net

    Lucrative business ends in jail

    Media 05 09:07

  • LLU taking off, but lift off slower than hoped

    Slap on the wrist for Openreach

    Networks 05 09:36

  • Blind drivers are dangerous, notes BBC

    No MOT, no licence, no insurance, no eyes

    Bootnotes 05 09:48

  • Trojan targets 0-day Word vuln

    MS Office hijack hi-jinks

    Security 05 10:36

  • Google eyes filing cabinets

    Paper files next for the great data hoover

    Software 05 10:47

  • Suicide squirrel in opera-hating kamikaze bike spoke mangle


    Science 05 10:51

  • Cardiff gets first go on BT's IP network

    BT lays out schedule for 21CN deployment

    Networks 05 11:09

  • Crashing moon probes, lost croc hunters and bouncing bombs

    And we find out where our Da is

    Letters 05 11:16

  • Buy Steve Irwin dead on eBay!

    Google search result outrage

    Media 05 11:22

  • Hackers hijack UK.gov wiki

    Environment contract party - will it have cake?

    Security 05 11:33

  • iMac-ulate ENlight LP791 chassis

    A barebones that isn't a box

    Hardware 05 11:57

  • NZ power company decimated by rebranding madness

    Whalesong and joss-stick induced meltdown

    Bootnotes 05 11:58

  • NetApp gets new channel manager

    EU've heard it all before

    The Channel 05 13:09

  • Sun, Unisys sue Hynix for price-fixing


    Data Centre 05 13:11

  • NetServices share price takes an early bath

    Reviving the 10 per cent club?

    Networks 05 13:13

  • Nokia puts more love in L'Amour collection

    The Finnish of love, or what a lovely Finnish

    Phones 05 13:19

  • German mobile market sluggish

    Down 3.7% from last year

    Mobile 05 13:40

  • Ice cores reveal historic heights of CO2

    Very long icicles

    Science 05 14:38

  • Socket to me VIA

    At last, a tiny VIA motherboard that doesn't use a VIA CPU

    Hardware 05 14:38

  • Digital prints finger blaggers faster

    The appliance of science

    Security 05 14:42

  • Scientist probes 'telephone telepathy'

    'It's funny you called because I was just...'

    Science 05 14:46

  • NAO to re-review NPfIT

    Shock revisit just three months after first report

    Policy 05 14:59

  • DWP ditches £141m IT programme

    Delayed project delayed even more

    Policy 05 15:07

  • New LocationFree kit from Sony

    Sony Place Shifting – no, it’s not a Slingbox

    Hardware 05 17:13

  • Intel fires 10,500 to make up for past mistakes

    The 'Barrett Hangover'

    Management 05 20:49

  • IBM and AMD feed on Los Alamos' ample supercomputing pork

    Opteron and Cell fuel 'Roadrunner'

    Servers 05 22:28