30th August 2006 Archive

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  • Novell delivers another mediocre Q3

    Like clockwork

    Financial News 30 Aug 00:24

  • Teen data on Myspace compromised

    Hack allows 'private' entries to be made public

    Media 30 Aug 07:02

  • Fine unlicensed software users, says BSA

    Lobby calls for 'harder enforcement stick'

    Small Biz 30 Aug 08:54

  • ATI unveils HDCP-native chipset for Intel CPUs

    RS600 debuts as Radeon Xpress 1250

    Hardware 30 Aug 09:03

  • Guidelines needed to protect anonymity

    It's an information free for all

    Security 30 Aug 09:24

  • Russian abuses apparatus in sex doll rafting race

    Disqualification shame for aquatic Romeo

    Media 30 Aug 09:32

  • HTC touts record results

    As i-mate rolls out latest smart phones

    Phones 30 Aug 09:41

  • IBM beefs up security in global services

    Good news for big business, but what about SMBs?

    Business 30 Aug 09:46

  • Fujitsu preps perpendicular laptop HDD for Q4

    Anticipating Intel's 'Santa Rosa' Centrino update?

    Hardware 30 Aug 10:04

  • NASA satellites spy on forests

    Tracking trees in a changing climate

    Science 30 Aug 10:20

  • UK examines civilian use of UAVs

    Skies filled with drones by 2016?

    Science 30 Aug 10:24

  • Japan tells Apple to probe burning battery problem

    Risk of big fires fines if it doesn't

    Hardware 30 Aug 10:27

  • Gov stitches up IT price cuts

    Great deals?

    Policy 30 Aug 10:31

  • Sony ships 'world's fastest' DVD±R burner

    Claims 18x burn speed

    Hardware 30 Aug 11:00

  • Dell kits out XPS 700 gaming PC with Core 2-class CPUs

    Order backlog cleared?

    Hardware 30 Aug 11:25

  • Logica feels the labour pinch

    Raises prices to fuel staffing

    The Channel 30 Aug 11:37

  • Beatles fan foils Scouse blag


    Media 30 Aug 11:38

  • Mac OS X-friendly OpenOffice to go public next month

    No more X11... soon

    Applications 30 Aug 11:46

  • Southampton Uni's computer whizzes develop 'mini' grid

    A safe place for students to play

    Servers 30 Aug 12:10

  • Emulex to buy Sierra Logic for $180m

    Storage start-up cashes in its chips

    Financial News 30 Aug 12:18

  • EC moots telecoms super-regulator

    Competition drive

    Broadband 30 Aug 12:36

  • O2 closes call records site after security flap

    Phreaks like us

    Security 30 Aug 12:53

  • New guard take over at Morse

    Make me feel brand new

    The Channel 30 Aug 13:09

  • Pope calls a meeting on evolution

    Not known whether God will attend

    Science 30 Aug 13:18

  • Orange SPV M3100 3G handset

    The ultimate smart phone?

    Phones 30 Aug 13:34

  • Nuns have multi-point mind-link to God, say researchers

    Er, sort of

    Science 30 Aug 14:00

  • Samsung models skinny 3G phones in Europe

    Oh la la

    Phones 30 Aug 14:44

  • Reporters Without Borders petitions Steve Jobs

    As Chinese hacks sued senseless for iPod plant exposé

    Financial News 30 Aug 14:49

  • TomTom ships a pair of Ones

    One-touch GPS gagdet updated

    Hardware 30 Aug 15:10

  • Core 2 Duo jargon decoder

    Intel's dual-core technical talk translated

    Hardware 30 Aug 15:12

  • Core 2 Duo-ready software compendium

    Enter the age dual-core computing with these Core 2 Duo-friendly applications

    Hardware 30 Aug 15:12

  • Ryanair joins the rush to allow inflight calling

    Hello, I'm over the Atlantic

    Mobile 30 Aug 15:17

  • Thousands hit by AT&T website hack


    Security 30 Aug 15:26

  • Violent porn crackdown

    Possession loophole to be closed

    Media 30 Aug 16:07

  • Creative adds wider screen to Zen Vision PMP

    Full 16:9 ratio now

    Hardware 30 Aug 16:35

  • No frills Rackable makes flashy Terrascale buy

    Plain kit, sweet file system

    Servers 30 Aug 19:15

  • Intel exec hired as top VC spook

    In-Q-Tel funds another CEO

    Bootnotes 30 Aug 20:35

  • Berners-Lee calls for Web 2.0 calm

    Familiarity breeds contempt

    Media 30 Aug 22:48

  • Soldier takes aim at HP printer

    Shreds it

    Bootnotes 30 Aug 23:31