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Free mobile gaming for all

Newly launched website GameJump.com is to provide mobile games free of charge.
Bill Ray, 18 Aug 2006

FaithMobile: providing inspiration on the move

Most Register readers will be aware of Good News Holdings, and its Christian-based content portal for mobile phones.
Bill Ray, 18 Aug 2006

Federal judge axes Bush mass surveillance

A Detroit federal judge has declared the Bush administration's warrantless wiretap scheme unconstitutional.
Thomas C Greene, 18 Aug 2006
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OSDL accepts GPL proliferation

LinuxWorldDelegates to this week's open source love-in left San Francisco pondering a a split over the next proposed version of GPL, which governs Linux.
Gavin Clarke, 18 Aug 2006

Cowboy DNA testers face prison terms

A law that could send eBay directors to prison if they fail to remove listings for body parts will next month extend to anyone holding saliva or hair samples for paternity testing or other DNA analysis if they do not have proper consent.
OUT-LAW.COM, 18 Aug 2006

Do IT vendors gamble with their marketing budgets?

There are plenty of opportunities to "invest" a marketing budget - advertising, mailshots, events, executive influence programs - but few guides to measure their relative value to a comparison of where best to place bets.
Rob Bamforth, 18 Aug 2006

Websites 'leaked' Microsoft Zune details, blurry pics

Details of Microsoft's Zune digital music player leaked out overnight to a variety of websites hot on the heels of EMI's announcement it will supply music and video content for the software giant to pre-install on the player.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2006

Shuttle launches 'fastest' SFF PC

Shuttle today announced what it said is the first ever small form-factor PC chassis designed for Intel's Core 2 Duo desktop processor family. It's also the fastest machine of its kind, the company claimed.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2006

NTL:Telewest offers free broadband for mobile users

British consumers are being offered a pair of Virgins to satisfy most of, if not all, their communications needs.
Joe Fay, 18 Aug 2006

Boeing departs in-flight broadband market

Boeing is ditching its in-flight broadband service, Connexion by Boeing, after failing to interest enough airlines in the scheme.
John Leyden, 18 Aug 2006

Samsung turns out music-friendly pivot phone

Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2006
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Salesforce.com shares jump as it turns in a loss

Depite posting a loss for its second quarter, shares in Salesforce.com surged 19 per cent on Thursday, as the sales software firm beat Wall Street revenue estimates.
Christopher Williams, 18 Aug 2006

What fluids should you drink when it's hot?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 18 Aug 2006

Do you feed a cold and starve a fever?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 18 Aug 2006

What is amniotic fluid?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 18 Aug 2006

Will eating spinach make me strong?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 18 Aug 2006

Censorship, planets and googling searching the net

LettersA parliamentary committee (that ever useful beast) published a report this week denouncing net censorship as "morally unacceptable". The cries of "hypocrite" could be heard across the net almost as soon as the ink on the pdf was dry...
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Aug 2006

Florida man indicted over Katrina phishing scam

A Florida man has been charged with setting up a phishing website that sought to cash-in on the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
John Leyden, 18 Aug 2006

Elgato equips Macs with digital, analogue USB TV tuner

Mac-friendly TV tuner maker Elgato has announced EyeTV Hybrid, a twin-tuner - digital and analogue - dongle that pops into a USB port to deliver television programmes straight to your Mac's display.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2006

Thomson hires computers to write news

To date, advances in automation have favoured journalists and generally made our jobs easier. Voice recorders mean we don't have to learn shorthand, wordprocessors mean we don't have to be good typists...or spellers...and voicemail means that some of us can, allegedly, tap into the messages of others.
Drew Cullen, 18 Aug 2006
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Brocade raises expectations for Q4

Execs at storage switch maker Brocade took a break from dealing with the company's high-profile stock option woes by reporting some decent Q3 results.
Christopher Williams, 18 Aug 2006
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Google mislays Tibet

We don't think Richard Gere is going to like this one bit: Google appears to have rather carelessly mislaid the whole of Tibet, the once independent state turned autonomous region of China.
Lester Haines, 18 Aug 2006

Twister unearths archaeologists

Five archaeologists were ripped from terra firma by a freak tornado that whipped its way through Lincolnshire yesterday.
Tracey Cooper, 18 Aug 2006

eBay UK gets mobile with O2

Users of O2's Active service are able to access eBay using their mobile phones for the first time today.
John Oates, 18 Aug 2006

Apple patches MacBook 'fan behaviour'

Apple has posted a firmware update for its MacBook consumer-oriented laptops, the latest in a series of "fan behaviour" adjustments made to the company's Intel-based computers. The patch adjusts the machine's System Management Controller (SMC), a device that monitors and manages Intel-based Macs' power-related functions.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2006

PayPal freezes out British user in 'terror' list snafu

PayPal has frozen Brit Mohammed Hassan's account and banned him from using the service if he refuses to fax the company a raft of personal information.
Christopher Williams, 18 Aug 2006

AllofMP3 suffers mysterious downtime

Controversial Russian music site AllofMP3.com has suffered more unexplained downtime.
John Oates, 18 Aug 2006

Vista joins MS patch treadmill

Microsoft has released a couple of patches for Windows Vista after realising that the pre-release OS is vulnerable to some of the security bugs addressed in its last (mammoth) Patch Tuesday update cycle.
John Leyden, 18 Aug 2006

Terror charges axed in 2nd cellphone bomb plot

UpdateThe spirit of Barney Fife is alive and well in small-town America, but that will hardly amuse the three men recently accused of terrorist crimes in the redneck backwater of Caro, Michigan.
Thomas C Greene, 18 Aug 2006

NASA hands out $500m for space wagons

Only NASA could award a $500m contract and bill the handout as "doing things on the cheap."
Ashlee Vance, 18 Aug 2006

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