16th August 2006 Archive

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  • ICIA rejects calls to block phone use in cinemas

    Irish mobecos say change of behaviour needed

    Mobile 16 05:02

  • Northern Ireland gets e-prescriptions

    Drug dealing moves into cyberspace

    Policy 16 06:02

  • Court Asboes septuagenarian 'yobbo'

    'This man's a menace'

    Media 16 08:02

  • IBM says Sun's open source strategy lacks support


    Operating Systems 16 08:59

  • Apple renews Windows-on-Mac app

    Boot Camp beta reaches version 1.1

    Hardware 16 09:05

  • Novell reaches out to Microsoft Office users

    Takes a number, gets in line

    Applications 16 09:07

  • UK and US eBay sellers take action over price hikes

    If not on strike, on route to Google

    Financial News 16 09:14

  • British Telecom to reward loyalty

    ...at least for the first year

    Broadband 16 09:19

  • OCZ readies 1.1GHz DDR 2 DIMMs

    Going for gold

    Hardware 16 09:34

  • Disney scraps UK mobile plan

    Parental concerns hold back the mouse

    Mobile 16 09:43

  • Dell's 'Zippo' batteries may be in other machines

    Sony's sizzling cells used by other manufacturers

    Hardware 16 09:53

  • 'Crap' comms, ID legislation can still be beaten

    Ex-peer still seething over ID Cards and RIPA

    Media 16 10:28

  • The serious business of mobile phone games

    Money to be made from twiddling thumbs

    Mobile 16 10:30

  • Standard mobiles can now be used for encrypted calls

    Good news for Royals

    Mobile 16 10:37

  • Vodafone to enable v1605 handset's HSDPA in 'Q1 2007'

    Third-party utility can do it now, apparently

    Phones 16 10:42

  • Open source Java SE by year end

    'Lawyers finish job' – well, nearly

    Developer 16 10:48

  • AOL reported to FTC

    You got mail, but you don't have any privacy...

    Media 16 11:08

  • Solar system to get new planets?

    IAU sets criteria for planetary club membership

    Science 16 11:30

  • Trolltech goes green with Linux-friendly phone

    Build your own mobile apps

    Phones 16 11:42

  • Slim Devices Transporter high-end digital audio player

    Audiophile device transports music to a new level?

    Hardware 16 12:01

  • Ex-Comverse chief turns fugitive

    Options backdated by a one-armed man?

    Financial News 16 12:50

  • What's your favourite - breasts or legs?

    Offending ad relegated to encrypted channel

    Broadband 16 12:53

  • Girl raped after MySpace meeting, court hears

    Seriously kids, be careful out there

    Media 16 13:04

  • Brief wait for iPod underpants, warns supplier

    It's a smalls world, isn't it?

    Hardware 16 13:14

  • Storage vendors seek summer of love with SMBs

    Flushing the hype pipe

    Storage 16 13:29

  • Movie download service faces spyware lawsuit

    Invasive pop-ups ignite legal rumpus

    Security 16 14:24

  • UK man dies of anthrax

    Animal hides suspected in Scottish case

    Science 16 14:27

  • YouTube plans 'free-to-net' music vid downloads

    Net video killed the radio star

    Bootnotes 16 14:34

  • O2 eyes Ice to drive consumer 3G demand

    Preps low-cost handset for video calling, music downloads

    Phones 16 14:46

  • Apple says 'no' to wireless iPod claims

    Uncharacteristic response

    Hardware 16 15:12

  • London hits all-time August high

    BBC Weather turns up the heat - big time

    Media 16 15:32

  • PlusNet deletes more customer info


    Broadband 16 15:45

  • Overland tinkles the Bell (Micro)

    Is it SMB storage announcement time again already?

    The Channel 16 16:09

  • Solar observatories get new launch date

    Pencilled in for 31 August

    Science 16 16:12

  • Grace Jones on flat trash rap

    Landlords pursue Naomi Campbell role model

    Bootnotes 16 16:16

  • ICANN awarded net adminstration until 2011

    US government issues IANA contract

    Media 16 16:20

  • 'Zippo' battery recall could cost Sony $430m and a truck

    Come on baby, light my profits

    Financial News 16 19:32

  • Municipal WiFi is the new hope for Net Neutrality - thinker

    Lessig's exploding cloud

    Media 16 20:24

  • HP's Q3 profit rises, shares follow

    Slow and steady wins the race

    Financial News 16 23:52