11th August 2006 Archive

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  • Borland defines what apps require


    Developer 11 05:02

  • 10 Ways to make yourself a YouTube Star

    Fight strangers in the street, do weird things with animals...

    Bootnotes 11 06:02

  • Red Hat ramps up JBoss support

    Reality check

    Operating Systems 11 08:16

  • Peaceniks take on Rockstar in violent games row

    No Bully beef for Christmas?

    Media 11 08:24

  • Orange broadband punters left stranded for weeks

    Surfin' without the board

    Broadband 11 08:28

  • Apple's MacBook to get an early Merom upgrade?

    Consumer computer joins MacBook Pro for Core 2 Duo

    Hardware 11 09:07

  • Nvidia probes executive stock option practices

    Admission overshadows record-revenue announcement

    Hardware 11 09:30

  • Breaking phones, banned laptops and scary slang

    The neo-luddite revolution cometh

    Letters 11 09:31

  • Big Brother investigated for housemate's insertion

    Hold that phone!!

    Broadband 11 10:19

  • Vodafone readies 'super 3G' handset

    HTC TyTN turns up in grey and red

    Phones 11 10:36

  • US kids subjected to more online porn

    Eeuughhhh, that's soooo gross

    Media 11 10:47

  • Florida laptop loss sparks ID theft fears

    Miami vice

    Security 11 11:04

  • Betonsports retreats from US

    All bets are off

    Financial News 11 11:20

  • Apple's other Duo-branded laptop

    It's 1992 and the PowerBook Duo has just been announced...

    Hardware 11 11:27

  • Laptops grounded for good? Let's head to the Anger bar

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    Business 11 11:31

  • Arctic goes cold on Fusion Supporter

    Gadget would have provided 'no end-user benefit', firm admits

    Hardware 11 11:59

  • What are zombie behaviours?

    Unleashing internal demons

    Science 11 11:59

  • Is it possible to swallow while standing on your head?

    Warning: Don't try this at home

    Science 11 12:00

  • Why do women have smaller feet?

    Don't breasts add extra frontal weight?

    Science 11 12:00

  • What is the use of the hymen?

    And can virginity be restored?

    Science 11 12:01

  • Firm offers ExpressCard adaptor add-in for desktops

    If you can find an ExpressCard...

    Hardware 11 12:24

  • IBM PC celebrates silver anniversary

    Misty eyed hack remembers when....beer was 60p a pint

    Media 11 13:21

  • Ruby on Rails derailed by URL glitch

    Points failure

    Security 11 13:24

  • Tiscali eyes Homechoice for IPTV

    Today the world, tomorrow Stevenage

    Broadband 11 13:37

  • Sun takes Storagetek modular

    Wants to take EMC, Hitachi apart too

    Storage 11 14:04

  • V21 takes the Biscit

    Ambitions converge

    Broadband 11 14:31

  • Abit on the side for Target

    Mobo signing

    The Channel 11 14:50

  • Samsung shows off model mobiles, mobile models

    Ultra edition

    Phones 11 14:53

  • Imagine Italy winning

    First the World Cup, now the Imagine Cup

    Developer 11 15:28

  • Apple to delay quarterly results filing

    Thanks to its stock options probe

    Hardware 11 15:40

  • BBC journo 'reveals' BBC DAB-on-iPod plan

    And doesn't claim an exclusive...

    Bootnotes 11 15:52

  • Industry group defends e-passports

    Counter-attack follows cloning demo

    Security 11 16:24

  • Aigo ships conical omnisphere MP3 player

    Tales from a topological ocean?

    Hardware 11 16:40

  • Cisco's mushy 'spin-in' deals undermine acquisition heroics

    Lucrative friends and family program

    Data Networking 11 18:24