9th August 2006 Archive

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  • Lords rule on 'grossly offensive' phone calls

    Man's messages to local MP 'insulting and perjorative'

    Media 09 08:14

  • Sybase touts distributed data integration

    Suite success

    Applications 09 08:29

  • Chinese man trademarks Zidane headbutt

    Mark up for grabs for $125,000

    Media 09 08:32

  • Cheshire's particle accelerator gets £2m cash injection

    Putting Britian on the science map, DTI says

    Science 09 08:39

  • Parallels updates Mac OS X virtualisation tool

    Pleades Vista, 'fast' 3D support

    Hardware 09 09:09

  • Sage still taking buyer's medicine

    Goes to Florida for £297m surgical graft

    The Channel 09 09:18

  • Social enterprise deal for HP and Curam

    Team up to take SEM to the public sector

    Policy 09 09:22

  • IBM moves further into applications

    Swallows Webify

    Applications 09 09:32

  • Dell exec confirms AMD notebooks for October

    AMD agrees

    Hardware 09 09:38

  • Orange mobile network goes AWOL

    Pops out for a KitKat

    Mobile 09 09:45

  • T-Mobile Germany unveils 'super 3G' Vario II

    Fast-download smartphone

    Phones 09 10:13

  • Babycare guru demands closure of 'defamatory' site

    Mum's the word

    Media 09 10:23

  • Accessing DB2 UDB with PHP (Part 2)

    Using PHP with IBM's DB2 universal database

    Developer 09 10:41

  • Sainsbury's cans DVD rentals

    Not pukka

    Financial News 09 10:43

  • UK retailer touts ultra-slim monolith MP3 player

    2001 inspired?

    Hardware 09 10:51

  • Barclays to launch two-factor authentication

    Card readers secure online banking

    Security 09 10:57

  • Elonex creditors back administration

    Unsecured creditors will get less than 20 per cent

    The Channel 09 11:04

  • Three quizzed in Royal phone tap probe

    Noise on the wire

    Media 09 11:42

  • Logitech revamps wireless music kit with full remote control

    Four-room ready too

    Hardware 09 11:44

  • Brits adopt 'safe surfing' habits

    Confidence grows but viruses remain a problem

    Security 09 12:16

  • US Senator claims campaign site 'hacked'

    Or something

    Security 09 12:30

  • Sprint makes $3bn WiMax play

    Drafts in Intel, Motorola and Samsung as cheerleaders

    Data Networking 09 13:16

  • Boffins sketch solution to bulging moon problem

    Use them new-fangled Computerers? Lawks, no, sir...

    Science 09 13:29

  • MS releases dirty dozen

    Nine critical fixes star in August Patch Tuesday update

    Security 09 13:54

  • Vodafone customers to pay extra for Extra

    Mobeco pulls MMS from cut price pack

    Mobile 09 14:08

  • Sony Ericsson M600i smart phone

    Sony Ericsson challenges RIM's BlackBerry

    Phones 09 14:18

  • Cisco turns up profits despite set top box buy

    Sales rise set to cheer investors

    Financial News 09 14:25

  • Sony shuffles Sports Walkman brand into iPod era

    Tube-like DAP gets jogger-friendly features

    Hardware 09 14:47

  • ICSTIS speaks out on latest Big Brother voting furore

    'Please leave us alone'

    Broadband 09 15:56

  • Windows Live suffering from 'paralysis,' says Microsoft Ex

    Technorati RSS feeder walks

    Operating Systems 09 18:14

  • US football through the Net Neutrality looking glass

    FCC, big cable, and net newts again

    Broadband 09 18:33

  • Dead geeks depend on the kindness of strangers

    Will a wooden Jobs be so lucky?

    Bootnotes 09 19:22

  • Idioms wilt as heatwave humour drought worsens

    The Vest is the Best

    Letters 09 19:31

  • Borland on black track, says CEO

    Balls in the air

    Financial News 09 22:58