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Camera phones linked to SA bank theft muggings

South African muggers are using camera phones to capture pictures of potential victims in banks before their accomplices stalk and rob them, according to reports.
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IBM gets handle on unstructured data

It is perhaps easy to assume that the notion of BI (business intelligence) for the masses - or 'DIYBI', as espoused here, is most likely to involve a sawn-off version of an existing BI tool - probably a mature one where the development costs have already been recovered.
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Mobile internet is still a turn-off

Most punters still find mobile internet usage to be a frustrating experience they'd rather avoid.
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Drug trial guinea pig faces new medical battle

One of the victims of the disastrous drug trial at Northwick Park Hospital earlier this year says he has now been diagnosed with the early stages of cancer.
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PayPal UK confirms double-dipping error

PayPal has confirmed that a technical glitch in late July meant some of its account holders had money debited from their account twice, echoing similar problems the company had in September last year.
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Tips to prevent data loss

Public exposure of private data is becoming a regular occurrence, but the majority of these incidents can be prevented if companies implement the proper security best practices, according to analysts at Gartner.
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Collaboration and communication - is more better?

Comment In the good old days, if you wanted to communicate with someone, you met up with them and talked, or you sent round someone with a piece of paper, and that someone stayed there while the communicant responded in writing and brought the message to you.

MSI preps Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT card with HDMI

MSI today lauded the successful certification of its first Nvidia-based graphics card with an HDMI port. Similar cards can't be far behind, but MSI claimed to be the first graphics card maker to pass the HDMI certification process.

iSoft probe gets formal

Troubled software firm iSoft Plc said today it has found evidence of possible accounting irregularities for the financial years 2004 and 2005.
Joe Fay, 08 2006
sony mylo voip communicator

Sony touts handheld Skype, Wi-Fi communicator

Sony will next month ship a handheld communications device designed for the Wi-Fi world. Dubbed Mylo, the palmtop features 802.11b wireless networking, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 2.4in, 320 x 240 colour display and comes pre-loaded with GoogleTalk, Yahoo! Messenger and Skype.
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Top 10 technoculture books for the beach

Tech Digest From the UK's leading gadgets blog Tech Digest
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IBM wins in US pensions plan appeal

A Federal Appeals Count has cleared IBM of discriminating against older employees when it overhauled its pension scheme in the late 1990s.
Joe Fay, 08 2006

Nokia buys Loudeye to kickstart iTunes rival

Nokia is to buy Loudeye, the US digital music company that owns On-Demand Distribution (OD2), the European music download supplier started by Peter Gabriel. The Finnish mobile phone giant is paying $60m in cash for the company.
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Out of the (C++) loop

Stob Hi Verity, are we up for some more frolics and fun?
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Monstermob confirms takeover bid

Monstermob Group's shares have been boosted by confirmation it has received a takeover approach.
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Imagine and Nortel team up in telecoms deal

Telecoms equipment firm Nortel and telecommunications provider Imagine have teamed up to provide an all-Ireland communications package for small businesses.

Asus and Gigabyte to merge mobo manufacturing ops

Asus and Gigabyte have formally announced a plan to create a joint-venture to market their motherboards and graphics cards under the Gigabyte brand. The JV's own name has yet to be decided, the partners admitted today.
Hard Reg, 08 2006

AOL apologises over search data 'screw-up'

AOL regrets publishing the search logs of 658,000 US users on a research website. The data was anonymised and covered only around 20m search queries of users of its client software. But it set off an internet firestorm of criticism.

Microsoft pulls plug on Virtual PC development

Microsoft is to end development of Virtual PC for Mac, the company admitted this week. While an x86 emulation app makes little sense in a world of Intel-based Macs, the move means the software giant has rejected the chance to turn the tool into a true virtualisation utility.
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Broadband makes e-potatoes of us all

The average web-enabled Brit spends 23 hours a week in cyberspace with time online split between an increasingly diverse range of activities.

Brocade chomps McData

Brocade will acquire fellow storage switch maker McData in a $713m all-stock deal.

Sony's first Mylo

Forgotten Tech Sony's upcoming Wi-Fi-equipped, VoIP-oriented communications gadget isn't the first of the consumer electronics giant's products to be called Mylo, short for 'My Life Online'. Reg Hardware readers with long memories may recall a Sony PDA-friendly online service of the same name.

AOL releases free anti-virus tool

AOL is giving consumers a free anti-virus software package, dubbed Active Virus Shield, powered by technology from Kasperesky Lab.
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Time to tap the Tech Barometer

Reg Reader Studies The mercury's been rising all summer, which surely means it's time to consult the old tech barometer.
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Reg saves doctored war pics for posterity

On news that Reuters has pulled all 920 of Lebanese freelancer Adnan Hajj's photos after two were found to have been doctored in Photoshop (see New Zealand Herald story), we received this email from scam-busting reader Mark:

Mavizen Blueye mobile phone adaptor for iPod

Exclusive Preview Nokia says we should all be playing music on our phones, but some of us like having a separate music player. But it's a problem is when a call comes in and we're left frantically trying to pause the player and pull out the phone before the caller rings off. Assuming, with earphones in, we've heard the mobile ringing in the first place. Fortunately, UK company Mavizen reckons it has the answer: Blueye, a bluetooth dongle that ties your iPod to your phone...
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NTL:Telewest blames customer losses on competition

NTL's merger with Telewest helped boost Q2 revenues 83 per cent to £884.3m, the network reported today.

Phishing Trojan plays ping-pong with captured data

Security researchers have identified a new Trojan which sends data back to attackers via an unconventional communications protocol (for malware) in a bid to escape detection.
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Designer punts 'perfect' portable workstation

Portuguese industrial designer João Pedro Carneiro has come up with this intriguing design for a portable computer created specifically for content creators that incorporates not only a keyboard but a graphics tablet too.

MP says NHS IT should be flushed

A conservative MP has called for the £12.5bn National Programme for IT (NPfIT) to be scrapped after he saw a leaked report that said the NHS was better off without the computer system.
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Southern pansies tool up with Harrier purchase

Letters Just a short tour of the letters bag today, to make sure we cover the important stuff. Like whether or not Southerners (in the UK - calm down Texas) are pansies. But first, we'll mention a few issues you have with PayPal's double dipping.
graph up

Whatever happened to... Mac OS X Leopard?

Comment Steve Jobs' minimal contribution to his annual WWDC keynote yesterday amounted to little more than handing over the proceedings to his lieutenants. Jobs himself concentrated on doing something we already know he does quite well: bash Microsoft.

Borland enlists Turboman for Windows tools

Borland Software is resurrecting a face from its long-forgotten past as it prepares to launch new tools for Windows developers.