8th August 2006 Archive

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  • Camera phones linked to SA bank theft muggings

    Snap, bang, wallop...

    Mobile 08 07:02

  • IBM gets handle on unstructured data

    Almaden incarnates search and BI

    Developer 08 07:02

  • Mobile internet is still a turn-off

    Give us maps not blogs

    Mobile 08 07:02

  • Drug trial guinea pig faces new medical battle

    Diagnosed with cancer

    Science 08 08:45

  • PayPal UK confirms double-dipping error

    All fixed now

    Financial News 08 08:47

  • Tips to prevent data loss

    Curbing the epidemic

    Security 08 08:59

  • Collaboration and communication - is more better?

    It's a nasty world out there...

    Business 08 09:16

  • MSI preps Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT card with HDMI

    Not just an ATI gig

    Hardware 08 09:21

  • iSoft probe gets formal

    Evidence of irregularities for FY 2004, 2005

    Policy 08 09:41

  • Sony touts handheld Skype, Wi-Fi communicator

    VoIP, IM and web over Wi-Fi

    Phones 08 09:55

  • Top 10 technoculture books for the beach

    Much more fun than Wayne Rooney's bio anyhow...

    Bootnotes 08 09:57

  • IBM wins in US pensions plan appeal

    Big Blue didn't discriminate against old greys

    Management 08 10:52

  • Nokia buys Loudeye to kickstart iTunes rival

    New owner for Peter Gabriel's old download company

    Phones 08 11:00

  • Out of the (C++) loop

    Goto considered risible

    Verity Stob 08 11:05

  • Monstermob confirms takeover bid

    Tumbling shares bounce on approach

    Mobile 08 11:07

  • Imagine and Nortel team up in telecoms deal

    SMBs to benefit from combined offering

    Broadband 08 11:26

  • Asus and Gigabyte to merge mobo manufacturing ops

    Unnamed JV to go into action early next year

    Hardware 08 11:41

  • AOL apologises over search data 'screw-up'

    So sorry

    Security 08 12:14

  • Microsoft pulls plug on Virtual PC development

    Not seen as rival to BootCamp, VMware et al

    Hardware 08 12:19

  • Broadband makes e-potatoes of us all

    Webstreaming to kill the video star?

    Broadband 08 12:25

  • Brocade chomps McData

    Swallows $713m McNugget whole

    Storage 08 13:04

  • Sony's first Mylo

    Who remembers the Clié-friendly My Life Online?

    Vintage 08 13:04

  • AOL releases free anti-virus tool

    Helping Joe Public avoid the pox

    Security 08 13:18

  • Time to tap the Tech Barometer

    Forecast is for goodie bags

    Reg Technology Panel 08 14:13

  • Reg saves doctored war pics for posterity

    Shocking photos exposed

    Media 08 14:29

  • Mavizen Blueye mobile phone adaptor for iPod

    Auto-pause your music when you take a call

    Hardware 08 14:30

  • NTL:Telewest blames customer losses on competition

    Revenues up:losses up too

    Networks 08 15:04

  • Phishing Trojan plays ping-pong with captured data

    Hide and seek

    Security 08 15:06

  • Designer punts 'perfect' portable workstation

    Fold-up unit with 17in screen, keyboard, graphics tablet

    Hardware 08 15:08

  • MP says NHS IT should be flushed

    Leaked report backs sceptics

    Policy 08 15:18

  • Southern pansies tool up with Harrier purchase

    The better to get refunds from PayPal?

    Letters 08 15:52

  • Whatever happened to... Mac OS X Leopard?

    Spotty debut - but what's to come?

    Operating Systems 08 18:22

  • Borland enlists Turboman for Windows tools

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - it's a brand strategy!

    Developer 08 19:59