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Researchers warn over web worms

LAS VEGAS - Exploiting a lack of security checks in browsers and Web servers, web worms and viruses are likely to become a major threat to surfers, security researchers speaking at the Black Hat Briefings warned on Thursday.
Robert Lemos, 06 Aug 2006

Police data leak case clashes with Durant judgment

A police employee has been found guilty of using police systems to pass on information about a policeman to his jilted lover. Jacqueline Rooney breached the Data Protection Act, the criminal appeals court found.
OUT-LAW.COM, 06 Aug 2006

More on CMDB – and Active Repositories

I've been having a conversation (via email) with BillN, prompted by my piece on CMDB here. I thought that I’d reproduce the conversation, with his permission, and see if anyone else had ideas in this area (there's some more background on CMDB here).
David Norfolk, 06 Aug 2006

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