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Exchange 2007 beta slips out

Microsoft has released fresh betas for the next versions of its email server and email security software, with product availability loosely pegged for 2006 or 2007.
Gavin Clarke, 26 Jul 2006

Internet fraud slips through police fingers, says Attorney General

Internet fraud accounts for eight per cent of all fraud in the UK, according to the Attorney General's office, which says that fraud costs the UK billions of pounds every year.
OUT-LAW.COM, 26 Jul 2006

Oops! PlusNet's Force 9 blows email gale

PlusNet has been reported to the Information Commission for sending out 20,000 email addresses to 3,500 subscribers of its ISP brand, Force9.
John Oates, 26 Jul 2006

NTL launches first quad play and targets freeview

NTL:Telewest has announced details of its quad play of TV, broadband, mobile and fixed line services, making it the first company to do so in the UK.
Christopher Williams, 26 Jul 2006

Variables Won't Constants Aren't:

I first read the lament to the capricity of programming in the title of this piece in Creative Computing, years before C was devised. But it’s still true that there is no way, not even one, of being absolutely sure that a value you set in C or C++ won’t change.
Dominic Connor, 26 Jul 2006
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WEEE directive hits home straight

The government says it is at last ready to say when it plans to implement the long-overdue European directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Jul 2006

Samsung touts Vista-friendly Flash drive - again

Samsung once again touted its NAND Flash-based solid-state disk (SSD) technology yesterday, pitching a 4GB product at notebook and desktop manufacturers developing systems to run Windows Vista. It said the 4GB SSD was being "readied for production".
Tony Smith, 26 Jul 2006

Asus unveils slimline barcode-reading phone

Asus introduced its latest mobile phone last week, though it took a while for anyone to notice. It's a slimline model with a two megapixel camera that not only has an auto-focus facility and can take close-up shots, but can scan barcodes.
Tony Smith, 26 Jul 2006

Vodafone boss survives

Vodafone boss Arun Sarin survived a hostile meeting with shareholders yesterday and was reappointed chief executive.
John Oates, 26 Jul 2006

Want to show the world what you're doing with the net?

If you are using the internet to change the world and you want the world to know it, today's your lucky day.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jul 2006

Moore's the modern Weegee

One of the most interesting characters to live and thrive in New York City between the Depression and the end of World War II - a time when interesting characters seemed to make up the lion's share of dwellers in that great American city - was Weegee.
Scott Granneman, 26 Jul 2006

Motorola shows 9mm-thick mobile phone

Motorola's big handset blitz earlier this week wasn't the whole story. The company went on to unveil one of the slimmest phones yet made: a 9mm-thick candybar with a fancy electrophoretic display ready for clear viewing in bright sunlight, the company claimed.
Tony Smith, 26 Jul 2006

Intel Core 2 Duo dresses up for formal debut

Intel will tomorrow formally unveil its Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme desktop processors - all based on the 'Conroe' core - despite having been shipping the product to computer manufacturers for several weeks. The chip maker may also announce 'Merom', the notebook version of the chip.
Register Hardware, 26 Jul 2006

Minimising the impact of user anarchy

If you ask the question about who is responsible for delivering IT solutions to the business and maintaining hardware, software and networks, you'll generally be told it's the IT department.
Dale Vile, 26 Jul 2006
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Amazon profits fall push shares down

Amazon shares fell sharply in after hours trading after the retail giant posted a big drop in profits.
John Oates, 26 Jul 2006

Ten gadgets to get you sacked

Tech DigestIt's hot, your boss is evil, you never got that promised pay-rise. It's hot, your colleagues hate you, and you're fed up with sardine-like commuting. Oh, and did I mention it's really hot? What better time then to jack in your job to spend more time with your sofa, beer-fridge and television? But if you're going to go, do it with a bang rather than a whimper, and get your ass sacked. We've rounded up ten gadgets that should do the job...
Tech Digest, 26 Jul 2006

US citizens avoid tailbacks with new Google traffic tracker

It can only be a matter of "when" before a Google user drives into a tree, trying to see which roads are congested, on the display of their mobile phone. But probably, traffic message channel (TMC) information users (like Trafficmaster) will already have hit the same tree.
Guy Kewney, 26 Jul 2006

BenQ Mobile shows shiny black handset trio

BenQ Mobile has just rolled out three new handsets under its BenQ-Siemens brand, including what may be the world's first non-stick phone and a pair of small-size 3G handsets. All three are kitted out in shiny black shells. Black is indeed the new... er... black.
Tony Smith, 26 Jul 2006

Google shows click fraud rates

Google is to show advertisers how many fraudulent clicks the search giant detects.
John Oates, 26 Jul 2006

Korean scientist tried to clone mammoths

Hwang Woo-Suk, the disgraced Korean stem cell scientist, diverted private donations towards efforts to clone tigers and even mammoths, a court heard yesterday.
Joe Fay, 26 Jul 2006

Medic database spam suspect collared

A US man has been charged with stealing the membership database of the American College of Physicians (ACP) for resale as a premium spamming list.
John Leyden, 26 Jul 2006

BT to offer Universal movie downloads

BT has signed up for Universal's movie download package. The deal will allow the telco to sell PC-only full-length films online from the end of this month.
Tony Smith, 26 Jul 2006

India takes on offshoring naysayers

An ambassador for the Indian software industry has been trying to wipe up the dirt that was smeared on his compatriots last month after an HSBC call-centre worker was arrested for allegedly defrauding UK customers.
Mark Ballard, 26 Jul 2006

Ingram let down by Europe in second quarter

Ingram Micro reported a “solid” second quarter yesterday but its figures included further evidence of a flaccid IT market in Europe.
Joe Fay, 26 Jul 2006

Sun didn't rise in Bristol today: official

Bristol citizens who have been complaining about the sweltering temperatures of the last few weeks have been given some respite from the scorching rays from above.
Tracey Cooper, 26 Jul 2006

Could there be lakes on Titan?

New radar maps of Titan appear to show that the moon has surface lakes dotted around its northern pole. No solar system object other than Earth has been shown to have standing bodies of liquid on its surface, so the discovery is remarkable.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Jul 2006
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Spyware poses as Firefox extension

Virus writers have created a spyware package that poses as an extension to the Firefox web browser.
John Leyden, 26 Jul 2006

AMD demos 4x4

AMD's upcoming 4x4 gaming platform will cost "substantially" under $1,000 - for the processors at least. So said company VP Pat Moorhead, who showed off a prototype system in the US yesterday, though details of the system were kept under wraps.
Tony Smith, 26 Jul 2006

India rejects One Laptop Per Child

India has decided against getting involved in Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child scheme - which aims to provide kids in developing countries with a simple $100 machine.
John Oates, 26 Jul 2006

Americans take the office with them on holiday

Pity the Yanks - they already get fewer days off than the rest of us and a new survey reveals they are still spending much of their meagre holidays working.
John Oates, 26 Jul 2006

Itsy witsy teeny weeny beeping UV-proof bikini

Concern about rising skin cancer rates has prompted Canadian swimwear company Solestrom to design a bikini with an in-built UV meter.
Tracey Cooper, 26 Jul 2006

Netscape versus Digg

Newly relaunched Netscape.com has been getting into a bit of a slanging match with Digg - the site which gets its users to rate news stories.
John Oates, 26 Jul 2006

School sues over Wikipedia posts

A high school in Nebraska, USA is suing over entries posted on Wikipedia - the website that "anyone can edit" that's popular with teenagers and the unemployed. Wikipedia itself isn't the target of the lawsuit from Skutt High School, nor are many of the sites that legally or illegally scrape Wikipedia's content.
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jul 2006

US judge dismisses terror trawl lawsuit

A US court has dismissed a lawsuit against AT&T brought by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) alleging that the telco handed over citizen's phone records to US spy agencies without adequate authorisiation. US District Court Judge Matthew Kennelly agreed with the government’s argument that the need to protect 'state secrets' necessitated dismissing the lawsuit.
John Leyden, 26 Jul 2006

Shareholders approve Eircom sale

Eircom's shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favour of a takeover by Australian investment house Babcock & Brown at a meeting in Dublin today.
Maxim Kelly, 26 Jul 2006
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The life and times of Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard

Into the ValleyMost proles looking to suck from HP's historical teat will find the experience less than gratifying. Company archives have been locked away at HP's Palo Alto headquarters, as have the offices of Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Even the HP Garage, which sits in the middle of a Palo Alto neighborhood, is reserved for the elite. Tourists can but peek through a gate or a window, while top HP customers get to dine inside the Silicon Valley landmark.
Ashlee Vance, 26 Jul 2006

SugarCRM dangles Microsoft and AJAX sweeties

SugarCRM is touting the first fruits of a technology relationship with Microsoft in the next version of its open source customer relationship management suite.
Gavin Clarke, 26 Jul 2006

El Reg saves Los Alamos lab web site from hooligans

Forget managing a $2.2bn weapons lab, Los Alamos National Security is struggling just to keep its web site up.
Ashlee Vance, 26 Jul 2006

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