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Sun: We're happy with Eclipse, honest...

The executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, Mike Milinkovich, recently told us that "We don't really have a relationship with Sun...I've made numerous entreaties to try to engage Sun with Eclipse, from Jonathan Schwartz down, and I've never had anything other than 'thanks for calling'."
Tim Anderson, 24 Jul 2006

Microsoft confirms Zune software, hardware family

Microsoft has confirmed it is developing a "family of hardware and sofftware products" under the Zune brand in a bid to win a big chunk of the portable media playback market away from Apple's iPod and its competitors.
Tony Smith, 24 Jul 2006

AMD Socket F Opterons due mid-August

AMD's Socket F interconnect and the DDR 2-enabled Opteron processors that will require it will not launch until mid-August, the chip maker has apparently revealed.
Tony Smith, 24 Jul 2006

Vodafone shareholders are revolting

Four major institutional investors in Vodafone look set to oppose the re-election of chief executive Arun Sarin.
John Oates, 24 Jul 2006

AMD slashes prices by up to 61%

AMD has cut the prices of a number of mobile and desktop processors. It also dropped a number of CPUs from its price list too.
Tony Smith, 24 Jul 2006

ATI readies Radeon X1950

UpdatedATI - well, maybe AMD, we suppose - is about to launch its latest X1900-class GPUs, including a chip capable of using GDDR 4 graphics memory.
Tony Smith, 24 Jul 2006
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PI arrested at hacker convention

A private detective has been arrested by the FBI at a hacker convention just minutes before he was due to lead a discussion on privacy.
John Leyden, 24 Jul 2006

AMD to buy ATI

AMD and ATI are to tie the knot, the two companies confirmed this morning, ending weeks of frenzied speculation in the process. The merged business will form a "formidable" competitor to Intel, Nvidia and other chip makers, the pair suggested.
Tony Smith, 24 Jul 2006

French regulators cap SMS charges

UpdatedFrench communications regulator ARCEP has had its move to cap the cost of text messaging backed by the European Commission.
Christopher Williams, 24 Jul 2006

Abit recalls AN9 32X mobos

Abit has asked owners of its AN9 32X motherboards - all of which are based on Nvdia's nForce 590 SLI - to send back their mobos for a free repair. A fault with the boards' heatsink assembly could cause the products to overheat, the company said.
Hard Reg, 24 Jul 2006

Stargazers ID imminent supernova

Astronomers have spotted a star that is, in astronomical terms, just about to explode in a spectacular supernova.
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Jul 2006

ATI preps internal CrossFire connector

ATI's Radeon X1950 line-up is to be accompanied later this year by the X1650 mainstream graphics chip series, if the latest leaks coming out of Asia are to be believed. The GPU family is said to include the X1650 XT and X1650 Pro - the former uses a new, internal cable for CrossFire connections.
Tony Smith, 24 Jul 2006
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Warning over Sky TV scam

Credit card fraudsters are targeting Sky TV subscribers with a new two-part scam.
John Leyden, 24 Jul 2006

OMG!!! MySpace goes titsup

The United States' most popular website has been taken offline by a power outage.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jul 2006

Light goes faster in reverse

A group of US physicists funded by the US Department of Energy have made a material capable of making light travel backwards, at speeds "that appear faster than the speed of light", at the smallest wavelength ever.
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Jul 2006

Nokia ships latest n-series smart phones

Nokia has at last begun shipping its N73 and N93 media phones to its carrier customers, the handset giant said today.
Tony Smith, 24 Jul 2006
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Morse withdraws from Germany

Morse has continued its retreat from the European mainland with the sale of its loss-making German and Austrian reselling business for €9.5m.
Mark Ballard, 24 Jul 2006

Microsoft's iPod killer - first photos

No sooner had Microsoft confirmed the existence of its "iPod-killer", Zune, than photos have begun to appear.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jul 2006

Germans unhappy with TV tax for mobiles and PCs

Germany is to introduce a TV tax for both PC and (UMTS) mobile phones that can receive television. The tax could be as high as €17 per month.
Jan Libbenga, 24 Jul 2006
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AMD, ATI and the GPU

Comment"We may lose business on Intel boards, but we will break the Intel monopoly." With these words, AMD's CFO Bob Rivet announced the takeover of graphics chip maker, ATI, offering a future of joined-up shared processing, split between CPU and GPU.
Guy Kewney, 24 Jul 2006

Only one in seven switch off their phones during sex

A survey into Brit's MobileLifestyles™ has revealed a paltry 14 per cent have the courtesy to switch off during sex with their partner, lest they get a txt msg from their m8 asking if they fncy a pnt.
Christopher Williams, 24 Jul 2006

74,000 .eu domains suspended

Over 74,000 .eu domains have been suspended and 400 registering companies sued by the company in charge of the European Union's top-level domain.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jul 2006

Dell pledges free CPU upgrade to waiting XPS 700 buyers

Dell is to offer a free Core 2 Duo processor upgrade to anyone who's been waiting since 18 July or before for one of the company's new XPS 700 gaming PC. The pledge follows increasing frustration on the part of buyers who've been waiting what seems like an age for their system to ship.
Tony Smith, 24 Jul 2006

ESA offers grants for Space Butlins

Where American entrepreneurs lead, European bureaucrats are sure to follow, eventually.
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Jul 2006

Unsolicited credit card push irks security researchers

A top UK security expert has criticised the practice of issuing unsolicited credit cards.
John Leyden, 24 Jul 2006

Passport fees balloon by almost 30%

The Home Office has announced new, higher fees for the UK's shiny new biometric ePassport.
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Jul 2006

Nintendo ships 21m DS handhelds

Nintendo has sold 21m DS handheld games consoles around the world since the device was launched on 21 November 2004. The company said it attributed the gadget's success to the availability of titles for the old as well as the very young. ®
Register Hardware, 24 Jul 2006

So farewell then, Child Support Agency

The beleaguered Child Support Agency should be be phased out and replaced with something cheap and simple, the government said today after accepting reforms proposed in Sir David Henshaw's report on child support today.
Mark Ballard, 24 Jul 2006

Los Alamos bets on 'creativity' to handle $200m of extra costs

Los Alamos National Laboratory has been hit with a vague and challenging directive to avoid layoffs despite a 10 per cent knock to the lab's budget.
Ashlee Vance, 24 Jul 2006
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Google and the new punk era of IT

CommentGoogle recently shocked the IT world by reminding everyone that it actually builds its own servers, a strategy delivering economic advantage over its competitors, and leaving corporate IT departments in the dust. The technology press was full of the industry's reaction, chiding Google and reminding us that conventional wisdom is that traditional server companies like Dell, have the unbeatable advantages of economies of scale and manufacturing know-how. Turns out that thinking is plain wrong.
Cormac O'Reilly, 24 Jul 2006
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Ransomware getting harder to break

Hackers may soon be pushing out ransomware packages so complex that they're beyond the decryption capabilities of the anti-virus industry, according to a study by Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab.
John Leyden, 24 Jul 2006

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