20th July 2006 Archive

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  • Orange puts squeeze on customers

    If you won't use our 3G services...

    Mobile 20 06:02

  • French MoD questions OpenOffice security

    Quit your sniggering Microsoft

    Applications 20 08:27

  • Apple and Juniper results overshadowed by SEC

    Warnings and postponements

    Financial News 20 08:32

  • Geologists have ringside seats for an ocean's birth

    A new sea forming in Africa

    Science 20 08:36

  • Vodafone rewrites customers' calendars

    How many days in a month? As many as we say there are

    Mobile 20 08:38

  • Nvida working on switcheable GPU tech for laptops?

    One chip for best, another for everyday wear

    Hardware 20 08:57

  • eBay losing its 'magic' - CEO

    Auctioneers - please come back

    Financial News 20 09:11

  • Leadtek readies Nvidia 7600-based AGP boards

    High-performance GPU for older PCs

    Hardware 20 09:19

  • NHS has another stab at records

    Going one step at a time after all

    Policy 20 09:40

  • Intel speeds quad-core CPU roll-out to Q4

    CEO pulls forward server, desktop chip launches

    Hardware 20 09:42

  • Palm 3G Euro Treo to ship 'September 2006'

    Earlier than officially announced

    Phones 20 10:03

  • Virtual – the new reality for developers

    New assumptions needed by code cutters

    Developer 20 10:04

  • Moto makes billion buck profit

    Piling up like pebbles on a beach

    Financial News 20 10:12

  • Vietnam to offer 'healthy sex' website

    Coupling guides for couples

    Media 20 10:17

  • Daewoo dips into UMPC pool

    Solo M1 ships in Korea

    Hardware 20 10:34

  • Voice of the Daleks dies at 82

    RIP Peter Hawkins

    Bootnotes 20 10:35

  • Excel scientific and engineering cookbook

    Celebrity chef’ing by numbers

    Developer 20 10:40

  • Macs get Windows Mobile 5.0 gadget sync support

    Mark/Space to the rescue... again

    Hardware 20 10:55

  • Microsoft steps on recruitment consultant

    Relationship dynamics

    Management 20 11:07

  • Child abuse website takedown delays can take years

    Depraved images flourish online

    Media 20 11:25

  • Amnesty calls for action on China

    Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Nortel, Sun and Yahoo! named and shamed

    Media 20 11:29

  • Boffins use hypnosis to induce déjà vu

    Boffins use hypnosis to induce déjà vu

    Science 20 11:38

  • Hard drive shipments soar in Q1

    Rumours of demise greatly exaggerated

    Storage 20 11:39

  • Wi-Fi Skype phones to connect this month

    Edge-Core joins Netgear, D-link, Linksys etc

    Hardware 20 11:39

  • ABN Amro introduces voice recognition

    You want HOW much?

    Applications 20 11:43

  • MXI Outbacker MXP 40GB biometric hard drive

    Serious security

    Hardware 20 11:44

  • PlusNet hit by storm in a forum

    Marketing director goes on the attack

    Broadband 20 11:53

  • Carbon trading for all will save the planet!

    Minister moots new, parallel currency as solution

    Media 20 13:06

  • Channel Five to air cryonic freezing

    'Death in the Deep Freeze'

    Bootnotes 20 13:23

  • Conservative council snubs private sector

    Outsourcing is worst option

    Policy 20 13:30

  • US drunks face abuse from talking urinal

    Taking the piss

    Media 20 13:33

  • Cassini finds land on Titan

    An Oz-sized continent called Xanadu?

    Science 20 13:36

  • PC growth dives during World Cup

    Crossed off shopping lists

    Financial News 20 14:31

  • Trojan poses as Google Toolbar

    Botnet ruse

    Security 20 14:37

  • US 419 victim shoots preacher husband

    Row over money ends in tragedy

    Media 20 14:54

  • Multivalue datatypes

    What a lot of people like repeating groups...

    Developer 20 15:07

  • PowerColor to ship HDMI, HDCP X1600 board next week

    Hi-def ready

    Hardware 20 15:15

  • Medion preps personalised portable PC

    Your own pic pressed onto a 400 quid Centrino laptop

    Hardware 20 15:35

  • Microsoft so very, very proud of its ties to open source Xen

    VMware spat gets nasty

    Servers 20 16:09

  • Capita finds new contracts 'pleasing'

    More business than ever

    Financial News 20 16:20

  • CIO wanted - must be good at fixing broken ID card schemes

    Jobs from hell...

    Media 20 16:55

  • SEC outs itself in case against ex-Brocade CEO

    Not so civil

    Storage 20 19:45

  • SEC hits former Brocade CEO first in operation 'Options Fiasco'

    The new Martha Stewart

    Storage 20 20:44

  • MySpace faces royalty challenge

    Is that a song I hear?

    Media 20 20:51

  • Nokia bounds along in Q2

    Margins steady as phone price falls

    Financial News 20 20:55

  • AMD delivers on promise of Q2 disappointment

    Server up, desktop down

    Financial News 20 21:19

  • Investors' hopes rise as Microsoft's Q4 profit falls

    Buyback Mountain

    Financial News 20 23:52